We Won’t Get Fooled Again

January, 17, 2023 | 18 Comments


  1. Thank you for such a detailed (and lengthy!) post, covering so many aspects of the two topics uppermost in the minds of most of your readers at present.
    When I follow the trials and tribulations encountered by the Covid vaccine damaged, some major questions spring to mind:- HOW is it that they have covered so much ground in so little time? WHEN will we, SSRI sufferers and their supporters get our heads firmly above the parapet and FIGHT in the way that they do?
    Here in the UK, moves are afoot to shock the BBC into a realisation that this group – under their banner of “Truth Be Told” – are not likely to disappear any time soon. They are having a whole month of Awareness Meetings up and down the country. On Saturday January 21st., they meet at London’s Portland Place. A very large following is expected – complete with the addition of two prominent personalities, both of which have been ruffling many feathers of late. My fount of information tells me that there will be a large screen on which will appear a video from him as he’s too weak to travel as far as London now. He, Adam by name, previously mentioned in comments by Annie and a member of our prescribed medication withdrawal group, has done so much to raise the awareness of the suffering that he and others have endured.
    I wish them every possible success on Saturday. It would be great to see their demonstration mentioned on the BBC News Channel – but maybe that is taking my wishes a little too far at present!

        • BBC ignores vaccine rally on its doorstep; Matt Le Tissier’s powerful address

          By Kathy Gyngell

          January 23, 2023


          YET another Central London mass demonstration on behalf of the vaccine-injured and another non-report of it by the mass media, even though this one took place at the very portals of the BBC on Friday. Despite the ever mounting evidence, the still near-universal silence on the subject of vaccine injury and vaccine-related excess deaths is mind-blowing. How far are these so called journalists’ heads stuck in the sand? How can the BBC still call itself a news-gathering organisation and keep a straight face? How it could remain so studiously blind to something that was taking place on its very doorstep, beggars belief, as remarked here by Jules Serkin.

          • WSJ and STAT, ‘slightly’ different offerings…

            Robert F. Kennedy Jr

            Thanks @WSJ for taking vaccine makers + federal agencies to task for pushing the bivalent COVID-19 boosters without having any data to demonstrate that they are either safe or effective.

            WSJ Slams Vaccine Makers, Federal Agencies for Pushing Boosters, as FDA Concedes Data Are ‘Complicated’

            The Wall Street Journal Sunday took vaccine makers and federal agencies to task for pushing the bivalent COVID-19 boosters without having any data to demonstrate that they are either safe or effective.
            Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it is eyeing changes to the booster program.


            The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Sunday took vaccine makers and federal agencies to task for pushing the bivalent COVID-19 boosters without having any data to demonstrate that they are either safe or effective.

            In an op-ed, Allysia Finley, a WSJ editorial board member, said people shouldn’t be surprised by the “deceptive advertising” touting the boosters on radio stations across the country, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

            “Federal agencies took the unprecedented step of ordering vaccine makers to produce them and recommending them without data supporting their safety or efficacy,” she wrote.

            Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted a briefing document indicating it wants to change the COVID-19 vaccine protocols by simplifying the composition of the vaccines, the immunization schedule and decisions about how the vaccines are updated.

            The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the future of COVID-19 vaccine regimens, and will be asked to vote on whether they recommend parts of the FDA’s plan.

            Edward Dowd

            The Deceptive Campaign for Bivalent Covid Boosters

            Studies show they fail to live up to their promise, but vaccine makers and experts keep pushing them.


            Matthew Herper’s Version

            FDA scientists propose an annual Covid shot matched to current strains

            By  Matthew Herper 

            Jan. 23, 2023


            One of the key questions about the new proposal on Covid vaccines is what degree of evidence is required for the new boosters. The Covid vaccines manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, and Johnson & Johnson were all originally tested in large clinical trials where patients were randomized to receive either the vaccines or a placebo. All of these studies showed dramatic efficacy against the original strain.

            Giving booster shots increased this immunity, both against the original strain and against newer ones.

            What has been less clear is whether updating the booster to match the current Omicron strain as well as the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 granted added protection. The FDA’s scientists present a wealth of studies showing that the new boosters increase antibody levels for people who were previously vaccinated with the original vaccine.

