Persecution: SUI-Cide Note

November, 1, 2014 | 11 Comments


  1. How likely that the 35 whistle blowers, the 2 re-instated Charge nurses and the family members of patient (Case A) will go public ??

    Turn up the heat on BCUHB —

    • Sinead

      There was an investigation of the 35 whistleblowers complaints conducted by Robin Holden but this was brushed beneath the carpet. Looking for an RH report I came across this which reads very like what the RH report must have looked like – except in this case RH is Royal Hull –



      • David,

        I haven’t a clue who Robin Holden is or Royal Hull, for that matter– but in my *case* the investigation of the whistleblowers complaints was performed by the regulatory/licensing board– to whom the complaints were directed. The administrators of the psychiatric unit responded with a *corrective action plan*. I was privy to this plan as I was on record, not an anonymous complainant. BUT, not privy to the actual findings of the investigation, though it was clear that at least one violation was cited from my complaint and those of several anonymous whistleblowers.

        *Independent Consultants* were brought in to assess the overall management of the unit, as per the *corrective action plan*. Their recommendations were shared with staff via a document prepared by the administrators and managers of the psychiatric unit– NOT the original documented findings. Management proceeded in a superficial manner– eventually ignoring ALL of the major problems cited by the consultants.

        The whistleblowers were targeted by management in a most unsavory manner–(but not original, as the methods were exactly as you described with regards to the 2 nurses who were investigated and dismissed for incidents that seemed to never have occurred). We [nurses] appealed to the regulatory board and went up the chain of command in the hospital seeking the *protection* we expected, as per written policies of both the hospital and the regulatory board. No protection was forthcoming–

        Soon after our year-long agonizing ordeal ,we learned that the key member of the regulatory board, director of the specific psychiatric services provided by this unit, was– drum roll please, the original chief of psychiatry for this specialized unit– some 16 years prior to this incident.

        The window of opportunity for *going public* closed- we were labeled *disgruntled employees*– and for the most part, it is Business as usual on this psychiatric unit–

        These Significant, too similar to be called coincidental, *unsavory* incidents occurring in academic medical settings- (SUI’s)– need to be widely publicized, imo– . It is the only logical recourse, if we are to uphold our duty to care for and protect the vulnerable patients we are being forced to abandon.


  2. You are either a team player or you’re not, you are with us or you’re against us. There is no room for dissent in the corporate world, no room for opinions. The company man is the one who succeeds while the experienced and knowledgeable are just the old dinosaurs who can’t accept the change.“The one or two noisy voices” will be dealt with.

    The NHS is finished, and it appears to me that people like Dr Makin and his like are in place to oversee the process – the sharks are coming and they are making sure there is plenty of blood in the water. No one really wants this except the transnational corporations, but then they are the only ones who’s opinion matters these days. The rest of us are just uniformed idiots, little different than cattle.

    Some brave (or naive) docs and nurses may fight for what’s right, but they are in for a hell of time over the next few years. The only people who can really do anything about it are too busy with their head stuck in an i-device to even notice what’s happening – that would be all of us of course. The ones who occasionally lift their eyes from their smart phone just think that the NHS is hopelessly inefficient (because they read it in a news App) and that these changes are desperately needed. Few can see that box ticking managers, overpriced private contractors, billions blown on barely useful modern drugs and obscene agency staff wages are sucking the whole thing dry.

    We can all look forward to a future of more bogus diagnosis, unnecessary scans, tests, medicines and procedures to correct our ever expanding list of diseases which are apparently caused by our corrupted DNA and lazy lifestyles and have absolutely nothing to do with the huge list of toxins and non-foods we consume everyday, our agricultural practices, pollution, family breakdown, inequality and poverty or anything else for that matter.

    Well, to give Dr Poole his credit, he does say poverty has something to do with mental illness – I wonder how much time and money was spent coming to that ground breaking conclusion? What’s next? Breaking News – researchers find that being in a depressing situation can lead to depression!

