Chronicle of a Tyranny Foretold

November, 2, 2021 | 17 Comments


  1. “slow down and get the science right …

    “If you look under the Pfizer bonnet, you’ll find it’s not science…it’s business”

    Henry Ford said, you can have “any color so long as it is black”

    “This season demonstrated conclusively to me that it was time to put the new policy in force. The salesmen, before I had announced the policy, were spurred by the great sales to think that even greater sales might be had if only we had more models. It is strange how, just as soon as an article becomes successful, somebody starts to think that it would be more successful if only it were different.

    There is a tendency to keep monkeying with styles and to spoil a good thing by changing it. The salesmen were insistent on increasing the line. They listened to the 5 percent, the special customers who could say what they wanted, and forgot all about the 95 percent, who just bought without making any fuss.

    No business can improve unless it pays the closest possible attention to complaints and suggestions. If there is any defect in service then that must be instantly and rigorously investigated, but when the suggestion is only as to style, one has to make sure whether it is not merely a personal whim that is being voiced. Salesmen always want to cater to whims instead of acquiring sufficient knowledge of their product to be able to explain to the customer with the whim that what they have will satisfy his every requirement – that is, of course, provided what they have does satisfy these requirements.”

    Puedes tener el color que quieras siempre que sea negro.

    “What’s the most plausible story?” …

  2. Juan Gérvas

    Replying to @JuanGrvas

    Impresiona el control mundial. La noticia de la manipulación del ensayo clínico de Pfizer sale sólo en medios rusos:

    Pfizer, the US-based multinational pharmaceutical corporation, during clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine, violated scientific norms.

    Clinical trials of Pfizer COVID-19 jab flawed and doctored up, says The BMJ journal


    Sesión NoGracias3: Vacunación obligatoria y captura regulatoria.
    Por Jaime Raúl Molina. via
    @nogracias_eu @jaimeraulmolina @Firefly_fan

    Presenta y modera Marc Casañas.

    Jaime Raúl Molina es esposo y padre. Panameño. Abogado. Ciudadano con interés en bioética. Columnista.

    “Compulsory vaccination is incompatible with the autonomy of the human person to make medical decisions, but it also presents the pharmaceutical industry with the opportunity so that, through the capture of the health authorities, it can force the population to consume its products and submit to your risks. Even without the power to condemn the population, the pharmaceutical industry has been cultivating an enviable regulatory capture power for other industries. What can we expect from the concentration in the state of power to order the population to undergo certain medical interventions, in the context of the reality that states are often captured sooner or later by the powerful industries they are supposed to regulate ?”

    • Unfortunately GT’s generation are consuming more of these meds than any prior generation – when it comes to the internal environment they are all in favour of pollution


  3. The response to pandemics seems to be predictable in many ways. It mirrors the way social policies of control are spreading using the virus as an excuse for expanding social control by governments. The increase of authoritarianism; silencing of not just critics but open talk on the street ; fear of being reported by families and friends; blacklisting and incarceration of those who will not conform and so on. From Camus’ The Plague and more recently Just the Plague first written as a film script in 1988 by Ludmila Ulitskaya. That timing could be connected to the Aids epedemic but was actually drawing on the power of the state as happened in Russia during Stalinism and the way a little known plague in Russia was able to be covered up by silencing is happening now by whats app and so on.. It’s another book which predicted human behaviour during the present pandemic .But none of them really get to the bottom of why what were perfectly ordinary people once in positions of power – abuse it. Even the famous phrase of the ordinariness of evil doesn’t actually explain much.

    • I guess that every one of us is capable of ‘evil ways’ Susanne – most of us manage to keep it under control ( or out of sight!). As for those in power suddenly abusing that power although previously ‘ordinary people’ – just watch a group of children ( especially girls I regret to say). They’ll play together without friction until a threat, in the form of a dominant child, comes along. Within seconds, a good few will leave the group and comply with the bullying behaviours of the ‘threat’. Very few will remain strong enough to stay in the original group. Why girls? – I don’t know, except that boys will play in large groups, such as football, with very little falling out. Obviously, there are exceptions in both genders.
      They say that if you catch a child out on one of its first lies and demonstrate why it’s important to be truthful, that child is then less likely to keep on telling lies. Maybe that has been missing in the upbringing of a good few of our top layer of men and women in the UK at present!

  4. ‘Crónica de una tiranía anunciada.’

    Chronicle of an announced tyranny.

    Standing up to Tyranny: The Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates

    Patrick D Hahn

    Telling the truth in today’s cancel culture is not necessarily easy. You can pay a pretty heavy price for it.

    So said Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin at the meeting of the Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates held at the Senate Office Building on Tuesday 2 November.