            They also present observational studies, in which researchers collect data from the real world and try to control for variables that might change the study result, that suggest the new boosters are protective.


          • “- part-man, part-ostrich -”

            “a large grey mammal with tusks and trunk” … 

            Edward Dowd
            The “problem” can no longer be hidden…now the ridiculous spin shall unfold

            Massive spike in excess deaths sparks calls for an ‘urgent investigation’: NHS crisis is blamed for nearly 3,000 more Brits than usual dying each week


            “ – part-man, part-ostrich -” 

            Excess deaths highest since pandemic second wave – and less than 5 per cent are from Covid


            Breaking the silence: do mRNA vaccine harms outweigh benefits?

            Julie Sladden



            …but mainstream’s conveyor belt of misinformation continues its untold damage despite Truth Be Told’s protest to raise awareness

            By Mark Sharman


            The Sunday Times (January 22) ran a headline ‘Conspiracy Britain. How the cranks crashed into the mainstream’, under which were pictures of Andrew Bridgen and Dr Aseem Malhotra, the London cardiologist who has been campaigning for Covid jabs to be suspended until independent analysis can be studied.

            Just when will journalists stop playing bit parts in the Government propaganda theatre and start looking for the truth?

            Why are the intelligentsia so stupid about vaccine injuries?

            By Niall McCrae

            January 25, 2023


            EDUCATED stupidity is what failed us. Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, now admits that his previous stance of promoting the Covid-19 vaccine was wrong, and that the ‘anti-vaxxers’ have been proved right. In his latest video, Adams opines that the decision on whether to take the shot was best made by ignoring doctors and experts. 

            Adams sees an inverse correlation between intelligence and an objective understanding of Covid-19 and climate change. Truth is found not at Davos, scene of the World Economic Forum’s annual conferences attended by the high and mighty, but in Walmart. Indeed, an alternative ‘Dumb Davos’ (by which he meant a gathering of people with no letters before or after their names) would be more enlightening than listening to the arrogant, self-serving class who regard themselves as the ‘elite’.

            What to follow – rules or reality? One meaning of ‘observe’ is to adhere to ritualistic practice, as demonstrated by the religiously devout, and also by followers of political ideology. There is no need to think but act dutifully. The other meaning of the verb is to watch what is happening, in a focused rather than passing manner. This is the endeavour of scientists, artists, satirists and (at least in principle) journalists. It is what you would expect of intelligent people, but the Covid-19 regime has shown an incredible observational deficit. 

            The last three years have shown that a large grey mammal with tusks and trunk can stand incongruously in the room, and intellectual eyes and ears cannot see it. The authorities’ radical response to a purported coronavirus pandemic should have raised questions about the inevitable harm and dubious rational of lockdown, about the dehumanising and ecological damaging mask mandates, and about the experimental injections administered to most of the global populace. But the intelligentsia saw no problem with the draconian regime; indeed, many wanted harsher restrictions. The medical profession uncritically accepted the official narrative, denigrating any practitioner who spoke out. 

            At a rally outside the BBC headquarters last Saturday, a series of vaccine-injured people told the audience of their dual battle with debilitating symptoms and with unsympathetic doctors who deny the obvious cause.  Of course, this event was not reported by the public broadcaster. Instead, the Sunday newspapers continued the campaign against dissidents. In the Sunday Times, in response to Tory MP Andrew Bridgen coming out as a vaccine critic, Josh Glancy warned of a rise of conspiracy theorists peddling dangerous disinformation. 

            In logical absurdity, people who took the vaccine and suffered as a result are smeared as ‘anti-vaxxers’, a weaponised term prepared in advance of the mass vaccination programme. Other absurdities abound, such as the vaccinated reacting to a subsequent illness and positive Covid-19 test as a sign that the vaccine is working (because without it, they would have needed hospital treatment). Highly intelligent people seem to have lost their critical marbles. 

