Revolution from Below: politics of care

August, 8, 2021 | 4 Comments


  1. Prozac: Revolution in a Capsule | Retro Report | The New York Times

    When Prozac was introduced in 1988, the green-and-cream pill to treat depression launched a cultural revolution that continues to echo.

    ‘treating problems we didn’t know we had’

    Samizdat Health Manifesto


    Publishing anything – fiction or academic – in the health domain has become increasingly difficult, if the work touches on commercial interests linked to health services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices or vaccines.

    Agents and Publishers can see sales in books that are pro services, drugs and devices or anti- drugs, devices and services, but neither agents nor publishers can see much of a market for anything that is neither black nor white.  

    This is like pharmaceutical companies faced with a first antipsychotic and later a first antidepressant who turned these drugs down because they’d never had one before and hadn’t the imagination to envisage what the possibilities might be.

    Our health services are now effectively surrounded by a thicket of gatekeepers who prevent the publication of anything that might engage with our need for healthcare rather than their ability to provide health services.

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