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  1. The FBI is the primary agency for investigating health care fraud.

    Does this fall under their remit?

    Hard to believe that Ventavia Research Group are a woman-led organisation.

    Working at Ventavia Research Group

    “I worked at Ventavia as lower level management. Do not work here. Upper level management is horrible. There is no work home life balance. They tried to make me push out employees who were experiencing personal situations, **including difficult pregnancies**. Management likes to pretend their caring, compassionate and progressive but it’s a facade.”

    “The worst place I’ve worked. **Management hires family members to do jobs they have no experience in** and treat staff like dogs. No one listens. Its mass chaos everyday”

    “In the beginning it was a good company to work for. This company is growing real fast. They are not employee friendly. **They are just trying to make a name for themselves**, They are hiring a lot of leadership and management people and forgetting about the ones that actually do all the labor work for them. I work with very hard working and dedicated bunch of staff at the clinic site level. **The leadership and management have no idea what goes on at the clinic site level**, only what they hear from those that are snitches and kiss up to leadership. There is a lot of hypocrites and you cannot trust anyone! They don’t take our complains seriously, and care nothing about our life outside the company, because we have no family life!”

  2. Changing the Face of Medicine –

    By testifying before the Senate, Tauusig was able to help Kelsey ban thalidomide in the United States for good.

     Kennedy acknowledged “Her exceptional judgment in evaluating a new drug for safety for human use has prevented a major tragedy of birth deformities in the United States. Through high ability and steadfast confidence in her professional decision she has made an outstanding contribution to the protection of the health of the American people.”

    Kelsey helped shape and enforce amendments to FDA drug regulation laws to institutionalize protection of the patient in drug investigations. These regulations required that drugs be shown to be both safe and effective, that informed consent be obtained from patients when used in clinical trials, and that adverse reactions be reported to the FDA.

    Pfizer told The BMJ that it had investigated an anonymous complaint about Ventavia in September 2020 and that “actions were taken to correct and remediate where necessary.”

    .”The FDA stated that it was unable to answer The BMJ’s questions, “as it is an ongoing matter.”

    Kamran Abbasi, The BMJ’s editor in chief, said, “We should all be very worried that Facebook, a multibillion dollar company, is effectively censoring fully fact checked journalism that is raising legitimate concerns about the conduct of clinical trials. Facebook’s actions won’t stop The BMJ doing what is right, but the real question is: why is Facebook acting in this way? What is driving its world view? Is it ideology? Is it commercial interests? Is it incompetence?

    Users should be worried that, despite presenting itself as a neutral social media platform, Facebook is trying to control how people think under the guise of ‘fact checking.’”

    Changing the Face

    Sir Nick Clegg

    The former deputy prime minister was last month handed the grandiose title of Meta’s president of global affairs and put in charge of all of the social media giant’s policy decisions, having worked as vice-president for almost four years. 

    A spokesperson for Ventavia provided the following comment:

    Ventavia is aware of recent accusations in an article written by Paul Thacker [investigative reporter and author of the BMJ article]. Mr. Thacker did not contact Ventavia prior to publication. These same accusations were made a year ago, at which time Ventavia notified the appropriate parties. The allegations were investigated and determined to be unsubstantiated. Ventavia takes research compliance, data integrity, and participant safety very seriously, and we stand behind our work supporting the development of life-saving vaccines.

    Changing the Face

    Brook Jackson  

    Official INACTION is right! This product should have never received EUA. Pandemic or not. No excuses. It’s been 1 year 5 months & 22 days since I alerted the FD A to the scientific misconduct & fraud in these trials.

    We need ACTION.


    A Science investigation shows that FDA oversight of clinical trials is lax, slow moving and secretive – and that enforcement is declining.

  3. Excellent article. Rubin is an absolute partisan political hack, which he revealed on October 8, 2020, in an NEJM editorial, stating who we US citizens should vote for and who should be fired. Unfortunately, big pharm owns his hack magazine and soul.

