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  1. I suppose those with a short attention span might like a serious of ‘shorts’…

    If you are telling a story, start at the beginning and finish at the end.

    A very ‘short’ story with a very ‘short’ conclusion.

    Go with the flow, with short animations containing text to double-down on the video.

    Everybody’s doing it –

    Let’s take this as an example:

    118,520 views in 8 days

    Powerful. Yes
    Watch on your phone. Yes
    Forgotten after watching. Possibly
    On to the next…

    If all you want is ‘hits’, it may be a ‘lost-leader’.
    If it takes you to a longer ‘hit’. Good
    If it takes you to the ‘full programme’. Great

    Bits of David, slugged on Twitter, could look enticing.

    But my honest opinion is that the reason David is successful and ‘Shared’ is because he isn’t cut up in to small pieces.

    I totally see the point, but as a marketeer, spreading small punches as a means to spreading big messages, is something GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer do. They do it well, with huge budgets, the messages received loud and clear.

    Lots of people do it already, Dr. Aseem Malhotra puts out small video clips, as do many of his compatriots.

    Aseem is very lively on Twitter…

    Jordan Peterson is a marketeer and has refined his messages to a mass market.

    RxISK and Samizdat are a very serious business.

    I wouldn’t like to see David Healy cheapen his Brand.
    Nobody tells it like David.

    It has always been thus; David and the Long Haul…

    Tom Paul says

    “Full length presentations such as David’s one are excellent for viewers seriously interested in learning/education of something, and to establish credibility”

    Precisely, Tom.
    The word ‘seriously’.

    It is natural for David to want maximum exposure and to bring out bits and pieces from his lectures is one way of doing it.

    For me, the ‘Long Story’ has more bite and power, than any number of ‘sound-bites’, and as he went to Lethbridge on the invitation of Dan Johnson with the intention to educate about the death of an innocent 15 year-old, put on medication, who is not long dead from the medication; to my mind should not be eclipsed.
    Even though each segment above is powerful in it’s own right.

    Perhaps a different slant for future lectures could be starting with a Kim, or a Wendy, or a Stephen, thereby making it more personal and perhaps, more relevant. Some of David’s shorter videos like The Killing Machine are incredibly powerful.

    The Long Story is vital education, and the Short Story plugs the Long Story, but there is the point at which too much in the way of Short could impede the Long…

    Certainly, a change could be in the air…

  2. No harm in trying it out I guess but the idea it’s not of interest to me. I tried a few of the clips and they sound like babble due to anxiety of getting a message across in quick quick time .Resulting in simplistic squashed messages which do a disservice to the topics,eg

    Wanting to ‘Market ‘the topics discussed seems to me quite worrying .To see the the possibility of dumbing down the blogs altogether like this would be a loss. There is no fluidity in these kinds of presentations – keep it short and snappy make get loads of ‘likes’ but what’s the worth of that? What do people ‘like’? Are serious presenters of lectures going to find their message lost to those who are ‘serious’ about getting properly informed and more likely to do something further with it. What do people who access the vimeos do with them? Do they go on to look for more information?.Do they run over the ideas to get thinking time in a way possible with full lectures and blogs?To find the concept of ,’marketing’ has found traction is worrying. There is more to it than a snappy presentation the blogs and lectures. Who will decide how they are cut to make the videos – those who judge success by how many ticks they get? Surely success relies on the unique style of DH’s blogs and lectures. Especially that the blogs including the lectures are later shared on blogs which have resulted in gathering the sort of information from comments and personal correspondents which snappy videos cannot achieve . It’s not an age thing or a dislike of tech thing it’s not just those perceived as ‘serious’ thing – who knows what individuals and groups get out of them . What I hope is when the time comes for D H and colleagues to pass on the work serious academics won’t be seduced into dumbing down for those who access education and debate on mobiles while those who work in universities and other institutions continue to have privileged access on a different level .

  3. Homepage An unmissable exposure of Bill Gates on Channel 4 in UK tonight
    Playback My4

    The Billionaires Who Made Our World – Channel 4 › programmes ›

    Bill Gates​​ Lifting the lid on one of the world’s richest men, the ruthless tech visionary who also tried to save the planet. But is Gates really a modern-day saint …

    in the same series –
    Landmark series lifting the lid on the tech titans of Silicon Valley – Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg and Musk – who changed our world forever, how we communicate, how we shop, and the information we get

  4. We can ‘link’ Pilot Shots; as David usually has a shot of a lady pilot in his repertoire…

    Alarming Events: Headline After Headline of Pilot Incapacitations

    Prof Norman Fenton

    This seems like a very big deal….

    Prof Norman Fenton

    5. I suspect this subject will not feature prominently in the UK Public Covid Inquiry which starts today

    vowing to expose any culpable conduct …

    Prof Norman Fenton

    1. It is good that more people are now talking about the avoidable deaths that occured in Spring 2020 and the role of NICE guidelines in this scandal:

    The most damning evidence can be found in this NICE Rapid Guideline (NG163) (published 3 April 2020) that has since been deleted. However, it can be found via the wayback machine here. Jikkyleaks refers to this document as the “death protocol”:

    …..Stop Press

    John Campbell has helpfully also provided a video on this issue:

    ‘Consider an opioid and benzodiazepine combination’

    You don’t have to be a magician to tie this in, as an analogous concept to the previous ‘death protocol’ in Beware Doctors Bearing Gifts…

  5. CEEJ

    A rare moment in SIEGE…

    Albert Bourla

    President Jimmy Carter embodies all the values we hold dear at @Pfizer : –

    Courage: to fight for social justice –
    Equity: to advance human rights –
    Excellence: to improve healthcare –
    Joy: to take pride in a life of service to others

    Sending my best wishes to him and his family

    Hold the dear, dear…

    Brought to you by Pfizer…

    Edward Dowd Retweeted

    James O’Keefe

    Brought to you, by Pfizer…

    Beware, Doctors Bearing…

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