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April, 11, 2022 | 2 Comments


  1. Brook Jackson Retweeted

    Naked Emperor
    Apr 9

    Editor of the British Medical Journal tells the FDA about Serious Concerns over Pfizer Trial Data Integrity

    And the lack of FDA oversight

    Virtual Meeting

    The video for the meeting is below. Peter Doshi’s statement starts at 5:34:44 but all of the public presentations are interesting and these begin at around 5:15.

    Peter is there, Bri is there, Kim is there and several other people telling of vaccine injuries –

    the question is why do so many decent people in healthcare not seem to be able to or want to see this…?

  2. Is the problem with medicine which Suzanna’s experience shows that medicine now is protocol-driven and protocol-driven medicine cannot handle new challenges and instead relies on updates to the protocol?

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