The Harmed Throw Down a Gauntlet

May, 24, 2022 | 13 Comments


  1. ‘the original vaccine roll-out champion’

    Brook Jackson

    “Sharing your Name if you are Harmed or if you are a doctor assessing someone who has been Harmed is where you take a first step to create reality. Anything else is a shortcut to Fantasy.”

    The Harmed Throw Down a Gauntlet

    Josh Guetzkow

    Augusto Roux holds the key to proving fraud in the Pfizer trial.
    Everything is documented.

    Maddie de Garay, 12 years old

    The Chariot Race…

    a shortcut to reality…

  2. At some stage of any activism most of will have had to ‘run the gauntlet ‘ as well as throwing it down.. Many do not join identifiable groups. I used to be wary of the power games which I saw can develop in any human group but there is no other collective which includes medics, researchers themselves members of establishments I know of which goes as far out on the side of the harmed as DH and Rxisk by naming names of corrupt establishment figures as well as those their policies and corrupt behaviours have harmed
    . Eventually the Gauls of all denominations will try and sometimes succed in overturning vile power bases (maybe even Afghan women) by abandoning ideas of unachievably mutuality -( and in turn though often find another vulnerable group to dominate ).
    Different and unexpected ways of fighting are so important . DH and Rxisk have found a way by publishing names and accounts and at the same time protecting those who speak out.
    But one problem is you are a group who hold other important names I am hoping for the impossible maybe. That the next stage one day will be a sharing of the names of medics and others openly with everone so that those who are identified as best avoided can be avoided. That used to be done by ‘survivor’ groups privately but putting it in the public domain by ‘established’ groups like DH And Rxisk I guess might throw up some interesting information as to how many there are , whether they have trained in certain establishments what their networks are …but the legal implications are utterly prohibitive . I have shared the names of people in the past with the right to respond – but the snag is the named would more likely take legal action than engage. I am wondering whether any of the medics who were asked for medical notes did engage with you ?

    • Susanne

      With PSSD we tried to create a network of doctors and othere who would be sympathetic to the problem and there is a list on the PSSD page on RxISK but its very short.

      One of the ideas behind RxISK reports was for those filling them in to bring them to their doctor and see if s/he would also complete it – we wanted to know this to be able to list this doctor as a ‘good’ doctor – someone willing to recognise harms. But people seem to be wary or even scared of doing this, figuring their doctor rather than welcoming input will turn nasty.

      In lecture after lecture I give I make the point that this is a Tiananman Square moment for a doctor – do they side with you or with the tanks. At moments like this, it seems that most of them tend to side with the tanks – although perhaps we are too scared to test them in this way and so fon’t find out that some of them might be on our side.


  3. Today Pfizer has declared that they will be donating their vaccines to over 40 countries for free. Wonder why?

    ‘I have been in this game for now almost thirty years, studying vaccines and finding these non-specific effects which have been very controversial. There are strong powers out there that don’t really want to hear about them. But to me this is good news: it means that we can optimize the use of vaccines to not only be strong protective effects against vaccine disease, but we can also optimize their use in terms of overall health. ‘

    Video16:28 Study into mRNA vaccine death rates sends ‘danger signals’ Also on GBNews 24th may towards end of video

    A new study reveals disparities in all-cause mortality between mRNA and adenovirus vaccines

    Do the covid vaccines save lives? That is the question on many people’s minds, that has led to heated discussions across the world.

    A bombshell new study by a distinguished team of Danish researchers led by Prof. Christine Stabell-Benn suggests a surprisingly nuanced answer.
    On the other hand, Stabell-Benn and her colleagues found no statistically meaningful evidence in the trial data that the mRNA vaccines reduced all-cause mortality. The numbers of deaths from other causes including cardiovascular deaths appear to be increased in this group, compensating for the beneficial effect of the vaccines on Covid. Stabell-Benn is keen to stress that the sample is relatively small and is calling for further investigation,

    However, these preliminary results stand in sharp contrast to the unambiguous message from public health agencies and governments worldwide, which granted emergency authorization to the vaccines based on evidence from the trials that the vaccines reduce the likelihood of getting symptomatic covid. From a purely scientific perspective, preventing symptomatic covid is an interesting outcome to study. From a public health perspective, prevention of covid symptoms is not as important as prevention of death or disease transmission, which the randomized trials did not study. Dr. Stabell Benn and her colleagues have now looked at overall mortality for the first time.

