The Church of GSKology

November, 18, 2013 | 7 Comments


  1. I have said all along that someone could bring the blockbuster of The GSK scandal and The Seroxat Scandal and The MHRA Scandal into one brilliant and intoxicating movie.

    But, the sad thing is the pundits would think it was fiction and not fact and have an enjoyable evening, not even realising that what has happened and what is happening is fuction.

    A movie could be made of my medical records ref Philomena and her loss of child from the numbs (nuns) and my child who was lost in a sea of medical misconduct, medical lies, threatening calls from Can-a-da.

    Where is Shelley, now. Time for another Pan-or-rama………..

    Artimus, slipped off the radar, of our Beeb, was there a reason for not putting Artimus on prime time telly?

    We, could make the movie, couldn’t we.

    Lots of talent out there. Me, you, Fid, Truthman, 1BOM, Shelley, etc. a regular crew who will not ever stop.

    Is there any reason why we could not make a movie?
    If we cannot even get a press release into the press about all this……….then why should we cower behind our internet revelations…….

    Over to you……next instalment …..on our radar.
    And, the great thing is, we would not have to employ ‘actors’ we could star in our own film. We are the unknown celebrities…of..The Scandal.

    And GlaxoSmithKline are only perceived as scary by the perceivers….am I scared of GlaxoSmithKline…..not yet….maybe, later………hide under duvet? NO, not anymore….

    We have the script…why not make the movie….US v THEM.
    We have to do something amazing. I can think of no reason why we should not do something so simply amazing.

    And where does the money come from…..I have some money, I would put up and not shut up…for the Film of all films….just to knock some sense into the whole can of worms…….it can be made ‘on the cheap’. Talented movie makers are two a penny. I have a movie camera…Fid has a story…Professor Healy has the evidence..Truthman is a man of truth and 1BOM…might want to be the movie strategist…….
    Am I delusional…been there, done that, got the T-shit (oops).
    We have to do something…..anybody got any better ideas?
    Bravery means pulling together….we are doing that….finally…..sharing our stuff.
    White stuff, blue stuff, yellow…stuff.
    Meesta Healy, this is your blog. Have we the courage of our convictions to pull off a massive coup. Are GSK reading our words…….?

  2. “GSK are a lot scarier than the Catholic Church.”

    Without getting into a religious debate, the Catholic Church have stood by for years and allowed this to happen.

    God, if you believe in him, created man, apparently he gave us free will. When one takes these types of meds all free will is lost. Do the Catholic Church not understand this?

    I have a photograph of former GSK Head of Psychiatry Alistair Benbow. He proudly stands side by side the Pope.

    Be nice if the Catholic Church would speak out about the antidepressant/suicide link. Sadly, I think GSK got in there first.

    Here’s the photograph –


    I finally get to meet my maker…..I have never seen an interview with The Chancellor of Nottingham University….impressive?

    Interesting. Watching him talk marketing babble, a bit like Parker, he talks at length without drawing breath and is in a ‘world of his own’. You can see all the trademarks of a marketing professional. The tilts of the head, the clear focussed look in his eyes, the relentless propaganda about GSK and his mission to put Apollo on Mars….with pills.

    He looked serious, he looked straight into the camera and he uttered the one word that would get God on His Side – the word – humility.

    Let’s not underestimate this man, he has worked himself up as a Knight.
    He is a masterclass of rhetoric.
    He blindly goes where no man has gone before…to the moon!
    Hey, Astronauts, are you listening….?

    Funnily, enough, I was prepared to like Sir Andrew Witty. I don’t know why, really. After all, he nearly killed me and put me in a caravan and made my daughter sick with fear, but, I really thought he might be a bit softer…

    This man is as hard as a rock on Mars, and I feel eerily unsettled after watching the Forbes interview.

    I expect your wife, Caroline, and your two children are very proud of you running the London Marathon.

  4. Annie I think it would be good to have a visual/audio simulator filmed from a sufferers experience. When I listen to Chris Rea’s road to hell I can actually feel what I and other have gone through with SSRIS and Alcohol and It would visually be something similar to werewolf in London and that’s not an exaggeration either.


    Ad nauseum, The Guardian are not letting our topic go.

    I actually telephoned Sarah Boseley, Health Editor, around 2003, when all the papers were alive with the sounds of Seroxat and suicide. I couldn’t pick up a paper around 2002/2003 without a Seroxat suicide.

    She was nice, she was sympathetic, but there was nothing she could do.

    At least The Guardian talk about anti-depressants, in an informed and researched way, as opposed to the Daily Mail telling you to take an anti-depressant from anything from wrinkles, to tiredness to almost anything trivial that you can think of.

    I suppose this article is helpful.
    I suppose their questionnaire is helpful.
    I suppose eventually ‘someone’ will write the definitive article……….in……. The Guardian.

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