Something Happened – to Science and to Us

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  1. The Brain-Drain, in all its literal sense …

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    Michael P. Hengartner, PhD‏ @HengartnerMP 20m

    … Such systems reinforce vicious cycles of stigmatization, discrimination and social exclusion, and may be more detrimental than the mental health conditions they are supposed to treat.” Wow, what a remarkable statement from the UN special rapporteur!

    “This would be the best ‘vaccine’ against mental illness and would be much better than the excessive use of psychotropic medication which is happening,” said Pūras, who as the UN’s special rapporteur on health reports back to the UN human rights council in Geneva.

    “The best way to invest in the mental health of individuals is to create a supportive environment in all settings, family, the workplace. Then of course [therapeutic] services are needed, but they should not be based on an excessive biomedical model.”

    “We need to target relationships rather than brains.”

    We need to target…

    • The UN report calls for urgent action toward this aim:

      “Narrow conceptions of determinants, together with an overreliance on biomedical explanations of emotional distress and mental health conditions, deflect political attention away from rights-based policies and actions that promote health. This grossly neglected human rights issue requires urgent action.”


      Zenobia Morrill
      July 1, 2019

      Steve McCrea July 2, 2019 at 12:29 am

      Not much mystery there. Psychiatric intervention appears to make things worse. The only mystery is why those facts don’t seem to make headlines, or why the media continues to make excuses and fail to ask the pointed questions this kind of data suggests.

  2. Oh please do a Sokal Affair style hoax regarding a new wonder drug you, colleagues, and Google are developing based upon solid scientific theory for a worthy publisher and when it was thought the pipeline was running dry.

    Perfect also for kids who answer back or too much acting the maggot incarcerated behind desks all day when it is finally ‘just discovered’ that SSRIS may be worse than ‘ineffective’.

    And with Google on board may as well put it in embryonic water (also).

    In future: life-time customers categorised by the DSM & via Big Brother algorithms;

    Google’s Verily Enters Drugs Trials Big Pharma

  3. David,

    There is an aspect to all of this which needs discussion.

    And first, yes, I agree with your subtext about politicians. The big players in the drug industry spread so much money around that its akin to the mob buying up politicians judges and the like from Capone to Corleone [Mario Puzo’s biographical novels about the not quite fictional Italian mafia family in the USA].

    There is another aspect which is never addressed publicly and people need to start talking about it.

    Some years ago I had a telephone conversation with a Conservative health minister about the health problems vaccines are causing. He asked me for my views on the national security implications.

    At the time this stumped me. I did not understand what he meant. I was aware that every meeting of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation included a representative of the Ministry of Defence. For a Government advisory committee meant to be addressing disease control public health why that was so seemed a conundrum.

    But now it is much clearer.

    In the light of the lessons of the history of the past two decades it seems the national security issue is this. Government want us all to line up meekly and take our shots in the event of a full bio alert whether in an all-out war or bio-terrorism.

    Government’s security concern is that they want enough of the population to think we will be saved by whatever they claim does work.

    This is essential to maintaining control and avoid a collapse in public order and worse.

    And its obvious if you look into vaccine safety problems that Government, the security services and the MoD don’t care whether the vaccines work or not.

    They may even believe the widespread longstanding often repeated disinformation that vaccines are the greatest innovation ever in medicine. The first mass vaccination programme against small pox lasted around 100 years and never ever worked other than to kill and sometimes more people than small pox did. Other vaccines were introduced when diseases like measles and mumps were attenuating rapidly in the 1960s coupled with rapidly improving nutrition in western nations. If mass vaccine programmes were not introduced at that period then the argument for their need as a public health measure would vanish before it could be done.

    It is similar to the small pox vaccine. Its main purpose was to reassure the middle and upper classes that the great unwashed and the disease were under control even though the vaccine did not work at a period when the populations of cities were swelling with the industrialisation of the economy and living conditions were foul with no sanitation poor nutrition and overcrowding and slum conditions.

    The same issue applies to the armed forces. The MoD dish stuff out so our forces will engage and do their job believing they will be protected even though it is entirely false.

    It is about the same level as voodoo except that maybe voodoo is more effective [LOL].

    And of course this helps explain why adverse events are buried by agencies like the MHRA and no politician complains about this serious example of Government corruption.

