Zoloft Study: Mystery in Leeds

February, 26, 2012 | 5 Comments


  1. Be interesting to see if the UK government intervene here – I doubt it though. Any interference by our government would see a backlash from Pharma. The threat of losing the UK’s biggest pharmaceutical company [GSK] overseas is enough to keep them from speaking out.

    Any idea what the Leeds study was called? They are usually given names as I understand it – would the woman have known that Zoloft was the experimental drug or would it have been ‘Drug A’ Vs placebo?

    I wonder if any of the women went on to have families and if their children were born healthy – be great if they did come forward.

  2. It is my own personal conclusion based on my own use of sertraline for OCD that this particular SSRI may *cause* depression. I did not have depression concomitant with my OCD. Sertraline does help with OCD, but it is also a “flattening” drug and makes me want to do nothing but sleep. In essence, this is what I call an organic depression. I believe that anxiety disorders and depression are not the same thing and are rooted in different chemistries. I would like to opine that suicidality on these drugs is in fact due to increased bioavailable serotonin (what the drug is intended to do), but that depression itself is possibly do to HIGH baseline serotonin within the CNS, not low. I’ve noticed that going off of these drugs does lead to rebound anxiety but also an increase in energy and drive.

    • I have also used Saint John’s Wort for anxiety (mostly social anxiety) but decided to taper off after 3 months of daily usage because of reduced interest in life/drive, sleepiness, elimination of emotions (including towards my closest family members), and radical personality changes.
      I am slowly getting back to my normal, old self (it’s taking time), but I would also opine that had I stayed longer on SSRIs I might have well become suicidal.

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