            During a silent march from the BBC to Downing Street on Saturday, in respect for the dead and injured, the comments of shoppers ranged from supportive sentiment to bemusement and insults (‘nutters’, I heard). It is quite startling how many people have been so indoctrinated by Covid-19 that they cannot begin to empathise with unfortunate victims of the vaccine. Claims of injury, to them, are heresy. 

            Two months ago, a poll in the US found that Democrat voters were less likely than Republicans to have experienced adverse effects from the vaccine.  

            ‘More Democrats (83 per cent) than Republicans (65 per cent) or those not affiliated with either major party (58 per cent) have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine. While 80 per cent of Democrats believe Covid-19 vaccines are at least somewhat effective at preventing infection with the virus, only 40 per cent of Republicans and 45 per cent of the unaffiliated share that confidence. Similarly, only 43 per cent are at least somewhat concerned that Covid-19 vaccines may have major side effects, compared with 74 per cent of Republicans and 56 per cent of the unaffiliated.’

            An important factor here is the politicisation of Covid-19 in American society. Linked to this is the generally higher education level of Democrats, who perceive their Republican opponents as callous, stupid and anti-science. A Democrat voter may have a strong suggestive effect from the shot, perceiving any bodily abnormality not as an adverse reaction but a sign that the vaccine is working. They may also have more political investment in their unquestioning compliance. By contrast, a Republican voter coerced by occupational mandate may be more likely to complain. 

            Or were more potent doses administered in red states? It sounds too sinister to believe, but there seems to be little doubt that vaccine strength varied. Mike Yeadon, former chief scientist at Pfizer, has highlighted the concentration of reported serious adverse events in about a tenth of the batches. 

            As pharmaceutical products are normally produced in a tightly controlled process, Yeadon suggested deliberate differentiation (though the vaccine industry is not without a history of contamination). Yeadon is not alone in voicing concerns about differences in quality. Leaked documents from the European Medicines Agency showed that regulators had serious concerns, finding low quantities of intact mRNA in commercial preparation. 

            Whatever the reason for polarisation in vaccine outcomes, we cannot rely on scientific expertise or authority for answers. As Scott Adams realises, the more intelligent the person, the more miseducated into conformity. ‘Anti-vaxxer’, intended as a slur, has become a badge of honour for the awakened.  

  2. Great to see the similarities spelled out and, coincidentally, Brook Jackson, the high doyenne of Vaccine Clinical Trials, gives us :

    Brook Jackson Retweeted

    A Midwestern Doctor

    As years go by the same misconduct in our medical system keep getting worse. What happened with the HPV vaccine a decade ago was an atrocity that got swept under the rug that predicted exactly what is now transpiring with the COVID-19 vaccines.


    Similarly, there were major concerns with safety, efficacy, and research fraud, which should have never allowed the first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant (Prozac) to enter the market. Bush senior (who had previously served on the board of Prozac’s manufacturer) played a key role in forcing it through the approval process (the FDA did not want to approve it). 

    Once it was approved (many other competitors quickly jumped into the market with equally dubious clinical trial data), the FDA received a deluge of reports of severe side effects from SSRI users, including violent acts of suicide or homicide. The FDA then did everything it could to bury this information (e.g., forbidding their own reviewer to release a report that was critical of giving SSRIs to children, and authoring its own inaccurate meta-analysis which erroneously argued that there were no safety concerns with the SSRIs). 

    Eventually, after two decades of protest against the FDA, which included a congressional hearing, the agency capitulated by issuing a black box warning (used for medications known to carry serious safety risks) on the SSRIs, which has since been mostly ignored. As that represents the closest documented case precedent we have to what is happening now with the COVID-19 vaccines, I tried to document what the FDA did then here (it is also covered in more detail in this book).

    Dr Clare Craig (not one of her impersonators) Retweeted

    Bernie’s Tweets

    WEF – now why would the CEO of OFCOM be attending the Davos conference? Ofcom is the UK’s communications regulator, the censorship police, who have ensured for the past 3 years that only the official Covid and climate change narratives are communicated to the public.


    A Midwestern Doctor 



    Attending the World Economic Forum in Davos was GSK’s chief executive Sir Andrew Witty.


