Military Maneuvers in the Dark

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  1. The Noir Genre – movements in manoeuvres…

    U.S. Military Has Historically Struggled with Vaccine Hesitancy

    The military gave its service members an ultimatum. Get vaccinated or face separation.
    Service members were skeptical. A majority of the people who received the multi-shot vaccine reported side effects, and a lack of information from the military-led to misinformation.

    While the situation sounds like the one currently facing the military as it issues mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine, the issue was over the anthrax vaccine mandated in 1998.

    Faced with the choice of getting vaccinated or leaving, some service members chose the former. The Air Force, in particular, likely saw an estimated 16 percent its guard and reserve force leave, transfer to avoid the vaccine or change their status to non-active in two years, according to a 2002 GAO report.

    Inhaled anthrax was a concern for those headed to the Middle East, as the Department of Defense considered it a possible biological weapon that could be used on the battlefield, according to the report.

    But despite the concern, the rollout of the vaccine was flawed, with supply issues and adverse reactions causing delays to the vaccination program. Legal woes also plagued the Department of Defense after six service members sued the secretary of Defense, secretary of Health and Human Services and the FDA commissioner, claiming that although the vaccine was FDA-approved, it was not approved to prevent the inhaled anthrax. This ultimately led to the vaccine mandate returning to an informed consent model, which made it voluntary.

    Between 1998 to 2004, approximately 500 service members were separated due to their refusal to take the vaccine, said Trupti Brahmbhatt, a senior policy researcher with RAND Corporation.

    While the anthrax vaccine is only required by a small number of troops, the legal battles, misinformation and exodus from the military due to the Anthrax vaccine mandate has colored the military’s rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, Brahmbhatt said.

    Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition

    Vaccine Injury: “We have the most inept leaders and regulators in human history.” “This is criminal.”


    Watch now (2 min):

    Vaccine Injury: “We have the most inept leaders and regulators in human history.”
    “Those who are responsible have to take notice.”

    The pharmaceutical industry is not fit for purpose. It commits widespread fraud – many if not most medicines are overpriced junk. It spends more on marketing than research. Is there a better way?

    All big pharmaceutical companies have been convicted of selling harmful, sometimes fatal drugs. The industry has been fined over $50 billion during the last twenty years. In 2012, the pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was fined £3 billion in the U.S. for mis-selling drugs; for fraud, bribery and overcharging; for paying lavish inducements to doctors; for covering up negative research evidence; and for making false claims about medicines. GSK has also been fined in India, South Africa and the UK. Although these figures sound large, they are not enough to deter the companies from continuing to commit these crimes. The sales of a single drug can be worth many times these amounts, so as far as the companies are concerned, crime pays. No individual is prosecuted for criminal offences. In 1997 some pharmaceutical companies were fined for operating a global price-fixing cartel. One author has gone so far as to say that the official definition of organised crime closely describes the activities of the drug companies.

    Astonishingly, the regulatory situation in Britain is even worse. The U.K. regulator (MHRA) has not successfully prosecuted a single firm, and the fines total just £73,300. The regulator boasted in 2012 of having given 467 warnings and 151 cautions, but these have no effect. Laws and regulations are not enforced, and conflicts of interest exist throughout the whole drug approval system.

    Fairy Tale Noir…

    • The early details about Brook Jackson are fascinating. The interview gets extraordinary after that. Whether extraordinary good or extraordinary bad is a judgement each person will have to make for themselves


      • It is worth adding that in the Karen Kingston comments there is mention of aerosols rather than airborne – which in this context might conjure up images of the military sending planes overhead spraying Covid on the population below. This is not the case. The distinction came up in debates about PPE and masks – if the virus in the surrounding air or only in droplet when people sneeze or cough and the answer appears to be in droplets.


        • I think Karen is saying they are lipid nanocarriers encapsulating toxins (not virus) forming a bioweapon via aerosols sprays affecting the immune system – eliciting cytokine storm and autoimmune illness, under the guise of treating disease or as prophylaxis. I did find one of her references:

          Vaccine nanotechnology

          “In some embodiments, the B cell antigen is a small molecule. In some embodiments, the small molecule is an abused substance, an addictive substance, or a toxin.”