    Senator Johnson had invited the CDC to send representatives to attend. He had extended the same invitation to the departments of Defense, Labor, and Transportation, as well as NIH Director Francis Collins, NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, and the CEO’s of covid vaccine manufacturers Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech. None of them accepted.

    Referring to President Biden’s recent pronouncement that “this is an epidemic of the unvaccinated,” Senator Johnson responded “I wish that were true,” adding that in the United Kingdom, sixty-three percent of those who died of the covid were fully vaccinated.

    Senator Johnson decried the forced vaccination of doctors and nurses, “the heroes of covid” who risked their health and lives treating patients and now are being threatened with the loss of their livelihoods for not getting the shot — even the ones who already contracted the disease and now have robust, life-long natural immunity. Noting that the vaccine does not prevent infections or transmissions, he asked “What is the point of the vaccine?” He went on to point out that the number of adverse events per year reported for the covid vaccine was 108 times greater that for the flu shot, and the number of deaths was a staggering 225 times greater.

    Senator Johnson then introduced Brianne Dressen, a wife, mother, and preschool teacher turned patient advocate after she enrolled in the Pfizer trials and her health was destroyed by the shot. Dressen had this to say:

    We are everyday Americans. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents. This is not political. This is a human issue.

    After receiving the shot, Dressen suffered a cascade of neurological symptoms. “I feel like
    I’m being electrocuted, 24–7,” she said.

    “At first I thought I was alone,” she told the audience. “I found there were thousands like me.”

    Seventy percent of the covid vaccine injury victims she spoke to had no pre-existing health conditions, and ninety-four percent had no problems with any other vaccine they had received. The vast majority of them had received all the recommended vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

    We reached out to academics. None of them can get their research published. We reached out to the media. We were told “We can’t do anything to make the vaccine look bad.”

    We are completely on our own.

    All we have is each other.

    We have been branded as anti-vaxxers. We had our Facebook groups pulled apart. I have lost contact with Facebook friends who were on the verge of suicide.

    Dressen’s testimony was followed by that of a number of distinguished researchers and clinicians who decried the lack of access to the data and the speed at which the vaccines were rushed to the market. Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, Brigade Surgeon for the US Army’s First Aviation Brigade, noted “We’re going to risk the entire fighting force for a vaccine with two months of safety data,” adding that in just a few months the Vaccine
    Adverse Events Reporting System had racked up more deaths associated with the covid vaccines that all other vaccines combined.

    “These are soldiers, not lab rats,” she added angrily.

    In addition, the audience heard directly from those whose lives were turned upside-down by the covid vaccine. One by one they recounted how they (or their loved ones) took the shot, in good faith, and suffered devastating consequences. Suzanna Newell of Saint Paul, Minnesota was a triathlete until she was vaccinated: “I aged forty years in one night,” she recalled. Twelve-year-old Maddie de Garay of Cincinnati, Ohio was enrolled in the Pfizer trial and suffered dizziness, tachycardia, and chest pains; she ended up in a wheelchair and reliant on a feeding tube. Her brother was also enrolled in the same trial; he happened to be in the placebo arm and escaped unscathed. And Ernest Ramirez of Austin Texas testified:

    I was the father of a sixteen-year-old. I was a single parent. I got the vaccine to protect my son.

    Me and my son, we were never apart — always together. I always said “It was you and me against the world.”

    The younger Ramirez had big dreams. He joined the Junior ROTC program in his high school and planned to enlist in the United States Air Force. He got the vaccine as well, after the FDA declared it safe and effective for youths. The young man subsequently collapsed and died while playing basketball with his friends.

    My government lied to me. They said it was safe. Now I go home to an empty house.
    Holding up a picture of his son’s coffin, Ramirez told the audience “Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

    The highlight of the meeting was the video testimony of David Healy, Professor of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Ontario and a fearless critic of the health services industry, who began with these words:

    I am a doctor who treats patients. I also am one of the few people you will ever meet who has seen the actual case records from a company clinical trial.

    Dr. Healy went on to discuss some particularly egregious examples of the way drug companies hide the harms in their trials. He mentioned one case in which a participant’s death was recorded as “death by burning,” neglecting to mention the patient had poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire. In another case, a patient who took Pfizer’s blockbuster drug Zoloft and ended up threatening people with a gun had been coded as “intercurrent illness.” In still another case, a thirteen-year-old boy who had been prescribed Zoloft because of problems adjusting to a new school ended up hanging himself, and when his parents went to court to try to procure a modicum of justice for their late son, the next thing they knew Pfizer’s legal attack dogs were sending forensic experts to their home to look for semen samples on the carpet to find support for their theory that the lad’s death had in fact been a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

    Dr. Healy concluded with these words:

    If we accept mandates without data, we are opening the door to tyranny.

    The full video of the proceedings can be found here.

