Can Doctors Save their Jobs and the World

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  1. Unite the union They want to save the NHS – but how many are even alert to `the harms described in the posts which are being caused whether in USA or UK. I read that this phrase was written initially in the bible but an Irish clergyman-political activist said it as a wake up call in 1705. “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty” Kind of a depressing but true comment on humans societies; ability to live together
    NHS for sale
    Takeover of London GP practices by private US healthcare company could face judicial review, says Unite
    Thursday 1 July 2021 Share.

    Campaigners, including members of Doctors in Unite (DiU), have ‘crowdfunded’ about £40,000 towards a possible judicial review regarding the recent takeover by Centene’s UK subsidiary Operose of the privately-owned AT Medics set up in 2004 by six NHS GPs and which runs 37 GP practices across London.
    The campaigners are waiting to hear if all the legal hurdles have been crossed and the case can proceed on the basis of the lack of transparency.

    Doctors in Unite chair Jackie Applebee said: “Ministers and senior NHS executives have repeatedly mouthed the mantra that the NHS is not being privatised, but that is patently not true as the awarding of lucrative contracts to private healthcare firms continues apace.

    “We are now hoping to test this policy with a judicial review as to why a huge swathe of English general practice, including the data of nearly half a million patients, was handed over to US health insurance giant Centene – with a breath-taking lack of transparency and openness. We have been told by the lawyers that we have a strong case.

    “The new health and social care secretary Sajid Javid needs to be made aware of the strong groundswell of public opinion against the accelerating pace of NHS privatisation presided over by his disgraced predecessor Matt Hancock and he should immediately reverse the hiving off of NHS services to profit-hungry healthcare companies, such as Centene.

    “The public needs to wake-up to the fact the NHS, whose 73rd anniversary we celebrate on Monday (5 July), is being steadily sold off to profit-hungry healthcare companies – in this case one whose headquarters is in America.

    these founding principles of the NHS in 1948 will become mere ghosts of themselves.”

  2. Xcellnt UNcommon sense.

    Cure for Leukaemia? Metformin and one blood pressure med….. Will the lady even listen to me? No. Trusts the experts….

    An Aussie doctor recently injected 50 grams not mg, grams, saving patient from sepsis.

    Have a great life!

  3. From previous DH post – ‘Care’ Homes: What is Care?
    July, 4,
    ‘Another more recent response from management and politicians has been to focus on vaccinating care home staff as the answer. This technical solution to a people problem in between the lines blames people whose behaviour has been dictated by poor pay. A solution more appropriate for bodies than for people.’

    In France Care workers have already been told they must get vaccinated.
    In UK …
    Save Our Rights UK via
    12:17 PM (7 hours ago)
    to me
    Today the Government have snuck a Statutory Instrument onto the program of the day that would mandate vaccines for all care home workers. This would include not only the staff looking after the residents but also all cooks, cleaners, handy men and so on. This would result in thousands of people being forced to have the vaccine and hand over their private medical information to their employers.
    Over one third of care home workers have said that they will consider quitting their jobs if the vote passes today. Lets help them feel safe to keep their job by urging MP’s to stand up for medical freedom and to vote against this motion.

    It takes less than a minute and a half to send an email to your MP here.
    If you have more time after that then please also consider retweeting our Call to Action on Twitter and sharing the Facebook post too.
    Many thanks for standing with us for Medical Freedom.
    Kind regards,
    SORUK Team
    2 of 5
    Mandatory Covid vaccinations (Case Ref: BW3495)
    Response from MP
    Beth Winter MP
    1:22 PM (6 hours ago)
    to me
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    I will be voting against the Draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021.
    I am against the principle of mandating any sector of society to receive the Covid-19 vaccine and also in practice I am aware that any mandating of the social care sector to take the vaccine to enable staff to work will lead to significant staff shortages.
    The Labour Party shares this perspective and as has happened in Wales prefers to encourage people to take the vaccine rather than making it obligatory.
    Beth Winter MP

  4. Seventeen
    Choosing Wisely

    Head First – by Alastair Santhouse review

    In a passionate blend of anecdote and evidence, a consultant psychiatrist shows how the mind and the body are irrevocably connected, despite medicine’s desire to separate and specialise

    “Nothing is more fatal to health than an over care of it,” Franklin said, and Santhouse uses this wry 18th-century observation to set a series of interesting challenges for his readers:

     “Medicine fulfils the function of legitimizing illness because, as a society, this is the role we have chosen for it.” Santhouse writes, hypothesising that this is why, in the last 60 years, the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-1), which lists all known mental illnesses, has leapt from a modest 128 categories to a very generous 541. We are clearly on a desperate crusade to be labelled. But the problem with labels, Santhouse states, is they can often be sticky and impossible to remove.