    Asked by the BBC for his reaction, Witty welcomed the clarity brought by the speech.
    “It really codified what many of us had been anticipating since the referendum result, particularly around the single market,” he said.

    GSK is the UK’s biggest big pharma company, and Witty has been vocal in supporting the country since the Brexit vote last June.

    Commenting on the warnings to Europe in May’s speech he said:

    “I think what we have today is the government’s willingness to put a bit of ‘edge’ into the negotiating dynamic. I think that makes a lot of sense – trade negotiations are negotiations, and you have to be pretty tough to get what you want.”

    Sir Andrew Witty was named president, UnitedHealth Group, in November 2019, in addition to his role as chief executive officer of Optum. As UnitedHealth Group president, Sir Andrew is responsible for enterprise business strategy formulation, enterprise business development and partnerships, and oversight of enterprise research and development and clinical capacities. Witty was named executive vice president, UnitedHealth Group, and chief executive officer, Optum, in March 2018. He is also a member of the Office of the Chief Executive and previously served as a UnitedHealth Group company director. From 2008 to 2017, Witty was chief executive officer and a director of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). He joined GSK in 1985, and prior to being named CEO, served as president of GSK Europe. Witty is former chancellor of the University of Nottingham, a British public research university, and serves on the Singapore Prime Minister’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council. He is an advisor to 8VC and Hatteras Venture Partners, as well as to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Witty was knighted in 2012 for services to the U.K. economy. In 2017, he was named an Honorary Citizen by Singapore for his contributions to the country’s growth and development. Witty recently took a leave of absence from his current role as president, UnitedHealth Group and CEO of Optum to co-lead the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 vaccine program.

    Andrew Witty – the forgotten side of medicine…

  3. Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna all are publicly traded companies. They have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits. They cannot do anything else. The shareholders wouldn’t let them.

    The mRNA shots were emergency approved on the basis of an absolutely ridiculous endpoint, covid infection of any severity but we’re not going to count covid infections occurring in the first four weeks after the first dose of the Pfizer shot, or six weeks in the case of the Moderna product. They didn’t demonstrate any reduction in deaths, serious adverse events, hospitalizations, intubations, transmission, or any other clinically relevant endpoint.

    The trials were supposed to involve tens of thousands of participants and go on for two full years, and they were cut off after something like seven percent of participants made it to the six-month mark. They don’t want us to know what happens after that. The only conclusion that makes any sense is that they didn’t want us to know how harmful and ineffective these shots really are.

  4. Time for all of us to learn the difference between that “surrogate marker” of vaccine effectiveness (antibody levels in blood samples) and the real-world results (who catches Covid and who does not). The two don’t always match up. To put it mildly.

    Last week, members of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee learned that Moderna had hid important data from them last year, when they voted 19-2 in favor of its new bivalent booster shot. They were offered loads of data about those antibody levels.

    However, an initial study of the real-world results showed that 2.5% of those who got the new “Omicron-specific” booster went on to get infected with Covid – compared to 2.4% of those who got an old-style booster. Among those with no prior Covid infections (for whom you might expect vaccination to do the most good) the news was in fact worse: 3.2% of those who got the new-improved booster got Covid, compared to 1.9% for the old shot.


    This confirmed the results of a small study released just a month after approval, which had shown essentially no difference between the new bivalent booster and the old version in terms of preventing infection. (The initial approval, of course, was based on impressive antibody levels in eight mice who got the shots. Eight. Whole. Mice.)

    None of these studies took an adequate look at safety. Yet even a small risk from truly rare side effects should not be tolerated, unless the vaccine provides strong protection against a serious risk of disease. In this case, the protection is pretty much zero—and as we’re all aware, it doesn’t prevent us spreading the virus to others. Finally, now that 90% of us have prior infections, prior vaccinations or both, the risk of another Covid infection is dwindling. For relatively healthy folks under 65, it may be downright trivial.

    Yet so far the U.S. government has paid out $5 billion for bivalent boosters and given them out to 48.2 million people aged six months and up. We’re told these are life-saving medicines that can keep our hospitals and our economy from collapsing, and maybe even “prevent Long Covid.” This verges on Faith-Based Medicine IMHO.