    In other words we are to be starved of hard official information which undermines these products for issues having nothing to do with protecting the health of children.

    The rapidly rising autism prevalence is evidence of that. Government does not care about creating a child population which is three or four percent autistic and no politicians are complaining about it.

      • It should also be noted that the origins US government health complex are very different from say the U.K. NHS. The reason why you get people like CDC health official Amy Schuchat parading in a uniform pretending to be an admiral is that the complex is grafted on to the former US naval hospital service.

  4. Google tells us the Emperor do wear a new set of garment, it even has pictures of it.

    I believe that the earth is round, but I’m forced to admit that I have never seen it in a far enough perspective to call it my own opinion.
    If Google wants to change my mind, they will have to show me enough pictures of the flat earth. Or perhaps that is what they do right now, with the round one?

    So why bother claiming Monsanto can kill you?

    Why bother casting your vote, when Google, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Comission have so much knowledge and posess such superiority because they can access ‘the truth’.

    Why say that your drugdealer is a doctor?
    Why say that yesterdays truth was a lie?


  5. David

    What is appalling and dismaying about this is that in any real history of our era this would be seen as one of the main themes or dynamics and yet it has not become the subject of professional historians. I noted back in December how J Stephen Morrison ‘Senior Vice-President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Director of its Global Health Policy Center” (Washington presumably) was lamenting in a BMJ blog the breakdown of the “post-war liberal consensus” without noting the role of US policy and the Global Health Security Agenda in bringing this about:

    You can actually turn countries like France or Italy upside down over these issues meanwhile pretending all the time that there is nothing going on which should make an ordinary citizen blink. Likewise an ideologue like Jonathan Kennedy (QMUL and Barts) invariably puts the cart before the horse by suggesting that resistance to illiberal policies like vaccine mandates are the result of far right politics, rather than vice versa. Our former liberal democracies are now shored up by medical lies and coercion and we are often left perplexed about what to vote for:

    The Global Health Security Agenda of Barack Obama ought to be seen as a pivotal moment in modern global history, but few contemporary historians would know what you were talking about, I suspect:

  6. The National Geographic strapline is of course one the most basic bullying techniques – something which is quite plausible is equated with something which is quite preposterous and then larded with sarcasm. The audience is invited as with the emperor’s new clothes ‘not to appear foolish’ (Danny Kaye version). The day after Sunday Times’s original allegations against Andrew Wakefield the London Times published an article by its columnist Tim Hames with the title ‘Elvis lives, MI5 murdered Diana, MMR is dangerous’ (23 February 2004). Fundamentally, any journal or journalist that uses such a technique is suspect. Randi’s gang JREM were very fond of it. There is nothing inherently implausible in a triple vaccine being dangerous – in 2004 the British government running into trouble over the DPT was also a relatively recent memory. I think Mr Hames was pulling our legs.

    • It’s festival time!
      What should we make of the ‘Vaccine Knowledge Project’ -‘ Authoritive Knowledge for All’? Public Health England advises people to check they have been vaccinated against measles before they go to events .There will probably be some scaremongering going in the sort of media which reaches young people rather than this ‘independant’ project . The advice from a contributor to R4 Inside Health was pretty incredible , para phrased – patients come to see me with worries about vaccination – they ask – what would you do doctor? I reply firmly that I have had my own children vaccinated and so should they, The patients say well that’s good enough for me and off they go and get the jabs. Not sure if they, the adults not the children, got the pat on the head or well done badge.

      • I would rather miss a festival than chance a measles jab as a teenager or older! Shane had an anaphylactic shock to it when he was about 14 – they were doing a blanket jab of teens at the time. He’d had his ‘baby jabs’ without any problems – I therefore suspect that the amount needed to “safeguard” a teenager overwhelmed his system. It was a blue light emergency dash from the High School to the hospital.
        I would have expected that incident to be taken into account before he was prescribed the 30mg of Seroxat years later – it wasn’t, although GP stated ” that report is in the files upstairs” when confronted about the adverse reactions to the SSRI!

        • Did you see the report Mary? The comment was ambiguous – It had obviously stuck in his/her mind. shows how necessary it is to hold our own records isn’t it? but loads of people still won’t ask for them…..

          • I didn’t see the report. Standing up for ourselves is a must I feel – and yes, certainly, keep a record of as many ‘points of interest/contention’ as possible as we never know when they may come in handy!

