In Memory of Dexter Johnson

February, 2, 2023 | 4 Comments


  1. Devastating; Downloads from Dan

    ‘Dexter’s mistake was hoping some miracle drug would make sadness go away, rather than seek counselling. It should not have been up to him to skip patient safety. The true risk might not have been communicated to him. He preferred to just not mention it, but he didn’t know the need for monitoring was more serious than that’

    This is so fresh.

    I hope all will go through Dan, who put the work in, in his digest about Dexter.

    Who ably kept it together, during his pride of Dexter, at the funeral.

    Who has dossiers researched
    Who recognised the ‘poor decisions of others’
    Who realises “a spur-of-the-moment delirious act”

    Dexter, from how he was described by his father, sounded like just the ticket to take on a youth brigade, somewhat like Greta, if he had lived. But the Fluoxetine took over his mind and body and left him powerless, like so many of his peers, who could also have taken on the mantle, if they had lived…

  2. Don’t think you will have any copyright problems with the Greta Thunberg (GT) base image as it is presumably only for editorial use. Best to have a proper second opinion though. [1]

    The main thing when selecting an image to insert into another is matching the shadows due to the light direction and its hardness/softness or it will look unreal and obviously faked. Most other issues are easier to bodge.

    The example image of GT with a crowd backdrop won’t in my opinion work, as the people are too far away. It doesn’t send any messages either (well not to me anyway). If one didn’t recognise the face, GT could be just anybody in most of the photos featuring her.

    In the image below, she is more obviously the person of interest. This is the sort of image which in my opinion would work better. It also has no restrictive copyright as it is in the Public Domain. Depending on the quality etc. of the two images to merge I think I can pull it off. The bigger the file size the better.
    Don’t know if this blog site software will freely accept all HMTL code but here goes…


    [1] When can I use editorial images and when do I need to buy a royalty-free license

  3. Thank you for your work on this important issue, Dr. Healy. My family and I had the pleasure of knowing Dexter a little and he left a lasting impression on us. With you and Dan teaming up, it seems he will leave even more of an impression on the world. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. If…

    ‘If I, or our family doctor in Lethbridge, had ever heard a word about “fluoxetine”, or “suicide”, or a BC doctor’s name in 2021, Dexter would not have died in January, 2022, after returning home. I would have participated by setting up counselling, having gentle discussions with him about the future that he loved to plan, arranging a local psychologist and possibly psychiatrist, speaking confidentially to the school counsellor, and clearing the house of every rope, wire, razor knife, gun (all locked but they would have been in a new second safe or gone), power tool, etc. I was denied a chance to save his life. The school, his siblings, our family doctor, and concerned friends were all denied a chance to save his life. What possible reason was there?’

    Doubtful that Dan knows much about ‘Suicide Prevention’ in the UK.

    louis appleby Retweeted


    How can you and colleagues improve #SuicidePrevention within your service? Watch our new animated video about our self-assessment toolkit, based on more than 20 years of research into patient safety.

    How many more times do we have to release this

    UK Suicide Expert: Akathisia Can Make People Suicidal

    louis appleby
    Feb 1

    First meeting of Govt #suicideprevention advisory group since new national strategy was confirmed last wk. Focus today on 2 key areas: young people & #mentalhealth care, @PAPYRUS_Charity & Prof Nav Kapur @NCISH_UK presenting.

    Next few months will shape next few years.

    It’s for the Birds…pro flappleby…

    Dexter is immortalised…

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