    Simon Wessely Retweeted

    Alastair Santhouse

    It’s always a nervy moment reading your first book review – and it’s hard to put into words how happy reading it made me

    ‘He does not shy away from difficult themes. He addresses suicide, end of life care, chronic fatigue

    ‘Head’ First – always a nervy moment …

  5. One more step for for women. Oral contraception can now be bought at che .mists, People would probably be safer getting more drugs from them and likely underage girls wouldn’t get access to harful contraception so easily. Without the ‘authority ‘of heartsink medics and their never ending prescriptions maybe more would throw them down the toilet sooner when adverse effects began to show- maybe more attention would be paid to info about them ,before getting serious addicted. They are too useful cashwise though for them too give up repeat consultations and get ‘them’ out of the room.
    I don’t think There are any UK doctors on the Rxisk Map – from the survey being conducted by Pulse Today it seems they don’t consider the nitty gritty of medicine ,such as looking into the data would be ,as part of their job – they insist on being ‘generalists’ not ‘specialists’ an attitude which lets them off the hook.

    How about some UK doctors who support Rxisk maybe behind the scenes, contributing something more than the woolly self interested stuff that has been gathered so far. Clare Gerada is on the panel so spokes in the wheel are likely but it might ring a few bells with some of the others panelists? We as a society need doctotrs on our side – too often they are not especially those at the top of hierarchies.

    Building Better campaign: What services should general practice offer?
    Building a Better General Practice
    09 July 2021
    We have completed the first part of our ‘Building a Better General Practice’ campaign, looking at the role of the GP. Today, we launch our second survey, where we ask readers to determine what services GPs should be offering, having already met with our panel of experts and grassroots GPs.

    Take the second survey here

    Conclusions from first survey on the role of the GP

    Current Issue

    European law could improve ‘scandalous’ lack of clinical trial data reporting
    By Barbara CasassusJul. 14, 2021 , 11:25 AM

    The global pandemic has turned a spotlight on clinical trials, which test thousands of drugs and therapies each year. In Europe, however, the enthusiasm for trials is not matched with a zeal for reporting the results to the public. A total of 3846 European trials—nearly 28% of 13,874 completed trials in the EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR) on 1 July—had not posted their results on the register, according to the latest data from the EU Trials Tracker, set up by U.K. researchers in 2018 to expose lax reporting. Public research hospitals and universities, not drugmakers, are responsible for the vast majority of the lapses, which appear to violate European rules that require sponsors to post their results within 1 year of a trial’s conclusion.

    “It is scandalous not to disclose the data, however disappointing, to the patient participants, to taxpayers in the case of public funding, and to everyone else involved,” says Florian Naudet, a metaresearcher at the University of Rennes hospital in France. Naudet says undisclosed results can lead to wasted efforts and missed signs of drugs’ potential harms.

    But Europe is getting more serious about enforcing the reporting requirements. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has stepped up reminders to trial leaders, and a new trial registry is set to come online in January 2022, when national regulators will also gain more power to enforce the rules. The shifts dovetail with signs of change in the United States, where many trial sponsors are also remiss: In April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first time cited a violation of a widely flouted U.S. public reporting law.
    Till Bruckner, founder of TranspariMED, a U.K.-based advocacy campaign to improve reporting, is hopeful that, soon, he won’t have to chide trial leaders so much. “I’m sick and tired of doing regulators’ jobs.”

  7. from Aljazeera
    Opioid maker J&J, distributors near $26B deal with US states
    Along with Johnson & Johnson, the proposed settlement includes distributors McKesson Corp, Cardinal Health Inc and AmerisourceBergen Corp.

    McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen already indicated in regulatory filings that they expect to pay $21bn, and Johnson & Johnson would pay $5bn [File: Mark Lennihan/AP Photo]
    McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen already indicated in regulatory filings that they expect to pay $21bn, and Johnson & Johnson would pay $5bn [File: Mark Lennihan/AP Photo]
    By Jef FeeleyBloomberg
    20 Jul 2021
    Opioid maker Johnson & Johnson and three drug distributors are expected to disclose this week the final terms of a $26 billion settlement for thousands of lawsuits accusing them of fueling a public-health crisis, according to people familiar with the deal.

    After years of negotiations with five states, the companies are poised to make the announcement Wednesday, according to the people who asked not to be identified discussing closed-door talks.
    We are a team of nearly 48,000 mission-driven partners striving each day to advance healthcare and improve lives. We are Essential to careTM.

    Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE: CAH) is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, and a provider of performance and data solutions for healthcare facilities

    AmerisourseBergen (- also loves animals- so sweet)
    We are united in our responsibility
    to create healthier futures.
    As we pursue our purpose, we make a positive impact on the health of people and animals around the world.

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