Cody’s Comirnaty Crash Landing

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  1. Blackhole/Blackrock –

    This needs to be seen for own decision making regarding family vaccination.

    I as noted am vaccinated and NOT a anti-vaxxer. I do believe in independent choices and freedoms from government mandates and forced activities.

    The following is an article from the Epoch Times:

    People Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine Are Left in the Dark: Agricultural Pilot

    By Harry Lee and Cindy Drukier
    January 8, 2022 Updated: January 8, 2022

    People injured by the COVID-19 vaccine have no meaningful way to get compensated and have been ignored by the federal government, according to an agricultural pilot who has been seriously injured by taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

    “At this point, the government has totally abandoned us,” Cody Flint, a vaccine-injured pilot, told NTD’s “The Nation Speaks” program in an interview broadcast on Jan. 1.

    “The PREP Act stated that vaccine injuries were given an outlet to go seek compensation and financial help in the name of the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program—the CICP—it’s an absolute joke,” Flint said. “We are totally left in the dark.”

    The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act authorizes the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to issue a declaration to provide liability immunity against any claim of loss resulting from the manufacture or use of medical countermeasures, which include medicines, vaccines, and medical supplies, to treat diseases.

    On March 10, 2020, former HHS Secretary Alex Azar issued a PREP Act declaration for medical countermeasures against COVID-19. The declaration has been extended or amended multiple times. The liability protection is extended through Oct. 1, 2024.
    Under this declaration, a vaccine-injured person can’t sue COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, or federal health agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that approved or authorized these vaccines.

    Flint pointed out the extremely low acceptance rate of the CICP. Of the 499 claims filed before the pandemic since the program was introduced in 2010, the CICP has compensated only 29 claims.

    According to CICP’s data, as of Nov. 1, 2021, the CICP has received in total 5,242 claims, among which 4,751 are COVID-19 related. Only one COVID-19 related claim has been determined eligible for compensation and is pending a review of eligible expenses, three COVID-19 related claims have been denied compensation because “the standard of proof for causation was not met and/or a covered injury was not sustained.”

    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an HHS agency that runs CICP, responded to The Epoch Times via email that “The CICP is working to process claims as expeditiously as possible.”

    On Feb. 1, 2021, Flint volunteered to get the vaccine.
    “Just an exciting day—thought we were gonna put this behind us,” Flint recalled.
    But within 30 minutes, he developed an odd headache after receiving the vaccine. Two days later, he took his first flight that year. Immediately after takeoff, he had tunnel vision. Flint tried to push forward to keep his commitment to his client. But he felt like a bomb went off inside his head in the end. He couldn’t remember how he landed the plane back on the runway.

    “Really by the grace of God that there was not an accident. I went to my family doctor immediately,” Flint said.

    Later, he was told that his inner ears were ruptured, and fluid inside was leaking inward toward the inside of his skull. Doctors explained that only highly elevated intracranial pressure from things like a car wreck, major head trauma, or things of that nature could make that happen to both of his ears at the same time on the same day.
    “Obviously, I had none of those. The only thing that changed in my life was I got the vaccine and developed a severe headache immediately that got worse leading up to that point,” Flint said.

    Flint went through two surgeries and dozens of doctor visits afterward. His condition improved, but he still has trouble driving.
    “I don’t know what my next stepping stone in life is going to be. I don’t know,” Flint said, noting that his pilot license was taken away. “I don’t know what to do at this point. I spent every dime I’ve saved my entire life on the surgeries and just trying to survive and feed my family since the incident happened.”

    Having been an agricultural pilot for 15 years, Flint said he’s not an anti-vaxxer. “I signed up and got it the first day I could possibly get it. I believed in vaccines,” Flint told The Epoch Times last month.

    Now Flint is critical of the vaccine mandate.

    “That’s the Achilles heel of the mandate. This does not fit everyone. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution,” Flint told NTD. “There are thousands and thousands of people around the country. I’ve been in touch with a lot of them that have had absolutely life-altering, career-ending injuries from these vaccines. A lot of them are pilots. It is scary that how many pilots are being injured by this.”

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has repeatedly said the serious adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination may occur but are rare.
    Flint also criticized the federal health agencies for not being transparent with the safety data of the vaccine.

    Early last month, the FDA asked a judge to give it 75 years to produce data concerning the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. On Thursday, a federal judge ordered the agency to provide such data in about eight months.

    “FDA released their very first 91-page batch of safety data. Those 91 pages covered December 2020 through Feb. 28, 2021,” Flint said, referring to the first report (pdf) released. “In those two and a half months, Pfizer was able to confirm 1,223 deaths as a direct result of the Pfizer vaccine.”

    For comparison, Flint said the swine flu vaccine in 2009 was pulled from the market after 47 deaths because it was too dangerous. “You have to ask yourself, what is going on here?”

    Pfizer responded saying that’s an inaccurate interpretation of the data.

