Injuries in Vaccine Trials

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  1. Here we have the first of so many – some who question the link to the vaccine; others who would prefer not to admit such possible links, but still suffer.
    I watched the video of Bri’s forum – linked it to our “Feeling Blue?” Facebook group – had it removed by Facebook – had my authority as ‘administrator’ removed for 28 days – and am still closely watched on every post that I put up. They think this will STOP us? I, for one, feel very far from stopping!
    We are not liars. We report on what we have witnessed. We question. We don’t make statements beyond that which we have seen. Yet, they try to silence us. Why? Are we really meant to take everything ‘on trust’? The truth is – we would, if it was all worthy of our trust.
    The ball is in their court – we know what we have seen or felt. Let them prove, if they can, that our conclusions are misguided.
    I wish every single one who has suffered in any way – whether they question their diagnosis or put it down to a coincidence – as swift a recovery as is humanly possible.

  2. What a brave person who appears utterly credible.

    Outrageous behaviour by Astra-Zeneca and especially NEJM

    Now, the New England Medical Journal is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society: “We are dedicated to educating and advocating for the physicians of Massachusetts and patients locally and nationally.”

    One of its founders (in 1781), who later became President, was Edward Augustus Holyoke. He deliberately contracted Smallpox before vaccinating the inhabitants of Salem.

    Their current President is Carole E. Allen, MD, MBA, FAAP

    This is what she has to say about the Massachusetts Medical Society moving forward as COVID-19 metrics improve:

    “We must meet future encounters with COVID-19 and emerging variants by drawing on science and robust data to communicate accurate and trustworthy information.”

    In her we seem to have an ally. “She practices and teaches advocacy as a means to accomplish positive change.”

    I would happily subscribe to a petition to her to persuade the NEJM to publish Ms Dressens’s correspondence.

    • “We must meet future encounters with COVID-19 and emerging variants by drawing on science and robust data to communicate accurate and trustworthy information.”

      Translation: We will cherry-pick data, blind ourselves to harms, and censor opponents. (which means that she and those like her advocate ignorance and tyranny)

      The methods of science involve a conversation about methods and ideas. Dr. Allen, unfortunately, believes that science is what you find in textbooks and publications by public health authorities. Lysenkoism is what results from Dr. Allen’s view of science.

  3. “there is no grey area about it” …

    U.S. Sen. Johnson: “These families have a very simple request: they want to be seen, their stories heard. They would like to be believed”

    Sen. Johnson:

    “I do want to be clear at the outset, to a person, we are all pro-vaccine. Personally, I’ve had every flu shot since at least the swine flu. I’m current in all of my other vaccines. I was a huge supporter of Operation Warp Speed. I’m happy to acknowledge that over 300 million doses of the vaccine have been given to the U.S., and for most people, the vast majority of people, the vaccine has been administered with little or no side effects. And I personally believe the vaccine has saved countless lives, and I personally believe this vaccine has contributed to the end of the pandemic, which is what everybody in the world wants.”

    “What’s been happening over the last year and a half is people that are trying to tell the truth, people that are trying to get answers, are having a hard time getting their truths communicated without being vilified, without being ridiculed, without being censored. And I think that’s the general experience of the people in this group that are going to be talking to you today.”

    “I’ll just say: I for one believe them. I don’t know how anybody can listen to these stories and at least not take them seriously. I understand — we all want this pandemic to be over. We’re all hoping that there was that silver bullet to end it … to downplay what’s happening to our fellow human beings, that small minority that are suffering severe symptoms. … But the first step in solving any problem, and I view this as a problem, is admitting you have one. And I think unfortunately, because of that desire to end this pandemic, I think too many people in the medical establishment and our federal health agencies are if not completely ignoring, certainly downplaying what is happening.”

    Will be paid damages after AstraZeneca vaccination

    Three individuals have been granted damages from The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation due to serious side effects experienced after vaccination with the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

    “I would just like them to hold their hand up and say, ‘we’re very much aware that this has happened and we’re going to do something about it’. And I’d like them to do that without taking it away in the next breath.

    “In no other circumstances where so many people have lost their lives would that happen. They wouldn’t say 72 people sadly died in the Grenfell tower fire, but hundreds of people didn’t. We don’t forget those who were wounded in conflict or those who did not come home.”

    Johnson went on to say he had asked the DHSC to consider the proposed reforms but, to date, there has been no announcement of change and not a single case has yet been settled via the government scheme. Indeed the DHSC has been directing victims like Gareth and Kate into the benefits system. Not surprisingly, real anger is building.

    “They promised a safety net if things went wrong but you are made to feel like you’re saying something controversial or, you know, wrong by raising it”, says Gareth. “Lisa’s death has been confirmed at an inquest as being caused by a vaccine. It says here on her death certificate she died due to ‘complications of an AstraZeneca Covid Vaccination’. It doesn’t get more black and white than that. That is what happened to her. Fact. For Lisa and all the others I’ve heard about, there is no grey area about it.”

    “All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials and have met strict standards of safety, effectiveness and quality set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA).”

