The House of GSK

November, 14, 2013 | 7 Comments


  1. Brilliant post!

    Jofre is an ankle-biter. Her podcast about the Panorama programmes is even more of an eye-opener.

    GSK wheeled out Alastair Benbow as their spokesperson in the Panorama programmes, the MHRA wheeled out Alasdair Breckenridge Both have now retired from their positions.

    For those that haven’t yet seen the expose on Seroxat-Paxil, here’s a condensed version here –

    The Jofre podcast, which is a must-listen, can be heard here –

    She deserves some sort of humanitarian award for her work on exposing GSK and the MHRA I guess the fact that she has annoyed both is award enough.

    Great journo.

  2. Hi Dr. Healy,

    I’m following the discussions at the Yahoo Group of discussion about PSSD and someone who got out of Lamictal and Prozac six months ago is feeling depressed was advised by the doctor to go back to the drugs.

    I told him to read your protocol because it is important to know if what he is feeling is
    withdrawal or real depression.

    I did copy this paragraph:

    “Finally however there will be a group of people who are simply unable to stop
    whatever approach they take. Some others will be able to stop but will find
    problems persisting for months or years afterwards. It is important to
    recognise this latter possibility in order to avoid punishing yourself. Specialist
    help may make a difference for some people in these two groups, if only to
    provide possible antidotes to attenuate the problems of ongoing SSRIs such
    as loss of libido”

    This is a very important paragraph because it deals with three problems: impossibility to withdraw: physical addiction that makes some people who has withdraw to go back to the drug and PSSD.

    One of the problems I see is about the “antidotes” because for those who have PSSD there is not such possibility, at least this is what is told at the group.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  3. This is great news. What better way to put GSK’s “transparency” to the test than to put on your Sunday suit, sit down at their lunch counter and politely order a piece of the Paxil Pie? It’s a civil rights movement on behalf of all humans. Will the RIAT group get served, be kept waiting with a glass of water, or have the police dogs set on them? Keep us posted!

    In that spirit, I’d love to hear more about their ongoing standoff with Peter Gotzsche and the Nordic Cochrane Group. There have been tantalizing hints in recent columns but no story yet … What did they ask for? What was GSK’s reply? Why did they invite PG to GSK HQ, and will he go? Is it a stalling tactic, an attempt to co-opt, or just a way to make the application process as time-consuming and expensive as possible with pilgrimages to London, etc.?

    It occurs to me that if they screw around with leaders of the Cochrane movement they risk exposing their whole “transparency” hustle. It’s kind of like declaring that you’ll share your secrets with “any good Catholic” and then turning down a request from the Pope, isn’t it?

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