Spotlight on the Suicides: Women and Knights (?)

November, 26, 2019 | 14 Comments


  1. U2 -yes Tis very true (Sorry boys) and long live the Larry Mullen! I’ve been quoting this for years. ; ). Women do need bicycles however, as Nellie Bly can attest to. I’m not sure how to change things except to take your example and keep speaking the truth personally and professionally. These things must be challenged legally for what they are. All of these drugs can potentially stir things in people that would otherwise remain passing emotion. I’ve personally experienced this agitation -stirred up emotion-while on the drug(s) not knowing that’s that is what was going on. Its plainly apparent to me now that it was absolutely the drug(s). I unequivocally know this now that I’m no longer taking these things.

  2. Vaughan Gething and co. have no code of honour like the Knights of yore, (as flawed as they were)they’ve been replaced by codes which allow them to sweep scandals out of sight. The labour party is claiming they will fight for preservation the NHS but the public knows the NHS is in a state where people are dying for lack of care or truth telling, which would prevent many deaths. VG is in a responsible position and could help to highlight the truth and block the expansion of another even bigger scandal than the ones he is dealing with currently re baby deaths. The harms and suicides caused by prescription drugs are becoming more and more known about in communities The troops are at the door, he can pull up the drawbridge or let the thruthsayers in.


    Endless reports of what politicians refer to as ‘ordinary people’ taking action yet the biggest increase in deaths inUSA from including suicide is amongst young men . Women are hampered from taking action because many in the most deprived areas are themselves are taking prescribed drugs and subsisting in a harsh regime of poverty. As is common in UK It is happening out of sight of VG in UK . Women need men like VG MH to take their hands out of their pockets – their balls are not there but in the hands of pharma companies trading death for cash. The secret visits of the present government with pharma in USA has been called out. Health is a devolved issue in Wales and NI . The Welsh and the Irish could make an alliance of Celts to begin putting an end to the scandal across the UK – they need to stop pretending information/letters go astray/not in a position to do anything blah blah leaving it to the women and ‘hill billy’ men to act with honour ( no criticism of English implied! – just as DH is based the blog on Celts)

    • Actually in the USA the trend is the opposite … suicides in teen boys are up about 40% in the past ten years, but suicides among teen girls have more than doubled. And it’s overwhelmingly the girls who are being prescribed AD’s. Completed suicide is still several times more common in males, as it has been throughout recorded history. But under our current treatment regime, the gap is narrowing.

      I think this applies on both sides of the Atlantic. There’s been an outcry about young people dying by suicide while waiting for some sort of therapy (if they are lucky enough to find even a waiting list). What remains unsaid is that so many are on powerful drugs prescribed in a 10-minute encounter with a GP while “waiting.”

      What may be confusing is our epidemic level of accidental overdoses, which are NOT suicides. People are getting hooked on opioids, in some cases through recreational use alone; far more often, through medical use. In young people this is often via reckless prescribing for short-term conditions (say, for a sports injury or wisdom teeth). A certain number of patients will emerge from this craving more … In older adults, drugs approved at first for terminal cancer pain have been doled out long-term for back injuries, arthritis, you name it.

      Accidental drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for males under fifty in the US. More than suicide, homicide or car crashes. Women, sad to say, are also catching up here.

      • Hi joahanna – do you know what gets recorded on the death certificates.? I wonder how How can it be decided whether it is suicide or ‘accidental death’ Would accidental death from an overdose of a named drug be recorded? , .

  3. Perhaps, what we are really missing are liberal values ie the idea that it might be meritorious to stand up against corporate or state interest. Last week the BMJ and the Chief Medical Officer of GSK, Dr Thomas Breuer, were talking about launching a Greta style movement against “antivaxxers”

    Unable stand up for themselves apparently, they need to bring ordinary people into the fight against ordinary people. Of course, once the mainstream media stood for something occasionally but since there are only ordinary people left we know who the enemy is now, and it is us. Also very illuminating about the death of liberalism is Robert F KennedyJR’s book ‘American Values’ published last year.

