Spotlight on the Suicides: Overture

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  1. Coroners are part of the System. And the System is not listening.

    “The System is Not Listening”

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    The Objections and Agendas stack up Against like a pile of Lego Bricks – highly coloured, visibly attractive and prone to fall, when tilted…

    TRM123 July 9, 2019 at 5:52 am
    Professor Sir William Osler.
    Early 20th Century Physician, and Respected Medical Teacher:
    “Listen to Your Patient, he is telling you the diagnosis”.
    Some 100 years later, why do we still not listen?
    Why is AKATHISIA still not discussed before SSRIs are prescribed?
    Where is informed consent?

    In Legoland, where the seating arrangements and the lack of a transcript cause some concern, there are thousand upon thousand, finding themselves at the back-end of incontrovertible evidence – evidence that is being blocked because it does not fit – all along this yellow-brick road the denial has been palpable.

    Sertraline, or Seroxat,

    This Spotlight on Suicide shows up what a long-walk it is, to get to the other-side..

  2. I don’t know where this story is going (can guess in general terms). It is evident that there are times when grieving relatives might be grateful for some discretion from a coroner – unfortunately there seem to be far too many times when the state can depend on it.

  3. The solicitor Patrick McGurgan is a very busy boy. Like in Wales or other regions of UK people tend to know who’s who and are often very careful not to upset the applecart

    Home>News>Coroner McGurgan speaks to Clinical Negligence Practitioner’s Group
    13 February 2019

    Paddy Mullarkey with Coroner McGurgan
    Paddy Mullarkey, Chair of the Law Society of Northern Ireland’s, Clinical Negligence Management Board welcomed Patrick McGurgan, Coroner to Law Society House.

    Coroner McGurgan spoke to members of the solicitor profession on ‘Death Reporting to the Coroner’s Office and a decision to hold an inquest’.

    Patrick McGurgan qualified as a solicitor in 1994 and was a partner/director in the firm of Gus Campbell Solicitors in Portadown and Armagh from 1996 until 2016. He previously held roles as the Vice- Chairman of St. Patrick’s PS Board of Governors, Chairman of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council Disciplinary Committee, Chairman of the Civil Legal Aid Appeals Committee, Chairman of the Police Appeals Tribunal, Traffic Penalty Adjudicator, Chairman of the Northern Ireland Boy’s Football Association Disciplinary Committee. He has completed the Advanced Advocacy Course and the Law Society Mediation Course in addition to the Collaborative law Course.
    He currently sits on the Management Committee of the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium.
    He was sworn into the office of Coroner on 6th April 2016.

    In the meantime another unedifying ‘story’ where P G was previously Vice -Chair of Board of Governors Maybe he had resigned before this ‘story’ broke… such a lot to do, meetings with important people and so on…

    N. Ireland Politics
    Local News
    St Patrick’s, Belfast: Investigation into teacher surveillance claim
    By Robbie Meredith
    BBC News NI Education Correspondent
    5 April 2019

    It is alleged teachers at St Patrick’s were filmed and photographed while out on strike
    An investigation is to be carried out into allegations that some teachers at a north Belfast school were put under surveillance.

    The allegations concern members of the NASUWT at St Patrick’s PS in Pim Street who have been taking strike action.

    The union claims staff were subject to surveillance without their consent.

    The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) said that they would carry out an “independent review” of staff concerns.

    The union has alleged that the teachers were filmed and photographed while out on strike in November 2018.

    Image caption
    A teachers strike took place outside St Patrick’s Primary School in November 2018
    BBC News NI has been in contact with the individual alleged to have carried out the surveillance.
    They confirmed that they are a former private investigator but, in respect of this incident, denied they had ever been asked or paid to carry out any surveillance.
    They added that they would not be sitting in full view if employed to do so.

    ‘Genuine concern’
    CCMS said that they hoped the investigation into the allegations would be conducted quickly.

    “CCMS and the Board of Governors have been made aware that some teachers in St Patrick’s Primary School believe that they may have been subject to a level of surveillance over the period when they first took strike action last November,” a spokesperson said.

    “CCMS wishes assure all of its teachers that no such surveillance would ever be commissioned by the CCMS or indeed by any Board of Governors.

    “However, in this instance we recognise that these particular teachers hold a genuine concern that someone may have been conducting some level of surveillance on them.

    “Therefore, CCMS and the Board of Governors have agreed that we should develop proposals for an independent review of the circumstances that give rise to these specific concerns.”

    CCMS also said that they recognised that the school community would be concerned, but appealed for time and support to investigate the allegations and to resolve the ongoing industrial action.

    NASUWT’s Northern Ireland national official Justin McCamphill welcomed the investigation.

    Image caption
    NASUWT Northern Ireland national official Justin McCamphill
    “These allegations are very serious and are having a detrimental impact on our members’ mental health and well-being,” he said.

    “It’s very important that those questions are answered.

    “It is intolerable that trade union members who would be taking part in industrial action would be put under surveillance and it’s important that we establish what all the facts are around this.”

    Q In a small community is it likely the Board knew nothing about the surveillance? Who ordered it then?

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