  7. Maybe National Geographic will catch up in another 100 years. It was first published in 1888 and it took until 2018 to apologise for the way their ‘editorial gaze’ had focused on depicting non white societies as ‘primitive’ of ‘low intelligence’ etc- articles accompanied by huge numbers of photos of naked Africans. The magazine was used not just to educate but as they must have known,as soft porn back in the day, especially when imperial European women wore skirts down to the floor and men safari shorts down to the knee.
    Their elitist attitudes as men of science (nearly all men) may not be as obvious among scientists now, they have learned to soften the message but still hold their claims to superior knowledge and even more scary, rights to do what they want to citizens, such as compulsory vaccinations; compulsory mind training for youngsters in school. Those who have the impudence to question them are vilified
    There his still a massive gap between those who end up running the state, whether using private millionaires to fund projects or not, and those on the receiving end , even very intrusive stuff which their ancestors would be astonished by – hand held cameras -to brain scans. Another ‘exciting breakthrough’ to encourage more spending whether through taxes or ‘contributions’ by the grossly wealthy in return for a building named after them or a title.
    People identified as more vulnerable have always been more exploitable whether
    as used as slaves and servants or subjected to control by such as the welfare systems or by being subjected to ever more health directives by those who were possibly off their heads when drawing them up But when did we start to become so blatantly used as a commodity by the medico-politico gang bang with pharmaceutical companies? When was their disgusting immoral alliance given wings or did it happen so slowly it’s become a jugernaught which is killing and harming ever more people – who are described by MHRA and others as almost collateral. Is health care to be compared with a war – died in action – death by drugs . ‘Progress’, science marches on.

    PS I think the image at the top means ‘pissing in the wind’ .

  8. Kristina K. Gehrki‏ @AkathisiaRx 2h
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    Gottlieb claimed he left @US_FDA early “to spend more time with his family.” At least he’s honest about being a @pfizer phamily man. This revolving door between FDA & pharma has destroyed thousands American families for decades. #pharmafia kills

    Elizabeth Warren blasts former FDA commissioner for joining Pfizer’s board

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday called for Scott Gottlieb, who resigned as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration in April, to leave Pfizer’s board of directors.

    In a letter, the Massachusetts Democrat applauded Gottlieb’s tenure at FDA but suggested his decision to join the drug giant “smacks of corruption.”

    Gottlieb’s decision to join a corporation he once regulated, Warren wrote, “makes the American people rightfully cynical and distrustful about whether high-level Trump Administration officials are working for them, or for their future corporate employers.”

  9. The WHO (world health organistion) has produced yet another revision of the Internation Classification of Diseases.
    There are now 55,000 ‘ever more unique and nuanced codes’ (many refs on google search)
    It is planned this should be implemented in 2020, including chapters on mental health which ‘experts by experience’ objected to. ref INCLUDE Study with a very small number of people included from just 3 countries it seems. (India, UK, USA.) Another tokenistic ‘consultation’ supposedly designed to understand and improve mental health diagnosis but actually leaves out the really important experiences which effect the lives of those who were diagnosed.

    There is an explicit aim to hugely increase the number of people diagnosed with ‘personality disorder’ suggesting it is seriously underdiagnosed at present.

    Another manual they will possibly be referring to is ‘ the handbook of mentalising in mental health practice’ by P Fonagay and D Bateman The book is described as not being approved by psych establishments in USA where it was published or UK. And admits the many failings of a previous versin – which thousands of people by now will have been effected by.

    Over on Rxisk.Org the current blog is about transgender TheWHO has decided to remove the chapter on ‘Gender incongruence’ in ICD-11 from mental health disorders to a chapter on sexual health ‘to reduce stigma’
    (In Ireland homosexuality is still illegal).

    The WHO ‘guidelines’ have helped to cause pain and havoc for so many people and it’s likely to increase when we can hardly avoid being coded , Some codes more dehumanising than others in the way they define identities..
    Shall we all be introducing ourselves by our codes in future? ‘Hi , my names Susanne code N11 ‘ Good to meet you I’m Jack code N55,. Maybe a new kind of dating agency to include our codes might be useful – but who really knows and WHO can’t predict ,how they will be mis/used in future as for example in abortion and homsexuality laws.

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