          “In some embodiments, the B cell antigen is a toxin. In some embodiments, the toxin is from a chemical weapon. In some embodiments, the toxin from a chemical weapon is botulinum toxin or phosphene”

  2. Emailed Karen a while back and asked for the references so I could better understand what she is saying after the first part, unfortunately no reply.

  3. ‘Chelsea season ticket’? How is that relevant – does it make him seem more ‘one of the boys’ or something? Gets it wrong again tho – just seems to trivialise the subject
    Simon Wessely
    Regius Professor of Psychiatry, King’s College London; Dir King’s Centre Military Health Research; FRS; Past President RCPsych & RSM. Chelsea season ticket

    Simon Wessely’s Tweets

    Jul 20
    My #PhD study will be exploring #selfharm and #suicide behaviours in the UK Armed Forces! You can read more about it on the
    blog 👇
    Quote Tweet
    King’s Centre for Military Health Research
    · Jul 20
    One of our @kcmhr #PhD students, @CF_Williamson, is conducting a study supervised by Dr Sharon Stevelink & @MarieLouiseLu, funded by @VeteransGovUK, to explore #selfharm & #suicide behaviours among UK #ArmedForces personnel & #Veterans.Read about it here👉

  4. In Italy there was a challenge to the transparency of the body monitoring adverse events and the response brought the issue of military secrets into the frame.

    For more see:

    https : // secrecy /

    https:// covid-19-es/decision -historica-against-la- compulsory-vaccination-by- part-of-an-italian-tribunal- risk-of- vacuna-against- covid -for-the-human-genome- now-legally-established- italy/

  5. Extract (Paraphrase) from interview on Radio – to Ukranian soldier – aren’t you afraid that if you lose the war – lives are being lost for nothing’ reply Soldiers lives are worth nothing ‘ Kind of resonates with death by prescription drugs/vaccines. As Chris said over on Rxisk blog (whether it is covert or overt) people regarded as dispensible are considered to be ‘trash’

    • From the public documents of a MH Trust they have set up a Head of Health, Safety & Security and refer to establishing close links with the police to install a single police intervention policy. Absolutely no mention that the drugs – antipsychotics high dose and polypharmacy coerced and by force are causing akathisia induced behaviour issues and more than anywhere – in a psych ward.

      And there is a new focus on Dementia Diagnosis – they have dedicated dementia diagnosis specialist nurses who “operate discreetly in providing screening and assessment” Of course people in that environment who suffer stress and anxiety will have memory loss. Mind going blank is a feature of anxiety and fear, and we have been exposed to tremendous media fear. A dementia diagnosis allows the beginnings of end of life “care”.

      • Fake Alzheimer’s Disease Products – Science Source Stock Photo › archive › Image › Fak…

        Hilarious ‘fake’ warning from FDA SS22188435 FDA is advising consumers to beware of illegally sold products claiming to prevent, treat or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

        Critical elements of leading Alzheimer’s study possibly … › society › jul › alzheime…
        23 Jul 2022 — Critical elements of one of the most cited pieces of Alzheimer’s disease research in the last two decades may have been purposely manipulated, …

  6. “In 1958, Dwight Eisenhower, who bowed out of office in 1960 warning us about the military industrial complex”

    “Because people are basically good.” People who ought to know better push this nonsense about. The reality is that people are a mixture of noble people who sincerely donate time and money to help people, predators (in politics, business, and on the street), and sports spectators who only care about recreation in their spare time.

    Wisdom teaches us to beware predators. Predators study their prey and will seek to frighten the prey into making mistakes. Lions roar to stampede prey into an ambush. Weasels make unpredictable moves to frighten rabbits.

