Doctor Munchausen: Judge & Jury

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with the comment on risks. In my experience, the denial culture has gone further than this. We like many families with children/adults on the ASD spectrum have had extensive investigations carried out privately for my son. There is very strong evidence of mitochondrial and methylation involvement, both of which are manageable. Even with a Tribunal direction, the NHS refused to carry out further investigations and have ignored the private consultant Psychiatrist’s recommendations for treatment and continue to prescribe mito-toxic drugs. It was found that his ‘hyperventilation’ is due to disturbed electrical activity in the heart due to a pulmonary blockage. This is most definitely affecting his behaviour. Yet after this was found at the private hospital, he has still had no pulmonary investigation, but is given antipsychotics.

    I believe all this delay is due to the question of liability as was the refusal to carry out the Tribunal’s findings. Years of misdiagnosis and lack of adequate health care are the status quo for anyone labelled ‘mentally ill’

    There is a huge Human Rights issue over everyone with a ‘mental illness’ being forced to take medication against their will but it seems impossible to take a case to Court over this, even when you have the prof that there are other untreated medical conditions.

  2. David and Christine, yes the denial has also spread over to the general public.
    We all do the same.
    If I was to ask GSK how come I have the history I have, they would dig into my past and find some silly reason like the ingrown toenail.
    So will my current psychiatrist.
    And so will the general public if they Heard me saying that it is the pill that is to blame.

    Denial spreads like a cancer growth.

    How come we are so sceptical over the most obvious reasons to a persons

    If I grew up being loved by almost all, isn’t the reason to their hate something that came into my Life later then?
    And if I was put on a pill with a ‘history’ such as Seroxat/Paxil, why is it so hard to connect the dots?

    But the ingrown toenail saves everyones face.
    Except mine, that is.

  3. Of course sense about science is really a perception management strategy… the clue is in the name, which says plenty about the whole philosophy behind scepticism.

    Its all about the senses, our human senses, the philosophy of perception and our perception of science…mainly very expensive corporate funded science. The RCT brigade are black and white thinking anti-realists. Its the reason your anecdote means nothing to them. And they like to think of me, and others who tend to give our senses some value, as naïve realists.

    Of course the truth is there are 50 shades of grey and everything else in between, and those who align themselves heavily with one way of thinking are no better than one of the blind men of Indostan. Except some blind man has apparently convinced everyone that he can measure the elephant using his clever tools. These tools, he claims, will give us vision far beyond that of even the sighted. Never mind your senses – we have everything we need to tell us what’s REALLY going on.

    This is where the denial comes from, its how people can put their names to absurd statements like ‘statins have no side effects’. It explains their ability to detach themselves from all the harm.

    I don’t know how the box tickers took over (I have read many theories), but my favourite explanation so far is the Adam Curtis documentary, The Trap.

    If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch – completely accurate or not its very interesting. If your a bit anti-authoritarian, if you sometimes put thing like morals or integrity ahead of self interest and you find yourself running against the grain, then ‘The Trap’s’ take on the box tickers will explain a few things.

  4. USA today is not our usual reading matter in the highlands of Scotland.

    This article appeared on 18 September 2001,

    At this time, I was innocently swallowing my Seroxat tablet.

    In May 2002, it appears that USA today were ahead of the game when an avalanche of Seroxat withdrawal horrors hit the UK press and has gone on ever since.

    The evidence, however, is now clear……

    Injury Client

    For the first time since I took Paxhell in 1997, I feel like I am embarking on a new life and while it will never be the life I had BEFORE taking this drug, it is, in some ways, a better life. Thank you for all the hard work you did on behalf of the Paxil litigants. While we may have been a handful to deal with at times, I, for one, never lost sight of the invaluable service you did for those of us who were victims of GlaxoBinLaden!!

  5. Seroxat
    Last updated March 2014

    Breaking news…new website…new and important information on Paroxetine

    Glaxosmithkline are ‘examining’…

    Glaxosmithkline are taking ‘additional steps’

    Glaxosmithkline are ‘electing to conduct an analysis of it’s own data’

    Glaxosmithkline are ‘developing expertise’

    Thank you, Glaxosmithkline.
    We understand much more clearly now….
    Your resource centre is a mine of information for the public at large and I feel safe in your hands…..

    Were the opening three words a wise choice – Studying experimental medicines – considering how Paroxetine experiments have Paxilled out…?

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