  4. Parliamentary Bills Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

    Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill
    Private Members’ Bill (Presentation Bill)
    Originated in the House of Commons, Session 2021-22

    Last updated: 21 March 2022 at 16:19

    A Bill to require the Secretary of State to establish an independent review of disablement caused by Covid-19 vaccinations and the adequacy of the compensation offered to persons so disabled; and for connected purposes.
    Sir Christopher Chope
    Current version of the Bill
    Bill 44 2021-22 (as introduced)
    8 September 2021 Commons

  5. COVID-19 Channel: Pfizer and Moderna CEOs Pocket Huge Salaries


    Pfizer and Moderna CEOs Pocket Huge Salaries
    Posted by TrialSite Staff
    March 21, 2022
    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla made news last week when he went on the CBS news program Face the Nation and advocated for a fourth covid vaccine1 of 1

    Trialsitenews noreply@trialsitenews.
    4:50 AM (2 hours ago)

    Team at Prominent German Academic Medical Center Find Risk Factors for Severe Breakthrough Infection Among Pfizer-Vaccinated Patients
    Posted by TrialSite Staff
    March 21, 2022

    Stanford Study: Spike Protein Persists in Patients’ Blood Weeks After Pfizer COVID Vaccination
    Posted by TrialSite Staff
    March 17, 2022
    A new peer-reviewed Stanford University Department of Pathology study

    Record Surge of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in Heavily Vaxxed South Korea—What’s Going on?
    Posted by TrialSite Staff
    March 20, 2022
    Not only one of the most vaccinated peoples in the world, but the population of South Korea are also one of the most boosted.

    By Sonia ElijahOn March 1, the eagerly awaited new installment of Pfizer’s documents was made publicly available thanks to the recent judicial ruling.

  6. For myself Arthur Sackler is the root of all this evil, he used doctors as marketing machines even ones that didn’t exist and took it a step further by inveigling the art world to add a veneer of classy respectability. The shame is all on the art world – The horrors of what the Sackler family did had to be blindingly obvious before they removed their name and stopped taking money. Even then these art people couldn’t come clean as to why they removed the Sackler name. The cream of the art world helped perpetuated immense suffering and death. Now cyptocurrency guys, the metaverse and people pushing psychedelics want to get into the art world and have a heap of money to do it. I doubt the fine art people have learnt anything.

    Brian Sewell was an acerbic fine art critic

    “In a 2009 BBC documentary about the UK’s so-called North-South divide, presented by ex-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Sewell caused controversy by declaring that the solution to the divide was to send a pox or a plague upon the North so that the people there could all just die quietly.”

    • In ‘Empire of Pain’ by Patrick Radden Keefe, reference is made to a Hearing before a Committee of The U.S. House of Representatives. The Committee had invited a series of people to speak about the harrowing impact of prescribed opioids upon themselves.

      A mother from California spoke about losing her son after taking a single dose, and who then stopped breathing.


      This is the human-grief price of the widely reported malpractice in ghost written, manipulated pharmaceutical clinical trials. It is the inevitable outcome of pharmaceutical marketing masquerading as ‘Evidence Based Medicine’.
      Until the K.O.L.s’ self-serving propaganda is revised by the prescription drug-induced death or destruction of their own children; then Evidence Debased Medicine will continue to dominate prescribing of psychotropic and other
      (ADR – Dominant) ‘medications’. (ADR – Adverse Drug Reaction).
      Corrupted clinical trials betray both patients and prescribers, and invalidate clinical guidelines.
      (K.O.L.s – Key Opinion Leaders.

      • Yes indeed if anyone wants a read from that book, some what ironic he references Allen Frances comments who used soem of the same practices re marketing risperidone –

        it seems one of their own may have had Aklathisia which they brushed under the carpet –

        As for the art world –

        “The house is accepting cryptocurrency as an alternate form of payment for the lot, which a Sotheby’s spokesperson called “a precursor” to digital art.”

        Is it really…more like precursor to all around human control

        • The British Museum and Sackler

          “The British Museum is grateful for the Foundation’s past support, and the Trustees appreciate their co-operation in coming to this agreement as we now move the Museum into a new era and present our incredible collections in different ways for new audiences,” George Osborne, chair of the British Museum, said in a statement.”

          This is just incredible: Is he also grateful for the hundreds of thousands who have died addicted to their drugs and I’ve no doubt an awful lot had AKATHISIA. For twenty years the information has been out there re Sackler. What was planet art world doing ?

          “there has been no request for the return of any funds.”

          Why on earth didn’t planet art world give the money back..why ?