    In politics, the Tripartite Pact of WW2 were predators. Western military was woefully unprepared for WW2. There was new technology, but western military had no experience using it and used inadequate tactics. All because the populace was pacifist and isolationist. Until they couldn’t be–Pearl Harbor for the US and Poland for Europe. The predators had sharpened their claws. Japan invaded China in the early 1930s and Germany supported the nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, gaining valuable experience in the use of planes. The US didn’t even have a combat air patrol over Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.

    Pharma, the FDA, and the CDC are predators looking to enrich themselves. They must be opposed. Thanks to Dr. Healy for making us aware of pharma’s predatory practices.

  7. Pulse Today
    Home News Technology Patients to automatically access GP record in NHS app from November
    Caitlin Tilley
    25 July 2022

    NHS England will switch on automatic access to patient’s prospective GP record via the NHS App in November, following a delay due to ‘safeguarding’ concerns.

    In a letter to all GP practices sent last week, NHS England primary care medical director Dr Nikki Kanani and primary care director Dr Ursula Montgomery confirmed the launch date, which will include practices using TPP and EMIS systems.

    Work is ‘ongoing’ with Cegedim (previously Vision) to enable the same function, the letter added.

    NHS Digital had first intended for patients whose practices use TPP would be first to have access to new entries in their GP notes through the NHS app from December 2021 – with EMIS practices to follow this year.

    But the launch date was delayed until April 2022 for both systems, after the BMA wrote to NHSX expressing its concerns about the timing of the rollout.

    It was then delayed again, with NHS England recognising concerns around ‘safeguarding’, but it remained unclear when the launch would finally take place.

    Under the plans, patients will not be able to make changes to their GP records at this time, although a Government white paper published in February said that plans were ‘underway’ for patients to be able to access and contribute to their shared care record.

    NHS England said the revised timeline will give ‘additional time for teams to prepare, access support, identify individuals potentially at-risk, build staff confidence and embed training’, they said.

    They emphasised that ‘this does not change the status of general practices as a data controller or alter existing obligations to promote and offer access to historic information’.

    The letter said: ‘There is now a revised timeline for the automatic switch on of prospective access. On 01 November 2022, patients at practices using TPP and EMIS systems will automatically have access to their prospective records online.’

    In order to prepare for patient access to the records, Dr Kanani and Dr Montgomery asked GP teams to identify patients who may be ‘at risk of serious harm’ from having automatic access to their records and ‘ensure the right safeguarding processes are in place to support access to all future data’.

    Their letter added that ‘an individual review may be required to exclude patients from having access due to a risk of serious harm’.

    And they said practices can ‘consider increasing the number of patients who have online access and/or enhance their level of access gradually over coming months prior to automatic rollout’.

    The process of this should be ‘locally determined’ and could include ‘wider patient promotion’ or ‘improving the current default access level being provided’.

    Practices wanting to make prospective access available to all of their patients ahead of November should email, the letter said.

    The Government announced in its final data strategy that it is considering ‘mandating’ access for patients to their GP records, as is done in the United States.

    Government-commissioned review lead Professor Ben Goldacre previously said that trying to re-launch the data sharing programme last year was ‘a mistake’ before a ‘trusted research environment’ had been guaranteed.

    Social care workers to be able to view and contribute to GP records by 2025
    29 June 2022

    • I bet there is no reference to akathisia induced issues and it’s relevance in all this, being as almost no doctors will record what they see as iatrogenic, it’s almost always serious mental illness – risk to self and others which will go around.

      • Spot on Chris GPs will hold control over what’s redacted or hidden – with no obligation to even disclose that something has been redacted or withheld -perfect opportunity to hide inconvenient evidence and no notion of using this policy to learn from mistakes .
        David Church3 August, 2022 8:50 pm
        Has nobody thought of mass-resignations or contract hand-backs?
        Or will there be a mass lying about the number of records completed, like there was with electronic summaries?
        (yes, we know most practices were giving wrong figures, and many notes still not summarised yet!)