    The figure of 1,223 fatalities among 158,893 adverse effects reflects “spontaneous” reports from sources that include health officials in several countries, without any verification of the cause, among the millions of vaccinated people worldwide during that period, Pfizer spokeswoman Dervila Keane told AFP last month.

    It does not indicate specific causes of death, and the fatalities may include people with “various illnesses” such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, Keane added.
    MY PERSONAL NOTE HERE: Above sentence seems very hypocritical since isn’t this the same ways they were counting Covid deaths? Regardless to circumstances?

    Flint told NTD that he will fight, hoping that people don’t have to go through what his family is going through.

    “We have support groups on social media—tens of thousands of vaccine-injured in these support groups. The support groups are pulled down by Facebook daily. Even my story is pulled down by Facebook daily,” Flint continued. “So this is a battle. This is a tough fight that we’re in, and people are waking up daily to this. I hope it continues.”

    Current Vaccine Compensation Programs

    Federal law has two distinct compensation programs to compensate individuals harmed by adverse reactions to vaccines.

    The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) may provide compensation for injuries or deaths associated with most vaccines routinely administered in the nation, such
    as flu vaccines and vaccines administered to children. Another is the CICP, which may provide compensation for injuries and deaths resulting from “covered countermeasures” under the PREP Act during certain public health emergencies.

    The CICP’s compensation is very limited—capped $50,000 a year for lost employment income (lifetime cap is generally $379,000). A standard death benefit is $370,376 as of 2021. It doesn’t cover attorneys’ fees, pain-and-suffering damages, or punitive damages.

    The VICP’s compensation is much broader than that of CICP. Besides the loss of earnings, it covers reasonable attorney fees and cost from medical care, rehabilitation, and vocational training. It also covers pain and suffering and emotional distress, capped at $250,000. For a vaccine-related death, the compensation amount is $250,000.
    Vaccine-injured victims under VICP also have three years from the date of the first symptom to file the claim. CICP only allows people to file the claim within one year from receiving the vaccine.

    Experts specializing in vaccine law said it is very difficult to get CICP compensation.
    “This government compensation program is very hard to use,” Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law, told CNBC last month. “The bar for compensation is very high.”
    The CICP requires the injury to either meet the requirements on a Countermeasure Injury Table or be a direct result of the use of a covered countermeasure.
    But maybe the most crucial thing is people have no legal protection under CICP.

    “The CICP lacks the protections of the U.S. legal system. There is no transparency, no court, no judge, and no right to appeal. Decisions about compensation are made in a black hole by a nameless administrator,” stated the Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm, a law firm specialized in vaccine injury cases.

    Blackrock’s Edward Dowd reveals Wall Street now paying attention to the ‘Trust the Science’ Fraud.

    Pfizer Fraud – War Room ”let me blow your mind further”…

    “We have the dead and we have the vaccine injured” …

  2. Important to note that no one has even seen a bottle labeled “Comirnaty” in the US. I believe the manufacturer has indicated it’s not available. These are legally distinct producta, and anything not labeled COMIRNATY is not legally FDA approved regardless of the bottles contents.

  3. koe-mir-na-tee

    Proper Name: COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA
    Tradename: COMIRNATY
    Manufacturer: BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH

    Goodbye Pfizer, hello Comirnaty: top COVID-19 vaccines renamed in Canada

    The Pfizer vaccine’s full name is Comirnaty — a hectic mashup of COVID-19, community, immunity, and mRNA

    Are Pfizer and Comirnaty the same? What to know about COVID vaccine name change

    Comirnaty has “the same formulation” as the Pfizer vaccine, according to the FDA.

    Yet, you may still hear the phrase “Pfizer vaccine” floating around. That’s because the shot is still under an EUA for children between 12 and 15 years old. The FDA approval only covered people aged 16 and older.

    The nuance explains why the FDA says the licensed Comirnaty vaccine “can be used interchangeably” with the unlicensed Pfizer shot.

    Ben Wakana, a member of the White House’s COVID-19 Response Team, joked: “The correct pronunciation of Comirnaty is: “keepz-u-out-of-the-hospital-saves-UR-life-protects-your-community.” …

    • If I have 2 bottles of H20 (water) poured from the exact same bottle and one is labeled FDA approved and one is not, ONLY THE FDA LABELED BOTTLE IS LEGALLY FDA APPROVED. The bottle contents are inconsequential. Also, it matters little if a country outside the US has Comirnaty labeled, they are under completely separate legal agreements and not under “protection” of the FDA.

  4. I have to wonder if a vaccine-caused autoimmune disorder doesn’t figure in to Cody’s symptoms. Perhaps he should see a rheumatologist. I expect that the covid vaccines look to greatly increase demand for the rheumatology specialty.

    Dr. Healy, could you please explain the following? This has been standard my entire life as regards social situations.

