Prescription-only Homicide and Violence

February, 18, 2013 | 10 Comments


  1. “One Rule for Investors, Another Rule for Mothers”

    What we need to fix this mess is to put more women and mothers in charge….everywhere!

    I am aware this isn’t very scientific, just something I have noticed over the past few years. But it seems to me that when women get into positions of power, they are more likely to try and change things for the better.

    Look at Marcia Angell first female editor NEMJ, Fiona Godlee first female editor of the BMJ and Glenis Willmott MEP, European Parliament lead legislator for the revision of the European rules on clinical trials. All three pushing hard for reform in medicine.

  2. My 7 year old daughter had a positive cytochrome P450 CYP2D6 7 null and 5 impaired functioning alleles with duplications of the gene. She was never on prescription SSRI’s but suffered severe adverse drug reactions from an over the counter antihistamine. Her symptoms includes violence, mania, self harm and on and on. I had to fight for the genetic testing because it is very expensive. I think I know a way to prescreen for people who would make good candidates for cytochrome P450 genetic testing that is free or less than a dollar. My hypothesis is based on my three plus experience with my daughter and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father while on visitation with him. The drug is diphenhydramine and a hair follicle drug test revealed toxic levels of it after she made the outcry her father was surrepidously injecting her with DPH. I have more medical, behavioral, and theriputic evidence than you can imagine. She was duagionsed as emotionally disturbed and sent to an alternative school in 1st grade. When the hair follicle test was complete I confronted her father and the drugging stopped. This school year she is making all A’s and 1B on her first two report cards with all E’s for excellent in conduct. I believe the people who commit violence on psychoactive drugs are not monsters. People said my daughter was a monster, she is a very kind and sweet little girl who cannot take many drugs. The drugs are the monsters. Diphenhydramine was the research basis for Prozac at Eli Lily. I believe people who show excibility from diphenhydramine are not metabolizing the drug and as a weak SSRI I think prescreaning for diphenhydramine adverse reactions could be a strong indication that a patient needs the more expensive genetic testing before being prescribed pshchotrophic drugs. I am not a scientist or a physician but I spent five months of twelve plus hour days researching what was happening. It is my hope that more research or a study could be done to prove my theory. If it is proven that diphenhydramine excibility or other sideeffexcts from that drug are in fact precursors to gene defects and and a low or no cost protocol could be implemented many lives could be saved and the abuse my child suffered could actually be turned into something positive. I would be happy to turn over the three years of detailed school testing and daily observation records as well as audio and video of the behavior. Under the condition of my child’s anonymity I would also be willing to provide all medical and mental health records. Dr. Peter Breggin and his book “Medical Madness” coupled with two amazing ER nurses in all likelihood saved my child. I was under substantial pressure to medicate my daughter with prescriptions and Dr. Bregging gave me the strength to say “NO”. I credit the nurses for deciphering my child’s drawing of a vial with the letters “HPD” as being a transposed DPH the abbreviation and allowing me to accurately select a battery of hair follicle testing from the 1000’s of injectable drugs that resulted in a positive for diphenhydramine that no urine test would ever show because of the short half life and the fact that diphenhydramine isn’t one of the common drugs of abuse. I truly hope this information can help people. If you would like to contact me please reply to my email address.

  3. Please forgive any grammatical errors and typos as my eyesight is not what it use to be and my thumbs are big while my iPhone is small 🙂

  4. I’m going to sum this up as shortly as I can after believing my Psychiatrist’s that I had a ‘chemical imbalance’ and needed to take on average 5-7 from every class of Psychiatric Drugs (I do not call them Medicines) for the rest of my life. That was 35 years ago. They caused so many suicide attempts I can’t even count that high while taking them. They turned me into a VIOLENT, RAGING, PSYCHOTIC MANIAC while trying to raise children and be a wife to my husband. I not only became extremely violent & suicidal but HOMICIDAL as well knowing I was going to die in the process of my uncontrollable rages. I expected it. Now that I’m 99% drug free from Psychiatric Drugs my life is calm, serene, anxiety free (from Klonopin) and I am feeling like a productive human being – FINALLY – at the age of 58. My Psychiatric Drug use induced more Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Emotional disorders and raging violence than any other drugs on this planet, especially the withdrawals. And this is suppose to help us? I am very lucky to be alive. I am even luckier that I didn’t kill anyone.

  5. Time to encourage the families and airbus company , to sue the manufacturer of the AD the co-pilot was on. Money is the only thing that talks.

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