        Darren Cornish4 August, 2022 10:55 am (He is the lead for a hub of practices in N Wales who will fall in no doubt)
        I will up sticks the minute they suggest doing this in Wales. Will leave GP. Am not going to stick around for the barrage of complaints and requests to change what has been written in notes.
        I agree with David. Surgeries should ban together. All say they are going to give the contracts back. Take salaried jobs and be blocked during working hours to be the admin monkeys for the NHS and patients wont be able to see their GP for 6 months.
        Sounds great.

        compared with:-
        Karen Potterton4 August, 2022 2:53 pm
        I suggest a public statement along the lines of anyone who has capacity can look at their records but please advise the surgery if there are bits of it you don’t want to see and we will redact them. I have deep misgivings about the ethics of holding information about anyone with with capacity and not respecting their autonomy and right to see it. I think we go too far.

        Pulse Today

        Caitlin Tilley
        03 August 2022

        Newly-published RCGP guidance said that the GP practice ‘is responsible for ensuring that any potentially harmful or confidential third party information in the patient’s record is not visible to the patient online’.

        ‘Such information should be redacted,’ it added.

        ‘This prevents it being visible through GP online services but does not affect the visibility of the information in the practice and when shared for direct patient care or used for decision support software and clinical audit,’ the guidance explained.

        The guidelines added: ‘The risk that patients may view harmful information or confidential third-party information online or may be coerced to share their record with others places a responsibility on practices to maintain high-quality records, ready to be shared with the patient, and, when necessary, to consider -withholding record access from the patient.’

        Their letter, sent on 21 July, added that ‘an individual review may be required to exclude patients from having access due to a risk of serious harm’.

        ‘From a legal perspective, we can’t offhand it to an admin staff member to do it, as far as I know,’ he said.

        He added: ‘There’s so much more of this stuff GPs have to do. We’re getting a lot of our workforce turning to the locum side, so they don’t have to do all the laborious paperwork.’
        Dr Smith said: ‘The problem is, when you write clinical records, you write them for other healthcare professionals, you don’t write them for the patient.

        He added: ‘I don’t understand what the purpose is, I don’t know why the summary care record isn’t enough. Why does somebody need to know the details of every consultation that they’ve had? I don’t see how that’s going to improve patient care.’

        He added: ‘For the 95% of people who are reasonable, it’s going to be fine, but on the whole, my experience is that people access records if they’ve got a grievance or a concern, so it’s self-selecting the tricky population.

  8. Brook Jackson  

    Ventavia & The NEJM strike again.

    @barnes_law @ChangeAkronNow

    Sonia Elijah

    ‘What is most unusual, is the fact the third vaccine recipient’s death, which I sourced from Pfizer’s own document and noted in my report, was never included in the landmark article published in the NEJM. I am referring to the death of subject #11521497.’

    On 10 Dec 2020, a pivotal article by Polack et al, entitled Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine was published in the New England Journal of Medicine(NEJM). The Pfizer and BioNTech supported report with its authors affiliated to those companies, paved the way for the FDA to grant EUA (emergency use authorisation) of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine for those aged 16 years and above, the very next day.

    It was the first time in history an experimental mRNA-based gene therapy product was sanctioned for use in the general population, for both the sick and the healthy.

    Brook Jackson  
    Jul 24

    Just reviewing the prototype contract & statement of work the Department of Defense negotiated for your mRNA shots. Disappointing when I start reading the first page and find our US Army Command can’t even spell Pfizer correctly.

    I’m going to use it! I like PRIZER better

  9. 1 of 1
    Identifying if Pfizer had bad batches from a lot-size Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request

    Jason Morphett PhD from COVID Adverse Events Insight Unsubscribe
    7:32 PM (1 hour ago)
    to me

    Open in browser
    Identifying if Pfizer had bad batches from a lot-size Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request
    This time we have the denominator (5 mins)

    Jason Morphett PhD
    Jul 31

    Florida Issues Emergency Rule and FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccine Directive
    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has just released data on the number of doses per Pfizer lot. This means we can now calculate a ‘death rate’ on VAERS.

    I’ve written before about the deaths in VAERS. The article below, for example, showed that the time between injection and death among those aged under 40 was half that of those over 40.