          Why is it that the Art world doesn’t get that it helped create a deluded sick culture of vile abuse and horrric harm and death destroying people and families.

          It’s not enough to take a name down. The money has to be removed from art and Sackler family to jail otherwise were on the same path right now

          If you read this Alex Greenberger please study on here what Akathisia is and know this: Both Mark Rothko and Diane Arbus – as you well know.. giants of the art – world probably died of psych drug induced AKATHISIA.

  7. The write up of this trial states that “All the trial data were available to all the authors, who vouch for its accuracy and completeness”

    I read above that Dr Stephen J Thomas, a KOL* and one of the 29 “authors” (30 if you include the ghost) of the NEJMgate article claims in a BMJ podcast that this was not the case, and that he was only allowed to see the aggregated data.

    So who is telling the truth? Thomas or Pfizer’s ghost?

    I think we should be told.

    * KOL = Key Opinion Leader

  8. Edward Dowd

    New England Journal of Medicine is playing games. More breadcrumbs.

    Pfizer Vax Trial Manager Brook Jackson’s Shocking Revelations During Her First Sit Down w/ Paine and Former Blackrock’s Ed Dowd

    Prepare for a rollercoaster ride here as we trek where few have gone before. I think perhaps this is the first interview of someone who was at Ground Zero of the scamdemic — the so called ‘vax’ trials.

    And it is as ugly as you can imagine.

    Part 1, Part 2 – Mark Barnes, Pfizer – Peter Doshi, BMJ, Part3 – Sen. R. Johnson, Round Table – Clinical Trial Data Fraud

    “They’re not even pretending that they care”

    Riveting ‘crumbs’ …

  9. I plan on doing a hit piece on a paper on masking in the Journal of the American Misinformation Association. Doctors can have exceptionally strong opinions about issues not in their field of expertise. And they mostly don’t recognize when they are out of field.

    I did a hit piece on the CDC and its mask-recommending incompetence today. I am in field and link a valuable journal article.

    We have to continually expose these frauds.

  10. Canadian Immunologist Takes Politically Sensitive Stance in Interpretation of COVID-19 Vaccine Data in the UK

    TrialSite Staff
    March 22, 2022

    Canadian Immunologist Takes Politically Sensitive Stance in Interpretation of COVID-19 Vaccine Data in the UK

    TrialSite Staff
    March 22, 2022

    Last month, a well-known Canadian immunologist, Marian Laderoute, MD, went on the record with a controversial COVID-19 vaccination stance, based on a video discussion by “Uncensored Doctors” interpreting a disturbing trend in the UK COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness. Laderoute suggests that the risk-benefit profile for use of the multiple-dose mRNA vaccines does not justify the use.

    This opinion came by way of Marian Laderoute, Ph.D., lead at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), of human endogenous retrovirus K102 (HERV-K102) .

    Her recent observations are based on at least one interpretation of the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines secondary to unfolding data for infection in England. By February 4, 2022, Uncensored Doctors posted a video indicating that the vaccination rollout is a “complete and utter disaster,” leading to thousands of deaths and lifelong disabilities.

    This group bases its controversial and contrarian findings on the unfolding data available from the UK Health Security Agency COVID-19 vaccine surveillance reports.

    Freedom of Information Requests to UK


    This person’s Freedom of Information requests (approximately 3)
    Rates per 100,000 by 4 week intervals of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths by Vaccination Status
    Response by UK Health Security Agency to Dr. Marian Laderoute on 21 January 2022.

    Dear Dr Marian Laderoute, Please find attached the UK Health Security Agency’s response to your internal review request. Yours sincerely, Inform…
    Stats on Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine to Include Analysis of 2nd dose, partially vaccinated (<7 days after 2nd dose)
    Internal review request sent to UK Health Security Agency by Dr. Marian Laderoute on 8 December 2021.
    Awaiting internal review.

    Yours faithfully, Dr. Marian Laderoute
    1 dose SARS-CoV-2 Pfizer Vaccine Vs 2 vs unvaccinated stats by month (Jan to Sept 2021) and by age
    Response by Public Health England to Dr. Marian Laderoute on 29 October 2021.
    Information not held.

    A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on
    the Internet at this address:
    Yours faithfully,

    Dr. Marian Laderoute

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