  5. Senator Ron Johnson

    It’s time to start facing reality. The COVID-19 vaccines were not as safe or effective as we hoped and prayed they would be. And the COVID cartel still won’t admit they were wrong.


    Movie plot from Hollywood

    GatesGate 2/2

    The artwork in Michael’s room is of a Sea Urchin




    or for those who don’t know their sea urchins, a hot-air balloon…

  6. Messing about with statins. The upper range for prescribing statins for older people used to be 70/75 …There is a recently a massive jump in the recommended use by NICE in both lower as well as upper age groups.
    People who suffer most severe side effects from statins have been older individuals They have not been recommended for people under 39/40 yrs old
    . It’s uncontroversial that young men are at high risk of experiencing severe cardiac side effects from vaccines . Is there a connection with the upgraded guidelines and the possible masking of side effects of vaccines by prescribing statins for both vulnerable groups?

    In updated guidance on lipid modification, NICE recommends that preventative treatment for cardiovascular disease (CVD) should be halved from a 20 per cent risk of developing the disease over 10 years to a 10 per cent risk.

    GPs should offer atorvastatin 20mg for the primary prevention of CVD to people who have a 10 per cent or greater risk of developing CVD within the next 10 years.
    The risk of developing CVD should be estimated using the QRISK2 assessment tool.

    The new recommendations mean that an additional 4.5 million people could be eligible for statins, helping to prevent up to 28,000 heart attacks and 16,000 strokes each year.

    People should be prioritised for assessment from an estimation of their CVD risk, based on factors already documented in electronic medical records. Those aged over 40 should be reviewed on an ongoing assessment of cardiovascular risk dependent on their CVD risk estimation.

    In order to assess CVD risk for primary prevention, GPs should use the QRISK2 risk calculator for patients up to and including 84 years of age.

    The QRISK2 algorithm calculates the risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next decade, based on factors such as smoking and diabetes status, ethnicity and social background.

    “Doctors have been giving statins to ‘well people’ since NICE first produced guidance on this in 2006. We are now recommending the threshold is reduced further. The overwhelming body of evidence supports their use, even in people at low risk of cardiovascular disease. The effectiveness of these medicines is now well proven and their cost has fallen.

    “The weight of evidence clearly shows statins are safe and clinically and cost effective for use in people with a 10 per cent risk of CVD over 10 years.
    ………. But you can do the QRISK2 risk assessment yourself. It can be done online or via an app so it doesn’t need to be done by the GP.”

    Statins Could Benefit Millions of Young Adults with High Cholesterol, Study Suggests
    November 9, 2021

    A new mathematical modeling study led by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons suggests that statins would provide lifetime health benefits for young adults with less elevated levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, preventing or delaying many heart attacks and strokes, and would be cost-effective, particularly for young adult men.

    Time to Relax the 40-Year Age Threshold for Pharmacologic Cholesterol Lowering
    An editorial comment )accompanying the new paper suggests that guidelines should consider how many years of life a patient may lose from unhealthy LDL levels and that treatment should be considered for adults with high LDL regardless of age.

    The study, led by Columbia’s Andrew Moran, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine, and Ciaran Kohli-Lynch, PhD, research scientist, was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology
    The study by Moran and colleagues examined the prevalence of elevated LDL cholesterol in the U.S. population and compared lifestyle and pharmacologic approaches to cholesterol-lowering in young adults aged 18 to 39 years.

    They used a computer simulation model to assess the lifetime health effects and cost-effectiveness of initiating cholesterol-lowering treatment in a cohort of U.S. young adults—via statins or intensive programs that promote lifestyle changes—at LDL cholesterol thresholds lower than those recommended by ACC/AHA guidelines. The model synthesized evidence on the LDL cholesterol-lowering effects, side effects such as statin-induced diabetes, treatment costs, and health care costs associated with the intervention.

    The researchers found that about 26.3 million (27%) of U.S. young adults have an LDL cholesterol level of 130 mg/dL or greater. (LDL between 130 and 160 mg/dL is considered borderline high; above 160 mg/dL is considered high).