    COVID Adverse Events Insight
    COVID19 vaccines are killing younger people and killing them sooner
    A little intro as this is my first post. DISCLAIMER – I’m not clinically trained. I am ‘pro-choice’ and do not consider myself an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (despite the recent redefinition). My only motivation for analyzing and reporting the data is to provide insight and share it, so you can consider, discuss and perhaps use in your own decision-making. I am only …
    Read more

    I’ve also analyzed bad batches before and found my results confirmed the work done by Project Enigma who analyzed lot consistency and potential breaches of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Whilst collaborating on that work, I wanted to calculate a death rate to normalize the results. So I needed to know the lot sizes and at that time (a few months ago) this was not available.

    But no more …

    Aaron Siri and ICAN recently received a response to their FOIA asking for Pfizer lots sizes. And guess what? They got it for the US (as Aaron claimed on The Highwire) and have published it.

    After some tidying and cross-checking with Sasha Latypova (who probably knows more about bad batches than anyone), I managed to distill 157 lots of interest.

    Deaths by the manufacturer (VAERS)
    I downloaded the latest domestic VAERS data from CDC recently (to 07-18-2022), which I considered good enough for this analysis. After filtering the data as follows, I began looking at deaths by all manufacturers


    None = 13,705 deaths

    VAX_LOT_NUMBER NULL = 10,153 deaths

    VAX_LOT_NUMBER ‘UNKNOWN‘ = 9,714 deaths

    From the graph below we can see that Pfizer and Moderna are tracking each other with Pfizer having 4,508 deaths and Moderna 4,334. Note that in VAERS some reports of death are not associated with a valid lot number. For this analysis, we are only using entries with valid lot numbers.

    Deaths by Manufacturer: Source – VAERS

    Pfizer lots
    Let’s filter out just the Pfizer lots now. Doing so, we find that the 4,508 deaths attributed after the PFIZER/BIONTECH vaccine code in VAERS are spread across an eye-watering 469 lots! That’s because lots are entered manually in VAERS. Some get entered lowercase, some upper case, some with symbols like ‘#’ at the beginning and some just have typos in them making all of the above unreadable.

    So let’s convert them all to upper case and match each lot to the denominator given in the FOIA data that we now have from Pfizer. This reduces our deaths to 4,055 mapped to just 148 lots. So we’ve lost 453 VAERS records (deaths) or ~10% but have matched this 90% of total deaths onto just 148 lot numbers from the FOIA.

    We can now calculate a death rate using the numerator (i.e. the number of deaths in VAERS) divided by the number of lots shipped in the FOIA (the denominator).

    For example, if lot ABC has 200 deaths reported and (from the FOIA data) there were 20,000 doses for this lot: 200/20,000 = 1%. Thus at least 1% (or more) of the doses in this batch caused death. We say at least 1% or more because possibly not all 20,000 doses were administered (they were recorded as ‘shipped’).

    Pfizer deaths by lot number: Source – VAERS and FOIA

    This is the first time we’ve been able to plot a death rate with a denominator from the manufacturer. Look at what it tells you. The x-axis is the lot number ordered by alphanumeric sequence and the y-axis is the death rate / 10,000 doses ‘shipped’.

    For Pfizer, we show below that lot numbers arranged by alphanumeric strongly correlate with the order in which the lots were administered. This demonstrates that initial death rates in the rollout were much higher than later on.

    The total number of doses administered by Pfizer according to Statista today was 355M. The total number of doses shipped in the FOIA was 425M. Let’s assume there are 70M doses in circulation in the US today (vaccinations are falling meaning stock is piling up) so I think the FOIA volumes pass the ‘red face test’. Tick.

    But look at the graph again, there’s a clear ‘impulse’ to the left of the plot (ignore the first points in the series that start with a ‘3’ – we’ll address these shortly). The data indicate that the death rate between EJ1685 and EN6204 was around 0.5 per 10,000 doses or 1:20,000 doses. That isn’t a million miles away from what others have calculated here in the UK from the number of deaths reported on the Yellow Card. So another ‘red face test’ passed. Tick again.

