Persecution: SUI-Cide Trick or Treat?

October, 27, 2014 | 11 Comments


  1. Yes workplace bullying is always ugly. Especially when it is done under the guise of “procedures” which are moulded and bent to allow the harassment to take place within the rules.

  2. I think that SUI stands for serious untoward incident in this context? Dr Healy now Urgently needs people of great gravitas–to be aware of this invidious and petty political manoeuvring, and to be supportive of his inspirational and courageous work to
    keep psychiatry honest, and focused on his lifetime mission–the well-being of patients and the integrity of pharmaceutical and physical medicine.

  3. I assume you’re referring to Higgo’s condecending attitude towards you here (P49/50) –

    The inherent bias of this ‘investigation’ stinks from high heaven. An ulterior motive surely? This could end up being the ‘Healy Affair No.2’ if these dopes aren’t careful..

  4. The languagebarrier stops me from understand half of it, to many abbreviations an British Healthcare language.
    But I get the general Picture.

    And to me doctor Healy becomes Rubin “hurricane” Carter as portrayed by Bob Dylan:
    -“All of Rubin’s cards were marked in advance
    The trial was a pig-circus, he never had a chance
    The judge made Rubin’s witnesses drunkards from the slums
    To the white folks who watched he was a revolutionary bum
    And to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger
    No one doubted that he pulled the trigger
    And though they could not produce the gun
    The D.A. said he was the one who did the deed
    And the all-white jury agreed”

    -“Rubin Carter was falsely tried
    The crime was murder “one,” guess who testified?”

    -“How can the life of such a man
    Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?
    To see him obviously framed
    Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
    Where justice is a game?”

    • Thank you Ove! I plan to start a society for the prevention of acronym….but it would have to have an acronym [SPA]! But then if we stopped permitting acronyms perhaps the masonic practice would cease and people would call things by shorter if less clever titles,…like Patients for Prevention of Persecuting our Healers [‘Healy-ers?’
      Loved the Dylan!!!

  5. One cannot help but to wonder, with all this ego posturing and reputation salvaging going on, who is looking after the patients ?– or even considering who has the most to lose,- who is at the greater risk and is completely at the mercy of *psychiatry*.

    I think Dr. Healy has made a strong enough case, exposing the dishonesty, corruption in psychiatry– has certainly shown that he has evoked the ire of those whom he hoped would begin to engage as men of science and medicine. One cannot help but to wonder where he hopes to find the iron fist that will set this right.

    At the end of the day, anyone in a position to challenge and discipline the psychiatrists behind Dr. Healy’s *persecution* faces the risk inherent in the act of revoking their infallibility status, upsetting the social order and setting a very frightening precedence . Having said this, I question the rationality of pursuing such a course whose only likely outcome is another ‘Healy Affair’. Is a sequel going to achieve something more than the original ?

    Woody Allen is noted for saying that he would not want to join any club that would have him as a member. I have to wonder why Dr. Healy would want to remain in a club that has cast, science, critical thinking and integrity to the wind, much less submit himself to their judgment.

    In this poker hand, the nefarious psychiatrists are the ace of spades, they trump all of the would-be truth and justice *public servants*– and this, I believe Dr Healy already knows. Though, I admit that it is fascinating to learn how the deck has been stacked, it matters little when the trump card has already been played.

    • Hello Sinead. First a pedantic correction, It was Groucho Marx who said he didn’t want to join a club that wouldn’t have him as a member. I would also add that there are good psychiatrists out there, although I am the first to admit that David, and a retired man called Lawrence Ratnasabapathy are the ones I would go to first, from whom I would seek help, never medication. If a person is subjected to perpetual harrassment because of the stand one has taken over the years, of course there are choices and it sounds like most of David’s excellent colleagues at Hergest have chosen to leave. I for one am grateful that David Healy has not, and I can only hope that the many wonderful medics whom I know and respect will join him in making the creative changes necessary.

      • Hi Linda, Thanks for citing the original source of the quote – I should have said that Woody Allen is noted for quoting Groucho Marx —

        RE: The *good psychiatrists out here*– well, perhaps so– but since there was no rallying of the good ones, back when Dr. Healy was talking about *career suicide* in the field, prognosis for , the prognosis for the professION has become profoundly bleak–

        But my main point is that the focus, which I believe, has been Dr. Healy’s all along, that is; the SAFETY of patients at the mercy of prescribing psychiatrists, must be the rallying point for ALL psychiatrists– barring that, and there is absolutely no evidence that this has been on the agenda of *psychiatry*– as it continues shedding skin, morphing into who-knows- what NEXT; barring a unified act of good faith amongst *good psychiatrists*– I propose a battle plan by the few who have spoken out, to remove the power and authority from those who are bent on making a profit by destroying our children– Something on the order of a chemo therapy drug- treatment.

        In other words, this is a *risk/benefit* call, on my part– for what I have seen and experienced in Boston, now playing out in the Shire,– well, I have no faith in the political power base—

  6. “He appears to regard the alleged behaviour of the pharmaceutical industry as a mixture of conspiracy and moral failure.”

    “Flaws in Healy’s rhetoric do not invalidate the argument that anti-depressants are currently prescribed for many people who cannot benefit from them, as they do not suffer from depression of a type or severity that would indicate a good response.”

    “There is a game………………… should be grateful for meeting the criteria for just one disorder, as most people suffer from several.”

    “The individual is helpless until the intervention is made available to them.”

    When the *floor* disappears under the feet of children, it would be more encouraging to try and explain the *pharmaceutical exposed* flaw to the despairing parents and keep their *nosology* and *tautology* and *mischievous* nouns and adjectives to themselves………

    Not their finest hour……

    ref. David Healy – Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist, Scientist, Author

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