    Having said this, the BMJ/GSK initiative has a comforting ineptness about it.

    • John, can you tell me where I can find a DVD of Vaxxed, the first film, and also, if available yet, the second one. Or where I can access them online. I’ve found trailers and discussion programmes about Vaxxed but it’s frustrating not to be able to see the actual complete film.

  4. Reminds me of Letter from America, by Alistair Cooke – in those days everybody listened …

    And then, these incredible women, who had suffered the dastardly deeds at the hands of the Drug Runners, packed up their bags and flew to Chicago, to support Wendy Dolin; her childhood sweetheart, Stewart, jumped in front of a train after a few Paroxetine (generic) tablets.

    Wendy Dolin created

    – and has not ceased campaigning about Akathisia

    ‘Pharmaceutical companies will send academics and high-powered lawyers to a humble inquest in a small town to ensure the coroner or the jury returns a suicide verdict.’

    ‘The Irish College of Psychiatrists went into overdrive issuing statements left, right, and center that there was no evidence that citalopram could cause suicide or violence.’

    Experts clash over anti-depressant link to homicides

    “However, discussion of the risks involved must be based on evidence rather than conjecture or unfounded personal opinion.”

    Jakes Amendment – blocked at the 11th hour. He added: “My suspicion is that senior medical professionals . . . spooked the Minister.”

    ‘I have no difficulty in facing that. If someone misprescribes a drug and, as a result, a young person takes his or her life, the person who misprescribed must face the consequences. That is the reality.’

    …but I will not elaborate on the medication”.

    ‘It’s all part of a complete doctoring service’ …

  5. People power not politicians or thebmj or any of the gang of pompous self regarding ,self interested duplicitious xxxxxxs who have long lost the any moral compass , have brought this about. If they start to have nightmares when they realise the how much their ‘behaviour’ as GSK quaintly puts it, is being exposed there are prescription drugs they can take..but they won’t need to read the warnings, they know about them already. They are probably already suffering from anxiety..hence the mass attempts to bully those who speak out. And Are probably a bit depressed at the low value of their shares since the law suits are finding them guilty, loads of drugs available to ‘help’ them – tip – just look out for the signs of Akathisia suicide and aggression.

    BREAKING NEWS1,917 viewsNov 26, 2019, 04:39pm
    Six Drug Companies Subpoenaed In Federal Opioid Investigation
    Lisette Voytko
    Lisette VoytkoForbes Staff

    Almost 400,000 Americans have died in the opioid epidemic over the past two decades.
    Almost 400,000 Americans have died in the opioid epidemic over the past two decades.PHOTO BY JOHN TLUMACKI/THE BOSTON GLOBE VIA GETTY IMAGES
    (Updated: 9:31 a.m. EST, 11/27/2019)

    Topline: Brooklyn federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation of opioid manufacturers, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, adding yet another legal entanglement for the large corporations many have blamed for causing the country’s opioid crisis.

    Companies that have received subpoenas: Teva, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, Johnson & Johnson, Amneal and Mallinckrodt (which disclosed its subpoena in a May investor filing).
    The prosecutors are seeking to understand whether the drug companies violated the federal Controlled Substances Act for not reporting suspicious signs that opioids were being used for nonmedical purposes.
    According to the WSJ, the probe is in its early stages and more companies are likely to be subpoenaed in the coming months.
    Shares of all six companies were trading down leading into Tuesday afternoon’s closing bell.
    The first federal opioid criminal probe ended in April with Rochester Drug Cooperative Inc. agreeing to pay $20 million to the government, but two of its executives, charged with conspiracy, have yet to resolve their cases.
    In October, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Teva were part of a $260 million settlement that avoided the first federal opioid trial⁠—one hour before opening arguments were scheduled to begin.
    Key background: Almost 400,000 Americans have died in the opioid epidemic over the past two decades. Millions remain addicted, costing local governments millions of dollars and creating enormous strains on law enforcement, health providers and social services. Cities began filing lawsuits against the drug companies in 2014. By 2019, the number of opioid lawsuits ballooned to more than 2,500, with nearly every U.S. state filing separate litigation as well. The total economic toll of the crisis could range from $50 billion to over $1 trillion, according to estimates.