    The study predicted that cholesterol-lowering treatment could prevent three cardiovascular disease events for every 1,000 young adults initiated on lifetime treatment.

    Statin therapy for young adult men with LDL cholesterol ≥130 mg/dL would cost $31,000 per quality-adjusted life year gained, while statin therapy for young adult women with LDL cholesterol ≥130 mg/dL would cost $106,000 per quality-adjusted life year gained. The American Heart Association considers treatments that cost less than $50,000 per quality-adjusted life year as “highly cost-effective,” while treatments costing less than $150,000 per quality-adjusted life year are “intermediately cost-effective.”

    Statin therapy was found to be more cost-effective than intensive lifestyle intervention for young adult cholesterol-lowering at all LDL cholesterol levels considered, because lifestyle modification lowers cholesterol only modestly compared with statins, and lifestyle interventions can be costly to deliver on an individual basis.
    But in recent years, cardiovascular disease rates have plateaued without improvement and 850,000 U.S. adults died from heart attacks and strokes in 2020.

    “Targeting elevated risk factors early, in young adulthood, is a new approach that has the potential to once more improve cardiovascular health in the United States and abroad,” Moran says.

    I am wondering if the massive increase in recommended use of statins has any connection with the fact that vaccines are causing cardiac symptoms and deaths I have no specialist medical knowledge it just seems ‘interesting ‘

  7. The deranged war criminal Tony Blair has delusions of world domination

    Tony Blair: ‘Slew of New Injectables and Vaccines’ Give WEF the Opportunity to ‘Change The World’

    January 19, 2023 Baxter Dmitry News, US 7 Comments

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has boasted about the elite’s “opportunity to change the world” by taking advantage of a “slew of new injectables.”
    According to Blair, who many believe is next in line to replace Klaus Schwab as head of the WEF, “There is an ongoing challenge – an opportunity – and I think that is not just about Covid. It’s about the fact that we are going to have a whole slew of new vaccines, injectables, that are going to deal with some of the worst diseases in the world.”

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    The globalist former prime minister also praised Big Pharma for how quickly they created Covid-19 vaccines, but claimed that in future vaccines must be regulated and rolled out even faster.

    According to Blair, national digital ID systems must be put in place to track and monitor every citizen and ensure they are fully vaccinated and boosted with the “slew of vaccines and injectables” which will be rolled out even faster than during Operation Warp Speed.

  8. Evidence of vaccine deaths is ever stronger yet officials look the other way

    By Dr Rafael Bornstein

    January 20, 2023

    We are grateful to Dr Rafael Bornstein for sending us a translation of his recently published analysis of excess deaths, ‘Excess Mortality and Covid Vaccines. An Urgent Institutional Academic Investigation’ published just before Christmas in La Gaceta de la Iberosfera, a Spanish digital newspaper which the Spanish readers amongst you can find here. Prior to this article he had already warned about the correlation between vaccination campaigns in 41 countries and excess mortality registered in weeks 10 -35 of 2022. Here he sets out new evidence that  further reinforces this association.


    The need for research is urgent.Although it should have been done with the clinical trials promoted by the manufacturers, there is now no alternative but to decree a moratorium on Covid-19 vaccines to allow for retrospective analysis and meticulous re-evaluation.

    If we continue to ignore these safety signals, we are failing to do our due diligence to protect patients. We have a collective duty to restore the principles of medical ethics in our practice and clinical research – primum non nocere – to protect the most vulnerable groups from unwanted harm, especially children less than 12 years of age who are already being vaccinated in our country.

    In the absence of long-term adverse effects data, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccination should be paused while a comprehensive safety investigation is carried out, definitive toxicology, genotoxicity and teratogenicity results are obtained, and it is firmly and unequivocally established that the benefits of vaccination clearly outweigh the risks.

    An urgent institutional academic investigation is needed.

  9. Beeb on the Backfoot…
    with Openshaw…

    Prof Norman Fenton

    1. Just look at the extent to which the .@BBCNews will go to ensure that even the slightest hint of talk about vaxx injuries has to be suppressed. A ‘fact check’ filled with its own biased nonsense


    The News Channel asked Professor Peter Openshaw from Imperial College London, who is a member of the UK Vaccine Network, to clarify what Dr Malhotra had said for the benefit of viewers later on that morning.