    Those medical professionals without morals or those who follow authority without question can look forward to nice financial incentives and promotions for embracing the system, and we can all look forward to more tax going to transnational corporations. Plenty goes to them already of course, apart from bailing out too big to fail banks and embracing austerity so we can pay debts to billionaire hedge funds, transnational companies like Sedexo, Serco, G4S and many others are already ripping you off in Schools, Universities, Police stations and government offices all across the country. It sucks but its happening… unless we all do something crazy like have a Russell Brand style revolution (which ain’t gonna happen).

  3. Neil,

    I’m thinking a *human revolution* needs to commence– the fundamental reorientation of all of us humans to rational thought and concern for our fellow human beings.

    Specific, direct actions based on the fundamentals of *business* must be employed. We are not powerless to evoke criminal justice proceedings or provide full public disclosure of the M.O. of corporate health care.

    Please consider:

    1) Scamming the public ( unscientific paradigm of *care*), that causes risk of harm and death- for obscene profits, is illegal– in developed countries.

    2) The *market* for this business is vastly ignorant of #1–

    In every instance of authoritarian misuse of power, there is tacit permission granted via a willingness to depend on authority.

    The authority brokers are the minority…

    There is nothing crazy about revoking our permission to have our suffering exploited for profit–

    • That was my first thought too, no way regulatory boards and what not would go through all this trouble unless cohearsed by someone.
      And Big Pharma would certainly jump for joy if they could find some way to miscredit dr. Healy.
      But then I have had a change of mind, I’ve started to Think that this is how boards and supervision works.
      Smallmindedness and only a smokescreen for those inside the boards to go after and attack people with attitude and guts to oppose.

      It still amazes me how doctors and professors are able to fight on such a “sandpit”-level.
      Isn’t it the first thing they shove in your face when they become academics, to have higher moral, ethics and standards than the next guy?
      People who say their “responsibilities” as academics are what justifies their high salary?

  4. Big Pharma has access to many groups and through those groups into professionals. Someone, somewhere thinks they are helping their cause……. paranoid, definitely not!

  5. Sadly, we are seeing the behavior of psychiatrists post “Pharmaggedon” reflecting a choice they have made to deny all of the evidence, scientific and documentary, that the marketing strategies of Big Pharma were not just clever, they are deadly.

    Sadly we are witnessing the decline of all standards once proudly associated with academic medical centers, whose leaders have cashed in their integrity, morals and ethics for all that Big Pharma has bank rolled for them. Their *high-ER* salaries are secured by their decision to continue to sell their credentials- use of their names and standing within the academic community who are gaining through trickle down economics.

    This *new order*- corporate health care., could not have begun and cannot continue to flourish without the pivotal role played by those who wield *the pen*
    that turns prescription pads into gold for Big Pharma.

    This is not a battle amongst ego driven academics and the regulatory boards and power brokers in university medical centers. There is no dialogue, debate or even the hint of an academic discussion about THAT which is forced down our throats, waged between *academics*.

    This is an ominous sign. The management and supervision practices that have set the stage to dispose of Dr. Healy and those who share his dedication to protect patients, are tactics of those who have developed a depraved indifference to human life– and have been honed in the some very auspicious universities.

    It is an ominous sign for psychiatry and Big Pharma– having foolishly targeted the foremost authority on their transgressions, the minions of Sauron have brought about this golden opportunity–

    One Ring to rule them all
    One Ring to find them
    One Ring to bring them all-
    Out of the darkness-
    Beside him.

    There may come a day when the courage of men is gone and fellowship is destroyed by betrayal– BUT,

    that is NOT THIS DAY !!

  6. David, what you are describing is the commonplace way of dealing with whistle blowers. You are finding that all the supposed independent minds are well chosen yes men or women following a gravy train. Try to get as much information as you can that might be relevant. Record conversations etc.. if only to help with your record keeping. However note that covert recorded conversations are now being accepted in employment tribunals. Persist at getting any communications in which your name is mentioned etc.. Best of luck.

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