    Today In: Business
    What to watch for: Purdue Pharma (which manufactured OxyContin) is already the subject of a Justice Department probe. The company is in talks to resolve that probe while its owners, the Sackler family, offered a separate settlement of up to $12 billion in a civil opioid case and filed for bankruptcy in September. If the settlement is accepted, the Sacklers will relinquish control of Purdue.

    Tangent: President Trump, who has made the fight against opioids a signature policy effort, donated his third-quarter salary (over $100,000) on Tuesday to efforts dedicated to the cause. Meanwhile, first lady Melania Trump was booed during a Tuesday speech at an opioid awareness event in Baltimore.

  6. Yes, well lots of white middle class people are dying so it seems people care when this happens in the US. Quite a lot of people died during the crack epidemic in the 80s-90s the difference was those folks were black. Lots of them went to prison. “Just say no” – N. Regan. Thing is they are prosecuting these drug companies as drug dealers essentially with laws on the books that required these companies to flag suspicious distribution. One town in Cincinnati received over 2 million prescriptions for opioids in a town of 1400 people. I don’t recall the exact time frame but that’s just plain nuts. At any rate, these same drug companies promoted the speech “if you are using the meds for the right reason these drugs aren’t addictive.” This false narrative was marketed aggressively by these companies and the guidelines preached “pain is what the patient says it is.” This is what both patients and prescribers believed for many years. Sounds nuts in retrospect. So the number of deaths is so enormous and like I said the “right” people are dying so now things are being addressed but lots of people are still dying. But Hey 20 million – 100 million is small peanuts for companies that are worth billions. So really the question is what is going to be the breaking point with psychiatric drugs? How do you get people in power to realize and acknowledge the link with suicides deaths etc and that these drugs don’t ultimately cure anything when no one appears to be listening despite expert testimony, despite the data that supports this? Perhaps there’s an avenue in that these drugs were not reported to be addictive but people can’t stop.


    Dr Anne-Laura van Harmelen, of Cambridge University, said: ‘Imagine having a disease that killed almost a million people a year, a quarter of them before the age of 30, and yet we knew nothing about why some individuals are more vulnerable to this disease.

    ‘This is where we are with suicide. We know very little about what’s happening in the brain.’

    I think someone should break it to her…. carefully… the disease is called pharma greed, the bullet is Akathisia/Toxic Psychosis, the trigger puller is your – usually but not always – GP/psychatrist.

  8. Certainly, there are, Mixed Messages …

    ‘overall, antidepressants save lives. Most people successfully come off them without difficulty.’

    ‘can cause violent behaviour.’

    “Court experts stated that it was highly likely that the behaviour of the suspect had been caused by the use of Paroxetine”.

    recovery&renewal‏ @recover2renew 12h

    RxISK founder Dr. David Healy: Side Effects – The True Story … via @RxISK

    Side Effects launched in the USA on Februay 8, 2013 in a week that saw a Dutch court hear evidence that paroxetine (aka Aropax, Paxil, Pexeva, Seroxat, Sereupin) can cause violent behaviour. An English translation from the court records follows:

    “The suspect bashed in his girlfriend’s head using a fire extinguisher and then shot a police officer. Other law enforcement officers then shot the suspect 5 times, but they still had a lot of trouble trying to restrain the suspect”.

    “The officers stated that they shot the suspect in the chest but it did not seem to have any effect. After the suspect had also been shot in the leg and shoulder, the suspect was still able to resist arrest. He still managed to hit another officer in the head using his gun. Officers even used pepper spray but that too did not yield any results. The officers stated that the suspect acted like a zombie”.

