Doctor Munchausen and Sense About Science

August, 12, 2014 | 5 Comments


  1. Thanks Dr Healy.

    Another tour de force piece that smashes the hypocrisy of evidence that is only in the eye of the beholder, the one asking the questions, paying the piper. We are all scientists and experts of our own experience. It helps to be a reader of fiction and a skeptic in today’s fast paced world that is going nowhere fast.

  2. Dr Healy,

    Thank you…you are, as always, the evangelist for truth, transparency and safety for “the patient” against the tide of corruption, collusion and danger to “the patient” from pharma drugs and clinical trials of secrecy to “the patient”…

  3. Mostly true, but also:

    Me personally has so much to thank “von Knorring et al”, from back around 1999, now also the Foundation for the Celexa 300 million dollar settlement.

    Science at it’s finest. And the actual scientist herself, well she runs most of psychiatry in Sweden. Functioning as an advisor on atleast 3 Government Medical boards here!
    And still do, no matter what dubious science she has supervised.
    Our psychiatrists listens to her, our government listens to her.

    Thats why I’m here, on the final approach of my ssri-induced Life.
    I will most likely Crash.

  4. “One test to run is to see whether your doctor is an AllData or AllTrials doctor”

    …. or even knows the difference. In fact, whether he/she knows anything about the issues discussed here at all. In my experience in Australia the latter state of ignorance is much more likely the case in both specialist and general practice.

  5. It’s time to turn the diagnosis back on the practitioner. They are human too. The symptoms of Munhchausens by Proxy can can occur in varying degrees in anyone. There is no clinically defined degree. Aspects of this are apparent among health care professionals as well as ‘patients’ – (currently calkled ‘factitious disorder syndrome’) Professionals who overmedicate and blame the patient when the magical potions cause obvious bizarre changes and harm exhibit classic signs of denial present in Munchhausen’s. Time to add this to the next DSM or at least take a serious look. Thye effects are deadly serious.

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