    At the very least, the plain implication (since both sets of vaccines are available) is that public health authorities should have recommended the cheaper adenovector vaccines over the mRNA vaccines all along for most patients.

    In other words, the international move to de-authorise the AstraZeneca vaccine across Europe and elsewhere looks like it may have been a mistake, and that AZ was actually a better option than the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

    It offers a potential contributory explanation for the better overall mortality outcomes in the UK (which overwhelmingly used the AZ vaccine) than much of continental Europe (which phased out the AZ vaccine) after the vaccine programme in the second half of 2021.

    I have been in this game for now almost thirty years, studying vaccines and finding these non-specific effects which have been very controversial. There are strong powers out there that don’t really want to hear about them. But to me this is good news: it means that we can optimize the use of vaccines to not only be strong protective effects against vaccine disease, but we can also optimize their use in terms of overall health.

  4. Josh Guetzkow

    Promising news

    Brook Jackson  

    Judge wants to allow us at least the discovery we need to oppose the motion to dismiss, and maybe a bit more, and is open to the possibility the case goes to trial.

    He also recognized the power gap of so many big law firms on behalf of “you know who”.

    We move on, people! YES!!

  5. Abstractor – A searchable front end onto the Pfizer documents they didn’t want you to see
    I did a thing and it’s pretty useful!

    Jason Morphett PhD
    Apr 2

    #Pfizerdocuments popularity from BrandMentions

    So it’s been a while since I wrote anything on Substack. I did quite a lot of work with the guys over at Project Engima and looking at vaccine death rates and the second peak. In fact, I made a short video showing how bad Kentucky had been (in absolute terms) on Rumble.

    But that’s not why you called …

    Abstractor – the website
    As we know, Pfizer has been ordered by the US courts to expedite the release of documents, originally requested under FOIA, in a matter of months instead of years.

    They originally were going to draw this out over 55 years, but a challenge was made to the courts by Aaron Siri and the legal team representing Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT). This resulted in the first drop of 55,000 pages from the FDA on March 1st 2022.

    The popularity of ‘Pfizer documents’ in Google Trends

    It’s clear that no-one can process 55,000 a month without employing an army of readers the size of the FDA, so tools needed to be written. And, on a call with members of Project Enigma, I and some of the other programmers put our hands up to set about writing one.

    So to coincide with the release on April 1st of the second batch of 11,000 pages, we released Abstractor.

    Keywords Finder tool from Abstractor

    The Keywords Finder tool allows you to:

    Search every PDF released by Pfizer in one place

    Use multiple keywords in the same query

    Open links to PDFs that go directly to the appropriate page

    Save results offline to process later

    Do it all for FREE (donations welcome)

    There’s more to do and we plan to Open Source and encourage other developers to come on board (machine learning, linguistic programming, text analysis etc.). But for now, a Keywords search tool across all PDFs is what you’ve got!

    Share your search terms here if you find anything interesting.

    Here’s mine: @pfizer…..Abstractor – What’s next?
    Answer: A searchable front end onto the Pfizer clinical trial data
    Jason Morphett PhD
    May 20
    Abstractor – A searchable front end onto the Pfizer documents they didn’t want you to see
    I did a thing and it’s pretty useful!
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Apr 2
    Does the risk of having an adverse reaction increase with dosage?
    Suffering a serious adverse reaction does (7 min read)
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Feb 23
    130,179 years of life lost to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
    And these products are still killing people
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Feb 1
    VAERS shows 1,900 more cases of myocarditis reported in 2021 than 2020 (US)
    And there were ZERO cases in 2020!
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Jan 19
    To prevent one COVID19 case we’re sending vaccinated people to hospital (VAERS)
    Heard or seen more ambulances than usual lately?
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Jan 8
    COVID19 vaccines are killing younger people and killing them sooner (source: VAERS)
    We know the vaccines cause deaths. But what’s happening to younger people who are dying is even more shocking (3 min read).
    Jason Morphett PhD
    Dec 31, 2021

