Persecution: Was Collective Narcissism Mordor’s Problem?

October, 16, 2014 | 4 Comments


  1. “A service or institution can take pride in real achievements. This forms the basis of Harvard and Cambridge’s estimation of their own merits. ”

    History books will , hopefully, chronicle achievements of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry as the destruction of the brains/lives of American children. There are venerable credible sources in print in our own time, to warrant criminal indictments of HMS Child psychiatrists, for instance—-

    And by extension, based upon sound reasoning, there is currently more than adequate documentation to indict psychiatry itself as a pimple on the back side of *medical practice*, a sham– that one might overlook if not for the hideous direct relationship between the number of people harmed by this the sham, and the profits made doing it.

    All this, plus evidence of psychiatric survivors, making full recovery — and the success of interventions that look more like the stuff that decent caring humans can accomplish when the DSM and psychopharmacology are dismissed–

    And it begins to beg the question : When do we simply remove psychiatry from the list of medical specialities and get on with the business of community building – that is proving to be far superior to anything psychiatry has had to offer?

    If Harvard and Cambridge take *pride* in avoiding prosecution for their crimes against humanity, which apparently they do– , they must harbor tremendous fear of being exposed– further.

    Nothing brings the ugly out of the “beast” like the threat of annihilation of his pack!!

    Expect things to get much worse for *sincere, inquiring minds* in academic medical center psychiatry — all levels of education and care will be battle grounds!

  2. One of their doctors just REALLY ticked off the general public by demanding a panicked teen girl stop talking to her mother in Welsh:

    Surely the Betsi Board can’t control every arrogant doc in their area … but they seemed more anxious to put their doctor in a better light than to actually apologize to the girl and her mum. It does show a certain attitude problem.


    Madness, incorporated showed up a distinct lack of understanding from a couple of people who joined David Healy in this discussion.

    One suggested tinkering with the medical model, whilst the issue of pharmaceutical intrusion seemed rather frowned upon…….

    Rather brilliant energetic performance, I would suggest………..and the last word.

    Simply log on to IAI and register Lame Ducks, inc. … … … ….waffle is treason and not reason.

  4. This is a comment from a former colleague who has not asked to remain anonymous but whom I will leave anonymous for the moment

    Hi David,
    Nice review of the history – do you lump Glan Clwyd in with Wrexham? In my experience of the early days of both there was much more staff distress in Wrexham because most of the ex Denbigh nurses had to be forced there (and the unit didn’t work as well – I was on call on the first night and you should have seen the chaos on September 30th 1995!! – the organisation didn’t get to grips with it for years).

    Sorry you have had trouble with the witch hunters. As you know I worked right across the region and did HIW reviews until 2013 and certainly found the North West better than Wrexham until morale collapsed – probably after Deva, Richard and Andy left.

    Wrexham got a lot of money spent on buildings after Betsi formed which was interesting given the loud proclamations of the MH general manager about community provision trumping beds. Of course in Old Age, Howard’s setup was the stable gold standard throughout the 90s with local staff, only held back by dreadful buildings (naturally the very last to be replaced by the Wrexham power brokers).

    I saw Tony’s piece on Welsh TV a few months ago about the imminent collapse of services due to underfunding – and I think in truth all the individual persecutions are a consequence of the impossibility of providing the money to cope. I gather that since 2009 Betsi had to send £45m back to Cardiff – and take on board North Powys! Too many circles to square. Management will always seek to slide the blame onto vulnerable clinicians and then point to Management’s vital role in “learning lessons” and putting things right.

    I do think that a very good set up was thrown away without anybody realising what they had got. And I guess that the general populace never will. Only us “curmudgeons” left – and most of our trainees scattered to the four corners.

    I’m just completing a course on Hadrian’s Wall – I sympathize with commander in receipt of civil service directive from Rome: “What do they mean – can’t afford to give shields to the troops? – when and how did we become expendable??”

    Good luck to you, but remember that retirement is good!

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