The Dram of Eale

March, 23, 2012 | 3 Comments


  1. Lundbeck should be held accountable. How many more people will die from a Citalopram or Escitalopram induced suicide and/or homicide before their supposed pharmacovigilance department will do its job? How many more victims like my lovely son will have to die before the benefits outweigh the risks? It’s great to see you are warning people about this drug but it saddens me that this dubious company are getting away with murder.
    When myself and Tony went to meet with Lundbeck in Copenhagen, they admitted, among other terrible things, that they test these drugs on children as young as 7. They also admitted that their drugs can cause birth defects, although they seemed to think that it was up to the doctor to warn these women. Nice company.
    If Odysseus, Jeff, Shane and numerous others I could mention could not cope with these mind-altering drugs, how would a child as young as 7 feel? I presume that all these adverse drug reactions were reported to Lundbeck? I know Shane’s ADR was reported to them. Yet, despite Lundbeck having to admit that their drugs can cause suicide, Irish psychiatry are still denying that these drugs can cause suicide and homicide.
    If you would like to hear this company in action, here’s a link to our Lundbeck meeting

  2. Recently there have been several articles pondering the increase in heart attack deaths in the elderly taking antipsychotics with questions asked as to the possible reason. Consider this. If antipsychotics depress D2 receptors (as their extrapyramidal side effects would seem to imply) and, as there are D2 receptors in the heart itself…..?

  3. Started Citalopram maybe 6 weeks ago.

    The last few days, I’ve found myself having fantasies about killing someone who I believed has ‘wronged’ me. This is me, who can’t even kill ants.

    Luckily there’s a few oceans between us, so it isn’t something I could do on impulse. But yep: stopped feeling suicidal, started feeling like killing people… nice.

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