The Day the Lyrics Lied

May, 24, 2012 | 5 Comments


  1. This is not all good. I am in the U.S., but I belong to a Face Book group called “Lyrica Survivors Support Group”. This is made up of people who’s health & life have been destroyed by Pfizers latest wonder drug, Lyrica. It also helps people who need info on Lyrica but can’t find it anywhere else, as Pfizer neglected to report a lot about Lyrica leaving people all over the world hung out to dry. It’s very sad. My use of Lyrica stemmed from nerve damage to nerves after surgery. I don’t think my primary doc would have offered this nasty drug to me had he known, what I know now. It has a nasty, nasty, Withdrawla syndrome upon cessation of drug. Severe insomnia leading to sleep paralysis,
    muscle twitching, heart palpitations, racing heart & mind, anxiety, depression,tinnitus, pins & needles anywhere, eye disorders & pain, & relevant to this article dysphagia. I had difficulty swallowing starting on day 3 of withdrawal. So bad I stopped eating. Now I read they are offering it to people who have this problem already. What the HELL, Pfizer. Haven’t you done enough damage ? People in the U.K, now think you are promoting this drug so they can taper slower from Lyrica capsules, which don’t come in mg. doses consistent with dropping the recommended 10% at a time by mental health professionals. Your drug Lyrica causes the symptoms you are prescribing it for. Now this. It is ” INSIDIOUS”, and irresponsible. How about helping us first that you have already damaged. I guess it’s like the writer of this article says, for Pfizer, it’s just the cost of doing business.

    • How long after withdrawal did the swallowing problem last? I read you stated it started 3 days after you stopped but how long before you were able to swallow comfortable/normal again?

  2. Wow wow what can I say. Also a lyrica survivor who never had depression or anxiety till I encountered lyrica. Sleeplessness insomnia gut problems sexual dysfunction the list goes on. Contact Pfizer about withdrawing they read from their books. If u did what they said u would be dead. Thankfully I found the survivors group and weaned properly over 4 months

    • THANK YOU for posting this! I am currently going through the nasty Lyrica withdrawals, so someone suggested I look for the Lyrica survivors group on Facebook and connect with others going through the same thing. I searched for it and nothing would come up…. NOW I KNOW WHY!

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