    “Court experts stated that it was highly likely that the behaviour of the suspect had been caused by the use of Paroxetine”.

    recovery&renewal Retweeted
    recovery&renewal‏ @recover2renew Dec 6

    Interesting to revisit this too – transcript

    ‘Now if there was even a small association with either suicide or homicide with that scale of increase, you couldn’t, even a really small association, you couldn’t help but see it in suicide rates and homicide rates which are pretty tightly measured. And we haven’t seen. So I think some people have extrapolating from the side effects, that Clare has been talking about, agitation, restlessness etc and then making a very big jump into that is sometimes seen in people who have committed suicide or indeed committed homicide, that is the kind of things they may report before hand, but there is a huge gap in-between., and its a big leap there. The second point to make is the issue of addiction. Addiction is pretty well described and most of the population know what addiction is. But antidepressants are not active in the classic sense of addiction. You can’t sell them out on the street. There is no market for antidepressants. You don’t get a high from taking them, that’s one of the problems actually it takes weeks for them to have their effect. You don’t crave for them. You don’t do behaviours that go with people who are addicted to heroin, cocaine, and indeed benzodiazepines or opioids that are prescribed by doctors. So I think addiction isn’t the right issue to talk about. I think it is true, I think it is a fair point that withdrawal symptoms probably have been underestimated, they can be confused with relapse of the illness, which certainly happens as well. But overall, antidepressants save lives. Most people successfully come off them without difficulty. I think probably we have overlooked those who do have difficulty, and I also think we really don’t do much for them, that’s absolutely true. When I was President of the College we did support more funding for helplines for those who have problems with withdrawal and prescribed drugs. I think that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

    but I would be delighted to see good trial evidence ….. ‘

    • Annie,

      Your “Mixed Messages” provoke three responses:

      RSM Podcast: –

      1) CG refers to “Agitation” – “Restlessness”. This is AKATHISIA isn’t it?

      Many RxISK and D.H. Blog followers have seen intense AKATHISIA induced by ill-conceived prescribing of SSRIs/SNRIs et al developing in their loved ones.

      For some, this has been followed by akathisia induced suicidal ideation or action in those who have never ever been depressed.

      Those who have never had any M.H. Illness.

      Our loved ones have been drug-wrecked, and their lives destroyed or terminated by Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) – not by any other pathology or morbidity.

      2) The “Huge Leap” from “agitation” and “restlessness” to suicidal ideation and suicide:

      The epidemiological evidence that would clarify (for or against) these drugs inducing adverse prescription drug reaction mediated “Taking of Life by Self” would be most effectively compiled if all Coroners were duty-bound to document and analyse every psychotropic drug prescription.

      Every drug introduction, dose change, product change, drug withdrawal, drug substitution and then correlate ALL “Rx” with family observed changes in feelings, emotions and behaviours preceding the tragedy.

      Timing. Dose. Duration.

      Future deaths cannot be prevented without diligent investigation of ADRs.

      ( Similarly for other AKATHISIA inducing prescription medication).

      We have seen this phenomenon emerging in our loved ones, and been with them all the time.
      Please listen to us, and learn from us.

      We know them. We knew them. Prescribers do not.

      3) CG.

      “I do use antidepressants for patients who aren’t depressed —-”

      “I do also use antidepressants in my sick doctor service who might have had referral to the regulator because I know that they are going to get depressed”.

      KS to SW: ——

      “What are your views of prophylactic use of antidepressants?”


      “Well I think it is the same answer I would give whenever I am asked a question I do not know the answer to, well that is fine but you will need to come up with some pretty good evidence for that”.

      “I am not aware that it exists – – -”


      Evidence based medicine?

  9. And another gloomy thought – could the global epidemic of forest fires be connected with SSRIs (obviously nothing much to do with global warming).

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