  6. Robert F. Kennedy Jr

    Family of 26-Year-Old Who Died 13 Days After AstraZeneca Shot Weighs Legal Action
    A final hearing began today in the investigation into the death of a 26-year-old man, Jack Hurn, who died last year from “catastrophic” blood clots in his brain 13 days after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

    These concerns led Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s then-deputy chief medical officer, to recommend individuals under age 30 in the U.K. be offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca jab, provided one was available and it did not cause a substantial delay.


    One week after his first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in March last year, the unthinkable happened to Richard Todman. The 60-year-old part-time employment judge from North London suffered catastrophic blood clots in his bowel. The condition can quickly become life-threatening, as the clots can break off and travel elsewhere in the body, stopping blood and nutrients from reaching vital organs.

    Within three weeks, Richard was dead.

    Professor Peter Openshaw, a vaccine expert at Imperial College London, says: ‘The majority of people who got the jab have benefited and are better protected from the disease.’

    A coroner’s report confirmed the cause: the jab triggered the clots that killed him.

  7. “One has been the great difficulty even people sympathetic to the Harmed have in saying look its obvious this vaccine (or drug) has caused that harm.”

    Let’s suppose that patient A came down with cholecystitis a few months after receiving a mRNA vaccination. What was the cause? Was it the vaccine or something else? Do we treat the cholecystitis (I am still not a physician) for symptomatic relief or is there some underlying treatable condition that would be missed if we assumed that the harm was from the vaccine?

    Let’s suppose that possibly the fast-acting vitamin D analog calcifediol were to be given to the vaccine-injured and raised the 25OHD level to 50 ng/ml and many chronic vaccine-caused conditions resolved. Maybe many vaccine injuries become moot as a result. Isn’t it important to publicize that information?

    And what if people were to generally begin supplementing with vitamin D adequately in winter to keep 25OHD levels high? (The biggest harm is that the suggestions from regulatory bodies for RDA for vitamin D are astoundingly low.) Perhaps that might prevent many mRNA vaccine harms as the body would clear the spike protein and mRNA much faster.

    Isn’t it important to understand why some people are harmed by vaccines and some aren’t?

    • Not at the moment. Harms are not happening at the moment. Until you and others stand up and tell people they are happening – you lose on all other fronts. Advocating Vit D if there are no harms is just crackpot


      • ” Until you and others stand up and tell people they are happening”

        When I tell people, they say that I am spreading misinformation. Or they will say that this is anecdotal evidence.

        What seems to be more persuasive is when I point to studies showing more harms in vaccinated patients than in unvaccinated patients, like what Clare Craig wrote about wrt myocarditis. Consilience of evidence seems to be more persuasive than merely asserting harms with some people. Some people will be more persuaded by anecdotes–especially those who think emotionally. So both approaches are important.

        Juries will likely be more persuaded by anecdotes.

        • Juries are not more persuaded by anecdotes
          They are persuaded by evidence
          What is the best way to explain what we have just seen
          Adding more cases in that they can’t actually examine
          is banned in legal systems

          The proper scientfic and clinical approach is to explain the case in front of you


  8. I can tell you about so very many iatrogenic injuries caused by physicians that have nothing to do with vaccines…damaged carotids, ischemic limbs, putting patients on general anaesthesia who had an aortic hemorrhage (cratering the blood pressure resulting in mesenteric ischemia), etc. There’s a big reason why vascular surgeons are needed for other specialties to be allowed to do some procedures–frequently there’s a mess to clean up.

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