    But see how this curve tails off almost predictably from EN6204 to the end of the plot (note – I am plotting every 2nd lot number for ease of visibility).

    What’s going on?
    So what explains this shape? There are a few potential answers which I’ll put forward. You may consider others yourself, but let’s put these up for now:

    It was due to older people dying early in the rollout

    It was due to manufacturing changes/improvements

    It was due to an adulterated product

    All three would need to be supported by the assumption that lot number order was related to chronological order. And here’s where VAERS comes unstuck.

    I have previously discovered that VAX_DATE in VAERS gets set when a patient first records an adverse event with, for example, dose 1. This is then not updated if they suffer another event in dose 2 (or 3..n). This means the only reliable way to ascertain when a lot number first appears in VAERS is when considering reports from (and only from) those who have received dose 1.

    We can use all event data related to Pfizer with dose 1 responses which produce a set of 93,568 records to begin with when combined with the FOIA data.

    If we now number the lots in alphanumeric order 1..m and the number the dates in chronological order 1..n and then plot these, if there’s a relationship between them we’ll see it. And we do.

    Lot order number plotted against date order: Source – VAERS and FOIA

    Immediately, we can see that the lots beginning with “3” do not fit into the beginning of the sequence, so let’s remove them and replot the graph (though you could slide them to the right if you really wanted to).

    Lot order number plotted against date order (adjusted): Source – VAERS and FOIA

    That’s better and a pretty tasty R^2 of 0.83 along with a correlation coefficient of 0.91, so I’ll assume the lot order number is related to time then. Good.

    Lastly, turning our attention to ‘why’ there’s an obvious increased death rate at the beginning of the rollout, I am going to avoid that myself but am interested to hear your thoughts.

    What do you think? Vote or leave a comment below.

    Why is the death rate higher at the beginning of the rollout and then slowly smooths out?
    Older people were dying first
    Manufacturing got better
    It was an adulterated product
    Other reason
    COVID Adverse Events Insight is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

  10. How it all comes together and yet leaves one dumbfounded and alone! It is indeed the War against the Patient! I have not been on here for some time due to pursuing the Court Case of Patient Ridicule by Pharma & their Associates. As a Lay Litigant I believed I was doing OK – up until I asked for their Defence – Me against Novartis HSE & Gardai -and this is where All Changes…I was issued with a Summons to Appear in the High Court Dublin by all three defendants, Their Motion was to throw out my case without being heard, namely Novartis, HSE & Chief State Solicitor for Gardai. Each one assured me in writing that I did not have to attend. I attended each of these hearings, first being 6th December 2021.
    I stood up and asked the Judge to please not throw my case out – The Judge told me directly that I will have a chance to be heard. He then told me directly to be there again on the 8th December 2021 for a date. When I got outside that Court I sat down on a bench to gather my papers together. Novartis Barrister has followed me out of the Court and sat down beside me. He told me quite firmly ‘Do not come here on Thursday’ I said you heard the Judge say in Court for me to attend on Thursday and you said nothing in Court – yet U followed me out to tell me this. That of course was denied by Novartis Legal team.

    19th July 2022 we all gathered in the High Court noting that these defendants wanted my case thrown out without being heard. The dynamics of abuse do not change! Day of Court I went to check the Court List – I was in Court 6. But Court 6 told me No I was not there. A very kind samaritan solicitor asked if I was Ok. I briefly told him of the Court List being wrong. He kindly brought me to the List Room at the Central Office and asked the girl there to please find where my Court Case is.. After some time she came out and told me it was across the Courtyard Court 21. I was anxious at this time as it was 10.45 am My Court time was 10.30a.m. Another kind solicitor said to me he was going that way and he kindly carried my bag as I struggled along on my walking stick. Seemingingly it was listed in the Court Diary –

    When I entered Court 21 all three parties were there – I gave my name to the Registrar who kindly said ‘we were waiting for you’ She gave me time to settle in, Judge entered.
    I had to sit through whilst Novartis Hse & Gardai Barristers ripped me apart. I did speak out of turn and apologised immediately when the Judge explained the process. There was mention from Novartis about 2 years have past – my notes I read out later started with ‘wouldn’t I have loved if it was only 2 years but 11 years on here I am suffering because of Rasilex Aliskiren poisoningm. many accidents and crimes done to me to cover up such poisoning.