    Blame Game Begins as MHRA Passes the Buck: “All the Covid Vaccine Authorisation Decisions Were Taken by the Government Minister”


    Since then the Covid vaccine narrative has continued to take a pounding as more clinicians around the world speak up, the research evidence about cardiac, neurological and immunosuppression problems continues to pile up, and the 1,000 per week excess deaths have still not been explained.

    MHRA might have been criticised by Baroness Cumberlege for being “unresponsive and defensive”, but its staff aren’t all deaf, blind or stupid. They knew.

    So my inference is that the blame game has started. 

    Peter Openshaw Retweeted

    Trisha Greenhalgh

    Once more for those at the back: vaccination reduces the chance of getting covid AND dramatically reduces the severity if you do catch it. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get covid again. 1/2


    Stephanie de Garay
    Jan 16

    Replying to

    You need to stay up to date on the latest “story” the FDA is telling the public.

    Younger, healthy people don’t need another Covid booster, vaccine expert says
    Protecting against Covid infection with the current mRNA technology is unrealistic, a vaccine expert said in a paper published in a major medical journal.


    Hot Gun, Cold Gun

    the FBI say ‘Well, the gun wouldn’t have gone off if the trigger hadn’t been pulled.’

    So much noise and shooting about Statins and Blood Pressure Pills…

  10. Change of Heart…

    Undercover journalist nabs Pfizer R & D Director
    Daily Mail removes article published 3 hours ago
    It was the second leader story – I read it…

    Dr Aseem Malhotra

    James O’Keefe

    VIDEO NOW BLOWING UP THE INTERNET; Pfizer director on camera saying they are “mutating” COVID-19 Virus to increase infectiousness. UNREAL!
    “That is Not What We Say to the Public” … “People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone”


    Removed from Daily Mail
    Appeared 3 hrs ago

    ‘Why don’t we just mutate it ourselves?’: ‘Director of research at Pfizer’ reveals in undercover footage firm is exploring …
    Project Veritas released a new video that …
    Daily Mail · 3h

    Andrew Bridgen
    If you’re interested this a screenshot the now deleted
    @MailOnline story.

    Telegraph NZ picks up the story



    Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer  (New York, New York, United States)
    Jun 2021 – Current



    All very Cloak and Dagger, but rwmalone sums it up nicely and it is worth watching the video just for that…

  11. Senator Ron Johnson

    Federal health agencies have been captured by Big Pharma and grossly derelict in their duties throughout the pandemic. It’s time for Congress to thoroughly investigate vaccine manufacturers and the entire COVID vaccine approval process.

    Sen. Johnson Calls For Congress to Investigate Vaccine Manufacturers and Covid Vax Approval Process in Response to Project Veritas’ Exposé on Pfizer


    Part Two

    ‘Skirmish’ in restaurant…

    Robert W Malone, MD
    Badda boom


    Warning: May contain ‘Nuts’ …

  12. Glass Onion

    (Daniel Craig brings on his Southern accent, à la Kevin Spacey in House of Cards)

    Gates descripts his script…

    Pfizer Date Night…

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr
    Bill Gates just admitted mRNA jabs don’t stop infection, don’t block transmission, don’t block mutants, don’t last, don’t work at all — after he sold stock in his vaccine ventures . Thanks, Suckers!

    Bill Gates — After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares — Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines

    Bill Gates, long recognized as one of the world’s foremost proponents of vaccines, raised some eyebrows at a recent talk in Australia when he admitted there are “problems” with current COVID-19 vaccines.

    Video: Lowy Institute – Glass Onion…


    Rubio Sends Letter to Pfizer CEO on Alleged Gain-of-Function Research


    Robert W Malone, MD

    Pfizer – Date night…


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr

    FDA advisers unanimously voted to replace original Pfizer + Moderna primary series COVID vaccines with the bivalent boosters designed to target Omicron variants, despite concerns about insufficient clinical trial data to support safety and efficacy.



    Candid, on Camera…

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