    Nobody believed the SSRI Crowd either, but Bri may well find an increasing amount of C and E coming out of the woodwork…

  4. I would agree

    “On a balance of probabilities, the most reasonable diagnosis for Brianne is one of Post Vaccine Polyneuritic syndrome.”

    The facts are there.

    Although it is stated that she had no auto-immune problems, she does has hypothyroidism, which is sometimes an auto-immune disease. Some clarification would help, as perhaps this is a pointer as to why she experienced this adverse event.

    From the video clips, I am pleased to see that she seems to have made a degree of recovery, and I hope that continues.

  5. Thank god for you Mr Healy. You’re the one that manufacturers, regulators, “rule makers/enforcers” etc should fear the most. I’m sure I watched a youtube clip about this lady. Very sad indeed. You’ve done the right thing by her, as you do by anyone you help. I’ve listened to your lectures for years, your research etc is of the highest caliber. Very keen to finish reading “Children” too. I wish the whole world could hear what you know, things would be very different, as long as by speaking out about this the same thing doesn’t happen that did when you spoke out about prozac. I remember you saying how that man approached you, “you’re David Healy aren’t you? You’ve done more for the sales….” you know the rest. You cemented my decision to take no more doxycycline with what your colleague friend found out about it so thank you. “Looking forward” to your write-up about Maddie, I think her and Steph wouldn’t be able to find anyone to tell her story this way any better than you will. You’re a real good man, god the world needs to know what you know. It looks like some effects of the injections and disease overlap or are similar to withdrawal effects of ss/nri’s doesn’t it? The withdrawal community is very aware too. I’m sure Michael Hengartner quoted your findings in a recent interview. I prayed you’d get into this when the big manufacturers started getting too involved and you have. Biggest thank you’s possible.

  6. I don’t want to monopolise this thread but there are two intertwined issues here:

    1) Brianne Dressen’s claim that her experiences did not appear in the published report of the AstraZeneca trial
    2) A separate issue concerning drug companies being unwilling to share their data

    Brianne has an axe to grind with the the NIH for dumping her but she has also been fobbed off by the New England Journal of Medicine. See her email correspondence with NEJM editor Dr Eric Rubin

    This is not rocket science

    I have ghost-written a letter for Eric to send to Dr Tonya Villafana, the AZ contact for this trial

    Dear Tonya
    I hope this finds you well
    I have been contacted by a participant in the AstraZeneca Phase III Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study of AZD1222 for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Adults. We published the preliminary reports in the NEJM (of which I am editor) last December.
    Shortly after her first vaccine dose, she developed severe neurological symptoms, which have been extensively investigated, and possibly relate to a polyneuropathy. She told me that when she reported her symptoms, she was advised not to have the second dose. What is more concerning is that she claims that she was not followed up (in apparent violation of the trial protocol) and we are worried that her adverse event is not included in the data that formed the basis for the report we published.
    If I, with her permission, were able to supply to you identifying data, including date of vaccine and batch number etc., would you be able to confirm whether a) this adverse event is recorded in your data and in the report we published and b) any explanation as to why she believes she was lost to follow up.
    Here at the NEJM we take such claims seriously.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes

  7. NEJM-Gate

    Addressing Vaccine Inequity — Covid-19 Vaccines as a Global Public Good – NEMJ Editorial 23 Feb 2022

    “And a new challenge to the global vaccine supply has emerged: data from multiple in vitro and real-world studies published in the Journal have shown that antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 wane over a matter of months after vaccination, findings that underscore the need for a booster to restore high antibody levels both to reduce infection with new variants and to minimize hospitalization and death.5 In developed countries, the rapid emergence of the omicron variant has increased the urgency of these booster doses. Israel, a front-runner in providing booster doses, is now testing the efficacy of yet a fourth vaccine dose, and further boosters and redesigned vaccines are likely to be needed over time.”

    Written by ALL the usual suspects

    David J. Hunter, F.Med.Sci.,
    Salim S. Abdool Karim, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D.,
    Lindsey R. Baden, M.D.,
    Jeremy J. Farrar, M.D., Ph.D.,
    Mary Beth Hamel, M.D., M.P.H.,
    Dan L. Longo, M.D.,
    Stephen Morrissey, Ph.D., and
    Eric J. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D.

    United they may stand but how can this gang claim credibility and editorial independence when they ALL have such a pro-vaccine stance. Divided they will fall; and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  8. Brownstone Institute


    Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Astra-Zeneca were actively lobbying governments to buy their vaccines as early as February 2020, supposedly less than a month after the genetic sequence (or partial sequence) was made available by China.

    As a person who spent his whole professional career in pharmaceutical and vaccine development, I found the whole concept of going from scratch to a ready-to-use vaccine in a few months simply preposterous.

    I am not an investigative journalist and I would never claim that role, but even I can do some simple internet searches and start to see patterns evolve.

    IHME awarded the Editor of the Lancet (Dr. Richard Horton) a $100,000 award and described him as an “activist editor.” The Lancet, once considered one of the best medical journals, has been at the forefront of censoring opposing scientific viewpoints since 2020 and publishing “papers” that were not fit to be published. I never could understand what it meant to be an “activist” editor in a respected scientific/medical journal because, stupid me, I always thought that the first job of the editor was to be impartial. I guess I learned in 2020 how wrong I was.