    The hottest day in Dublin. I spoke about the writings of Dr David Healy – and his Post on Sense About Science Follow the Patient – how that grounded me. I realised that this is happening not only to me but all over the world. I spoke about Judge O’Hara and his call for Duty of Candour in Northern Ireland case on death of Claire Roberts.

    I gave some incidents on Gardai cover up.

    I said I only wanted safe healthcare.

    I got upset and said I can talk no more.

    The Judge whilst making notes throughout said some words.

    The three barristers declined to ask further questions. But then Novartis barrister stood up and very quietly said that they had tried to get in touch with me – it was so hushed I could not hear..but I stood up and told the Judge ‘That is not true it was me who wrote twice to all parties asking for their defence and this is what they did’ The Judge has said he will give his answer in September 2022.

    At this stage I do not know what will happen.

    In the meantime I have been lead a dangerous route by South Dublin County Council who I had to turn to for safe housing as my partner turned Judas. The Council told me at all time that I was on a priority Housing List. I was bullied into doing my own floors in a Council flat they nominated me to in September 2021. The Council said it is the only Medical flat they had for me. 8 months later and right from Christmas Day 2021 when I had toilet blocked…following bangs going off and ESB tells me this flat is not passed as Safe…I am told it is all lies, that I was never on the Medical Unit list despite me being on a walking stick at Council Offices…

    And sadly it goes on..

  11. Echoes of Elizabeth T. Stone…

    A Sketch of the Life of Elizabeth T. Stone, and of her Persecutions

    1842: Printed for the Author

    Open access, click to read

    “but I thought it was not right to go to any other than where I was received by relating my experience, and that I ought to be my own judge.” …

      • You will have heard of Marian Keyes, the witty and funny, Irish writer from Dublin.

        I just started her book, the Break

        So far, so funny and witty, but ‘Oh, Surprise’ page 17

        “But he went and he got a prescription for Seroxat. (Which I knew were ‘entry-level’ SSRIs – as a middle-class, middle-aged woman, my life was filled with people who had either been on anti-depressants or knew someone who had.)

        Even though he took the tablets, Hugh continued to disappear regularly in the middle of the night, and when I told my sister Derry, she said,

        “You don’t think he’s, you know, dropping in on some unaccompanied lady?”

        Of course, the thought had crossed my mind, but instinct told me that whatever internal tussle was taking place in Hugh, it wasn’t about extra-curricular riding.

        So I sat him down and suggested he saw a grief counsellor.

        “What would that achieve?” he asked, his eyes dead.

        That stumped me. I knew nothing about the ins and outs of counselling sessions……….

        Full of darkness and light, this is Keyes at her classic and most brilliant best – Red

        A pleasure, Keyes writes women who are absolutely themselves, even when society tries to insist they be something else – Irish Times

        It seems you can’t escape it…..

        ‘Light’ relief, maybe…

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    Updated Website and Latest News

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    Current Letters

    Medical Treatment Refused without a Face Mask
    Medical Treatment Refused without COVID-19 Test
    Medical Treatment Refused without COVID-19 Vaccine
    Notice of Liability/Legal Template Letter from Parents to Heads and Local Authorities regarding Face Masks in Classrooms
    Template Letter for Parents to Decline COVID-19 vaccination of their Child in School
    Template Letter for Parents Opposing Face Masks for Schoolchildren in Classrooms
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  13. UK Medical Freedom Alliance

    “We are calling for:

    Fully informed consent to be required for all testing, medical treatments and vaccines.

