The Humira Trials: Judith’s Story

August, 28, 2013 | 4 Comments


  1. The pharmaceutical industry needs to make big profits to beat the opposition and survive. I guess not enough Judiths have come forward to enlighten us how a clinical trial can be rigged to favour whatever new drug is going for FDA approval. Perhaps the FDA approval procedure is the problem.

  2. Cool – the petition is nearly up to 1,000 – and I worried about being ‘knocked off’ by my village surgery with a forceful and vicious bully and a wee mental hospital inhabited by morons who thought Seroxat was exciting.

    Clearly, Seroxat is exciting…….

    P for:

    Professor H.
    P for profit?
    P for Pushing up the Petition……

    Well done…..sign on……and on…..

  3. If anybody thinks that any kind of research is done honestly and that the true results are reported fairly, they’re wearing blinders. My experience as a Doctor of Psychology who watched researchers as they submitted their research proposals tells me that its as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and that the bottom line is always money. These “researchers” want to get paid, and that’s all that counts.


    The Earl of Sandwich has been on about this for years and brought it up in the House of Commons, see link.
    Robbie Williams describes ‘lack of empathy’ on his anti-depressant, see link.

    There are celebrities and earls all over the internet who should be contacted to drive up the high profile of ‘side-effects’ and will help all this along…….

    We need to drive this up a notch….

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