  5. I’ve been asked for proof of vacc status for the first time in Wales- in a small co-op arts centre in an isolated village where they actually know me. My status would have been shared around in no time – What next – knocks on the door , told to wear a black armband … Ludmila Ulitskaya in ‘The Plague’ warns what could happen if enough people don’t activate before it’s too late.

    Can’t help wondering why now? what has tipped the debate regarding Assisted Dying
    recently in both New Zealand and Portual

    .. – NPR › 2020/10/30 › new-zealand-support…
    30 Oct 2020 — New Zealanders have voted to allow assisted dying for the terminally ill, but voted down legalizing marijuana. (Marijuana is used by many people for pain relief – if someone is on the edge it is incomprehensible that right to die trumps access to a drug proven to be able to relieve pain. )

    Portugal legalises euthanasia despite public anger – TRT World › Life
    Portugal’s Parliament has voted to legalise euthanasia, with the country set to become the seventh in the world to allow terminally ill patients …
    29 Jan 2021 · Uploaded by TRT World

    • Am horrified that you’ve been asked about Covid vaccine status here in Wales Susanne. I hope you turned round and told them that vaccinations are not mandatory here. It’s months now since I was offered a mask to enter a shop – no one bats an eyelid about my “naked state” any more. When they did ask regularly, at the local supermarket, not once was I ask to show proof of exemption. Double standards within one country it seems – or was it someone behaving above their station when you were questioned. Worst of all is the thought that maybe the person SUSPECTED that you hadn’t accepted the vaccine and wanted to prove a point?
      Whichever it was, it is not right and we need to continue to withhold information that we are not mandated to provide!

      • Should add that, here in Wales, FOR LARGE GATHERINGS Covid pass is mandated. Susanne was, surely, hardly in a “large gathering”?

        • Hi Mary There were 3 people in the shop! Were they scared, or enjoying a bit of power – is that what happens when friends turn against friends….

    • Hi Susanna,

      I moved to Wales in July 2019, and I was just starting to find my feet socially when the COVID show kicked off. At every turn I’ve been astonished by how my neighbours and community have bought into the fear-porn, and they are STILL in a trance-like unreachable state, clinging on to their magic muzzles, queuing in the rain at the shops and carping bitterly about the slow roll-out of the “booster” jabs.

      Last week I was in England for a funeral, and the contrast in atmosphere was very noticeable – not a single face nappy to be seen, no “social distancing”, and everyone together as they should be at a time like that – I was very relieved and grateful that the funeral wasn’t in Wales. On returning to Wales, I realised that I need to start making contact with like-minded people because things here are starting to get seriously disturbing. Your experience has made me realise that it would be foolish of me to go out there and join in with groups not knowing if I’d be “outed” as a leper… but I know that there are many people out there who think and feel the same way as I do, it’s just a matter of finding them.

      If you read this and want to message me privately, please do. My email is

  6. “I’ve been asked for proof of vacc status for the first time in Wales- in a small co-op arts centre in an isolated village where they actually know me. My status would have been shared around in no time – What next – knocks on the door , told to wear a black armband … Ludmila Ulitskaya in ‘The Plague’ warns what could happen if enough people don’t activate before it’s too late.”

    Were you allowed in and what was their reaction to you….

    Most of the people I know including my own family are totally brain washed and don’t know it. Going back a year I tried showing them videos and information such as I post on here – they just will not have it and are slowly going bonkers and ill with stress with what is going on.

    • Chris – I told them I don’t state my med status to anyone ,was allowed in this time ‘as we know you’and shown the red walking arrows as though I had not seen them several times before .Felt like a leper. And achieves the effect as I won’t go again. Friendly faces lost. It’s a confusing picture for sure Contrariwise needed shopping – approx 1/6 people not wearing masks in massively crowded store , assistant said they are frightened of catching virus from shoppers. People are ignoring regs in some areas but very conscientious in others.One person has fraudalently bought a neck tie which proves no need to wear a mask, from the internet – I gave up trying try to to warn anyone I know to read info as they assume they are able to make up their own minds and don’t believe I would know any more than them. It’s scary so many are not properly informed but it’s almost full time job keeping up with vacc junk I guess most are taking leap of faith even when they don’t trust things Seems to be a mixture of fear and giving up trying to make sense of it all so media propaganda trumps all warnings re vaccs. Wales threatens to extend the passports ‘if necessary’ Kind of like the way millions of soldiers went into war while despising those who ‘led’ them ,but with their hands tied by those in power.

      • My next door neighbour works at a Asda Superstore filling shelves – she has come into close proximity with very many thousands working 7 hour days for the past two years along with the 200 other employers: no one has been hospitalised and the neighbour hasn’t even had a cold. The majority of shoppers going to that Asda are still wearing masks

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