    The freedom to refuse testing, medical interventions and vaccines without penalties or restrictions.

    Full transparency of safety and effectiveness data for trials involving therapeutic agents or vaccines, to allow independent scrutiny and evaluation and to enable fully informed consent to be obtained.

    An alternative approach to COVID-19 and all future pandemics, based on focussed protection of the vulnerable, to allow herd immunity to develop safely while limiting collateral damage to society.

    Our objectives are to:

    Provide easily accessible, evidence-based information on our website and social media sites.

    Become a recognised and respected voice in the public sphere on Medical/Health Freedom issues.

    Provide information and resources to aid people who wish to challenge mandated COVID-19 testing, interventions, or COVID-19 vaccines.

    Collaborate with other UK and International Groups who are campaigning for Medical/Health Freedoms”


    “Pfizer was confronted with such a flood of Adverse Event reporting that they had to hire 2,400 employees to handle the volume.”

    This document is highly significant in identifying AEs/AESIs signal detection that would lead responsible scientific and medical professionals to:

    Incorporate warnings of specific disorders resulting from Pfizer’s COVID-19 BNT162b2 vaccine in Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and in written, signed, and witnessed Informed Consents.

    Acknowledge that these disorders were identifiably associated with BNT162b2 as of December 2020 through data capture completion February 28, 2021:

    Covid-19 was one of the most common AEs/AESIs. According to document 5.3.6, COVID-19 was the third most common adverse event.

    The top two most common adverse events were Arthralgia (achiness, etc. around or near joints) and Pyrexia (raised body temperature, fever). The COVID-19 cases were unbundled and scattered through the reporting.

    Clotting disorders: stroke, thrombosis, embolism
    Bleeding disorders: hematoma, hemorrhage
    Neurological disorders: seizures and nerve damage to both central and peripheral nervous systems
    Autoimmune disorders: arthritis, cerebritis, peri cardiomyopathies
    Organ system damage: cardiac, hematopoiesis, reproductive
    Viral Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (VADE)
    Intensify targeted data collection and detailed investigation of these disorders including a statically, sufficiently powered series of autopsies and outcome studies.

    Establish an agency up to manage in a medically responsible way all reported AEs/AESIs patients.

    “This is very important. The 100 microgram dose was considered too toxic to continue to use in the experiment, so the dosage was cut in half. 100 micrograms is the amount in the Moderna injections.”

    • Peoples are very excited about this, Chris

      Edward Dowd Reposted

      Allen Sutton

      Unspeakable; yet, not surprising ~ Like, @DrNaomiRWolf, I implore you to watch, understand, and share, this 8-minute interview, as Dr. Wolf reveals damning information about the genetic injections.
      #saveamerica #savethechildren


      YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Pfizer knew 100 mcg of mrna/lnp harmed or damaged mammals, covered up the data, dropped the dose in their internal mammal studies to 50 mcg due to these harms, but did not tell the millions of humans who took the 100 mcg Moderna dose. Also: Pfizer double vaxxed and twice boosted: 30 plus 30 plus 30 plus 30 mcg. Over the lethal or damaging dose.

      Dr. Wolf: Pfizer Used ‘Dangerous Assumptions, Rather Than Research’ In Covid Vax Development

      Bannons War Room Published August 2, 2022 8,104 Views

  15. Edward DowdReposted


    “Crony Capitalism, Big Pharma and Vaccines” Senator Ron Johnson and a Panel of experts at The American Conservative rwmalonemd @ substack Please share with those that have slept through the past two years.

    Anyway, Senator Johnson gave a super introductory talk. It was so good that I have also transcribed that video, and have provided that transcription below.

    Senator Johnson’s Transcript:

    “They’re not fully approved. Another bait and switch for which the agencies are not answering my question, what did you do on August 23rd? You approved a drug that’s not available. You say it’s legally distinct, but interchangeable, but they extend the EUA on the drug that is available. Would you just explain it? It confuses me. It’s confusing all kinds of people. They won’t answer the question.”

    Doo Doo, Ron Ron

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