Study 329: Response to Keller & Colleagues

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  1. The response does not make much of the fact that not all of the Als in Keller et al have lined up to sign their letter.

    tracking the line

    All the Als…No Diving, No Fishing, No Looking :/

    R O S E T A X


    “GSK doing a grate job”


    This was A1.ways the Best Quote of the Day…..

    ben goldacre ‏@bengoldacre Apr 1
    GSK doing a great job of ditching the anti-social practices that never made pharma enough to justify reputation hit

    Trying not to Overload Intellectual Property, here are some more:

    Different Take on GlaxoSmithKline by Trevor Butterworth, and,

    ‘massaging’ being the operative word..

    With the where withal of a molten tub of margarine, Ben Goldacre of lur.pak fame whose dedication to Allthings GlaxoSmithKline is breath taking…

    Know which side of the bread is buttered….

    ben goldacre ‏@bengoldacre 14h14 hours ago
    I have little respect for academics who think it’s better to put narrative reviews, essays, and analysis into journals rather than elsewhere

    SenseAboutScienceUSA ‎@SenseScienceUSA
    To err is human. Why not not give scientists an “A” for admitting their errors? #AllTrials #trials #science #stats

    Why not give scientists an “A”…

    Why not give GlaxoSmithKline a “K”…

    Why not give Alltrials a “G”…


    GSK Retweeted

    The Crowd ‏@thecrowd Apr 1
    Imagine if all companies went open on IP that benefits society? @GSK just did something important.

    just ‘did’ something important

    Adam Jacobs ‎@statsguyuk
    It’s hard to see how any journal with < 100% acceptance rate could reasonably claim to subscribe to #AllTrials

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    via Held Day rD

    The original and restored studies, the study data, reviews and responses are all available at, offering a broad range of options when it comes to consideration of authorship, research misconduct and the newly described species, ‘research parasite’[4].

    Research Pals..

  2. I think David Healy hit the nail on the head in his interview with the Guardian last fall when the study was published:

    “This is a very high rate of kids going on to become suicidal. It doesn’t take expertise to find this. It takes extraordinary expertise to avoid finding it.”

    For Keller & Co. to pretend they couldn’t have reported these simple facts – that they were passive victims of a side-effect dictionary imposed on their profession by disinterested experts sitting on a mountaintop somewhere – is ludicrous. And disgusting.

  3. Kellers’ Legacy Lives On…’soul wincing’ for those of us involved with Seroxat

    “I like to employ the following analogy courtesy of Dr. David Healy

    Healy has worked tirelessly to expose data implicating antidepressants in risk of suicide and violence, maintaining a database for reporting, writing and lecturing about cases of medication-induced death that could make your soul wince.

    By Kelly Brogan
    April 5, 2016 | 2:17pm

  4. “unquestionable value for patient safety

    One thought on “Study 329: Response to Keller & Colleagues”

    Drtim on April 6, 2016 at 5:20 pm said:

    Thank you Professor Healy and all colleagues for your intellectual rigour, fastidious attention to detail and determined adherence to defined scientific methodology. This crucially important re-introduction of academic integrity into clinical trial data analysis (via such objective and extensive re-analysis) is so greatly needed, and it is of unquestionable value for patient safety in psycho-pharmacology. Those compelled to dismiss and denigrate your vital work may perhaps be less focused on issues of safety? Deeply interested doctors outside your field who, in increasing numbers record their profound professional discomfort and concern regarding the apparently cavalier use of prescription drugs with life threatening and very serious ADR’s, recognise and applaud your courage and integrity.

  5. It’s difficult to know just how many teenagers were affected by the “oversight” of Keller et al.

    The original study was a golden opportunity for Glaxo spokespersons to claim safety and efficacy in this particular population.

    Once news broke (even though they had known it all along) that Paxil was causing these suicidal feelings and attempts in teens, Glaxo spokesperson, Alistair Benbow, played it down by claiming on national TV that, “…if you imagine a school of more than a thousand children all of whom are deeply troubled by depression, less than a small class size would have these suicidal thoughts or attempts…”

    My grasp of maths isn’t that great but I’ve tried to breakdown Benbow’s actual class size here

  6. Selected highlights from three GSK selected KOLs in three short movies: MHRA, European Patients Forum and Med Tech Europe

    “I think what GSK is doing is very good

    “GSK has been a trail blazer

    “Stepping out practises

    GSK ‏@GSK 1h1 hour ago

    Is there a need to reform industry relationship with healthcare professionals? Key opinion leaders share their views

    These changes are significant but we are committed to transforming our business model so that patients are at the heart of every decision we take

    GSK Chief Medical Officer, Murray Stewart

    • “It is always the respectable classes, the polished…who are the most susceptible to evil. To be intelligent, as many are at least in a narrow, analytical way, is morally neutral. These respectable citizens are inculcated in their elitist enclaves with “values” and “norms,” including pious acts of charity used to justify their privilege, and a belief in the innate goodness of [American] power. They are trained to pay deference to systems of authority. They are taught to believe in their own goodness, unable to see or comprehend—and are perhaps indifferent to—the cruelty inflicted on others by the exclusive systems they serve. And as norms mutate and change, as the world is steadily transformed by corporate forces into one of a small cabal of predators and a vast herd of human prey, these elites seamlessly replace one set of “values” with another. These elites obey the rules. They make the system work. And they are rewarded for this. In return, they do not question.”

  7. If Drazen has come up with the phrase ‘research parasite’, then accept it as a badge of honour. There are no depths they will not plumb to attempt to prevent truth from prevailing over corruption and dishonesty.


  8. “With regard to suicidal ideation and attempts, Keller et al. refer to a reanalysis by Bridge and colleagues, which found that there was no significant difference in suicidality between paroxetine and placebo. But Bridge et al. relied on Keller et al.’s misleading 2001 report.”

    What a house of cards!!

  9. Meanwhile, at HQ, Kate of GKK talks to…..fresh air..

    “We need more ambitious longer term TARGETS

    GSK Verified account ‏@GSK 9h9 hours ago
    “We need to challenge ourselves to bring patients closer to the science we do” – Kate at #GPC2016

    GSK ‏@GSK 9h9 hours ago
    Kate Knobil explains what needs to be done to involve patients more in R&D at #GPC2016

    GSK ‏@GSK 10h10 hours ago
    Kate Knobil will be speaking on patient involvement in R&D very shortly at #GPC2016. Stay tuned!


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