    “there is a separation between sensing and perceiving”

  5. Karen Kingston

    6 mins in

    “Yes there’s evidence that there is snake venom in the spike protein, there’s also evidence that the spike protein can be made independent of being injected with mRNA”

    what’s in the pipe line

    “Additional research and development programs include preventive vaccines against Zika Virus, hemorrhagic fever viruses (Ebola, Sudan, Marburg, and Lassa) and malaria, as well as immunotherapies for multiple solid tumors.”

    • I rolled my eyes for a few days when all the sites where on the “snake venom thing”. Then I forced myself to look into it and noticed:

      1. Most anti-venoms are monoclonal antibodies, which also work for COVID
      2. All venoms are peptides/proteins – it’s suspected the SARS2 spike protein causes the toxicity
      3. Why couldn’t bio-warfare developers manipulate a virus to express a spike protein that is an analog to “venom” protein? If I can think of it….they already thought of it.

  6. mRNA Vaccines Produce Persisting Spike Protein, Likely Causing Clots, Heart Inflammations, Cancers: Dr. Ryan Cole

    Posted on April 19, 2022 by Constitutional Nobody

    “And the spike [protein] that [mRNA vaccines] make induces pathologic changes in the body. It can cause clotting,” said Cole. “We hear these young people dying from clots, micro clots, not normal types of clots. These are a unique type of clot that persists, chokes off the body of oxygen, chokes up body parts, inflames the heart, causes heart attacks, causes strokes, causes cancers in young age groups … Unusual things that shouldn’t be happening and are likely related to a synthetic, genetically modified sequence that we’re putting into the bodies of billions of people.”

  7. Ed Free Thinker & Oracle

    A Moratorium on mRNA ‘Vaccines’ is Needed

    Repeated Dosing With Lipid Nanoparticles is Dangerous

    Here is some information that is of concern considering that many people have already received three or four doses of an mRNA ‘vaccine’ in less than one year, with the potential for more on the horizon…

    This might be news to many members of the public, but it is a long-accepted scientific fact that lipid nanoparticles used to deliver the mRNA in ‘vaccines’ can be toxic. In fact, that is the very reason why some big pharmaceutical companies strategically focused on using them as vaccine technologies instead of for gene therapies and to deliver drugs. A good quality vaccine, such as those used in the mandated childhood series, only require one or two doses for a person’s lifetime. It was assumed the same would hold true for mRNA vaccines. Repeated administration of lipid nanoparticles, especially over a limited period of time, is known to be toxic.

    Juan Gérvas

    Ojo con creer en la neutralidad de la ciencia y en la simplicidad de sus propuestas.

    Is the proposition covid19 vaccines are safe and effective’ a scientific claim or a political statement? Politicisation, unethical, and it is deeply colonial in its spirit

    Is the proposition ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ a scientific claim or a political statement?

    We are currently prevented from establishing a scientific answer to the question ‘are these new vaccines safe and effective?’, but the question itself is revealing. Both the CDC and the FDA are committed to claiming that all vaccines are indeed safe and effective. Yet this is evidently a conflict of interests: is the purpose of the FDA to defend the idea that vaccines are safe and effective, or is it to determine which vaccines are safe and effective…? An organisation cannot pursue both agendas without tying itself into ideological knots. The former is a political goal while the latter is a scientific investigation – and as has become increasingly clear, these are not compatible forms of thought, even though they can and must intersect. Whenever a scientific institution seizes upon political goals, it can no longer openly pursue the ambiguities of research, and it risks falling into the state of pseudoscience whereby nothing can be determined scientifically for there is no longer any free discussion of the evidence.

    The FDA’s decision to grant full authorisation to COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 was a choice to bypass the long-term trials that were previously deemed essential to establishing vaccine efficacy and safety. It is no good claiming that the urgency justified skipping this step: the vaccines already had emergency authorisations. Neither the ethical nor the scientific requirement to complete all the relevant safety trials can be bypassed by a state of crisis – indeed, the emergency conditions make such trial data all the more vital. Yet because critics of these vaccines levelled accusations that they were experimental treatments, the US health agencies rushed to provide full authorisation in order to cry out ‘look, they’re not experimental anymore!’. This leapfrogging over the established protocols cannot be justified solely in scientific terms. It was clearly politically motivated.

    Ironically, the FDA were so insanely desperate to defend the claim that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’, that they made vaccines less safe in order to more loudly shout ‘safe and effective’! They intentionally lowered the bar of what constitutes ‘safety’, out of fear that people might otherwise distrust vaccination. In so doing, they counter-productively increased the very vaccine hesitancy they hoped to prevent, and made their own agency appear far less trustworthy. Neither is this problem constrained to the health agencies: as the journal Science reported, researchers are now wary of investigating COVID-19 vaccines for fear of driving up vaccine hesitancy. This medical negligence is compounded by the fact that the original trials upon which these vaccines were declared ‘safe and effective’ are still not fully available for independent review, as British Medical Journal editor Peter Doshi has repeatedly raised concerns about.

    Chris Bateman

    Only a Game
    “Hah,” She thought, “Here shall be a new game” …

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