    Jeremy Farrar of The Wellcome Trust recently wrote an article for the WEF with the CEO of Novo Nordisk Foundation, Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen. It is a summary of a larger piece written for and published by the Boston Consulting Group.

    In this article, they propose that the way to “fix” the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria is via a subscription service. That is, you pay a fee and when you need an antibiotic, presumably an effective one will be available for you.

    My guess is that they have the same philosophy for vaccines and that certainly seems to be the approach with Coronavirus. Keep paying for and taking boosters.

    In view of this philosophy, the vaccine mandates make sense. Get society “addicted” to an intervention, effective or not, and then keep feeding them. This becomes especially effective if you can keep the fear going.
    The goal is not scientifically founded but control founded.

  9. Assessment and Alleged Link:

    clients have been told their applications could not go forward until the government assessed the injuries and looked into the alleged link to the vaccine.

    Covid vaccine claims could hit £110m: Up to 920 compensation applications have been filed by people who were left seriously injured after getting jab or from families of those who died

    Up to 920 compensation applications have been filed by people who were left seriously injured after getting the Covid-19 vaccine as claims could hit £110million.

    The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) allows people who are allegedly severely disabled due to a vaccination to claim a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000.

    Family members of someone who has died after becoming disabled because of what they claim is the vaccination are also eligible to apply for the fixed payout.
    It has emerged that the bill paid to those left with life-changing injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine or the families of those who died after getting the jab could top £110million, The Times reported.

    It is believed that 920 compensation applications linked with Covid vaccination injury have already been filed under the VDPS, but no payments have been made yet.

    But if all the applications that have been registered so far are accepted by the scheme, the payments would come to a total of £110.4million.

    To qualify for the one-off payment, victims must have been left at least 60 per cent disabled as a result of the vaccination. 

    Sarah Moore, who works for Hausfeld law firm, said the 95 victims she is representing are aware that they are in an ‘unlucky minority’ but are seeking for reform of the Vaccine Damage Payments Act.

    Ms Moore said the majority of the victims continue to support the vaccination programme but want to see ‘meaningful financial support’ provided for families who claim to have been affected by the vaccine.

    Vikki Spit, from Alston, Cumbria, hopes to qualify for financial support after her fiancé Zion, 48, died of a brain haemorrhage two weeks after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine in May 2021.

    She claimed his death certificate named the AstraZeneca vaccine but said she has been left in ‘limbo’ after applying for the scheme in June.

    Lawyer Ms Moore claimed her clients have been told their applications could not go forward until the government assessed the injuries and looked into the alleged link to the vaccine.

    Explaining that some of her clients had been waiting for more than nine months, she added: ‘It is difficult to see what further evidence the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme require. 

    ‘The delays are a clear indicator that the existing system is antiquated and no longer fit for purpose.’

    Ms Moore said that without ‘proper engagement’, the families would have no option but to litigate, as she urged the government to ‘do better’. 

    Peter Todd, of the law firm Scott-Moncrieff, said the unprecedented level of Covid-19 vaccination has caused a surge in claims, with the VDPS normally only receiving around 100 applications a year. 

    The VDPA has paid out a total of £75,350,000 since 1979, while the payment of £120,000 has not been reviewed since 2007.

    More than 52million people in the UK have received their first vaccination dose and almost 49million have had their second. 

    MailOnline has contacted the Department of Health and Social Care for comment.

    Question to the Department for Work and Pensions:

    To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, how many applications for compensation under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 were rejected in (a) 2019 and (b) 2020 as a result of the threshold requirement of 60 percent disability not being reached; and in how many of those cases the level of disability was less than 10 percent.

    Answered by Justin Tomlinson

    This question was answered on 9th July 2021

    The Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (VDPS) provides a one-off tax free payment, currently £120,000, to those people who are severely disabled as a result of vaccination against a specified disease, within the meaning of the Act.

    It is not compensation. It is a payment to help ease the financial burden for those individuals where, on very rare occasions, vaccination has caused severe disablement.

    To qualify for a Vaccine Damage Payment, two legal tests have to be met:

    1. establishing, on the balance of probabilities, that the disablement was caused by vaccination covered by the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS);

    2. the resulting disablement is severe disablement (60% or more)

    The majority of claims to the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme are turned down on the basis of medical assessments that have concluded, vaccination did not cause the disability.

    In 2019 1 claim was rejected as a result of the threshold requirement of 60 percent disability not being reached. The figure for 2020 is Zero.

    The actual percentage of disablement is not recorded by the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.

    PROVING you are 40% alive – on the balance of probabilities – a legal test.

    PROVING you are dead could be said to be 100% proof.

    ‘It is not compensation. It is a payment …

    Big Pharma Co. Gets Immunity from COVID Vaccine Liability: ‘We as a Company Simply Cannot Take the Risk’

    If side effects develop from the COVID-19 vaccine being created by British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, they don’t plan to pay for it.

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