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  1. Hi. Interesting article. I’ve been thinking recently that I am particularly suggestible/easily influenced by others…could this fact have contributed to my mental health problems, I wonder? Could this be a factor affecting those who have problems with emotional wellbeing in general? As in, it’s more likely that one should experience a breakdown of the Self if one is easily swayed by the opinions of others… Food for thought… Anyway, thanks for the read!

    • I doubt it is so much a matter of your being particularly suggestible/easily influenced by others, but perhaps more a case of that you are so programmed not to tune into your own sensitivities & into the [completely healthy] alarm bells going off inside you as to how seriously Diseased the Societal behaviour surrounding you in fact is, & having been so programmed not to swim against the tide. I think sensitive people – particularly Highly sensitive people – are far more likely to develop [so-called] ‘Mental Health’ issues/’problems’, particularly in today’s world where the level & extent of Deception at-play across the board, is rife & mindboggling, & all going on in an ever increasingly Dysfunctional, Unbelievably Unhealthy, Uncalibrated & Diseased World; along with the fact that, in reality, questioning Societal & behavioural Norms is Dangerous, let alone to then make a conscious decision to begin to swim against the tide. The Human Brain evolved within a highly Social environment, & is a highly socially dependant & interactive Organ. To remove oneself from The Tribe – no matter how obviously Diseased & dysfunctional the behaviour of that tribe is – is Dangerous. It is no wonder that Anxiety levels &, within that, unsustainable numbers & levels of Panic Attacks alone, are absolutely rife throughout the World, & particularly the Western world.

  2. But, what about the CNS drugs? What about all the RCTs done on the antidepressants and antipsychotics that have such shaky science? What about approving Brexpiprazole for treatment resistant depression, or for that matter, any drug for treatment resistant depression? What about that misleading ad I can’t stop talking about? What about HHS and SAMHSA pushing for Behavioral Health moving to primary care with Collaborative Care as a backup, psychiatrists suggesting drug regimens for patients they haven’t even seen. What about waiting room screening – sure to escalate the inappropriate overmedication of patients? The FDA has certainly had its part in colluding with the pharmaceutical industry whether on purpose or inadvertently in all of these things. It took them seventeen years to add a black box warning that was needed after only a few.

    the doctor and the computer …

  3. Mozart seems to have shared the French Royal Commission’s view of Mesmer – despite enjoying the patronage and hospitality of his cousin Joseph Mesmer – lampooning him in Cosi fan tutte where the two male lovers feign suicide by arsenic and are “cured” by the ladies’ maid disguised as a physician. But of course it was the conventional doctors who bled Mozart to death less than two years later in a last ditch attempt to save his life. Perhaps Mesmer would have done less harm. On the other hand a century later Rachmaninov – not exactly in the same league – was said to have been cured of depression through a hypnotic therapy.

    No doubt of course that some modern medicine works but there is far too much of it.

    • Vaccine Hesitancy – Question
      – in the House of Lords at 2:36 pm on 1st April 2019.

      To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the report in the European Journal of Public Health on 25 February that there is a link between anti-establishment politics and vaccine hesitancy.

      Baroness Walmsley Co-Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Peers

      My Lords, any distrust of experts sends out a terrible message to all those young people who spend years of study and thousands of pounds becoming experts. Does not our education system fail unless it produces a population who can properly interrogate scientific evidence?

      Clare Gerada: Mandatory training needs a fundamental review

      …the emotional impact of working so close to death, despair, and disability. It also allows for cases to become real and for true learning to occur.

      • Could Clare arrange some support. should they want it. for all the ,’carers’ who do the actual hands on looking after people day after day; week after week, month after month, year after year often decade after decade. Clare Gerada Wessely might invite some of them to give her some training in how to develop resilience and compassion . She might also include in the training schemes envisaged an invitation to the lady doctors who are speaking out about bullying doctors. It seems that all sorts of exclusive counselling schemes are being payed for by taxpayers – eg DEFRA Department for farming and rural affairs. People otherwise are killing themselves for want of a therapist or counsellor. Are some lives more precious than others?

      • Opinion: It’s time to rebuild public confidence in vaccines

        By Heidi Larson // 03 April 2019

        We need to start by being open to discussion and making information available in a language and context relevant to those we are communicating with. Topics such as how the immune system works, how vaccines are developed, and how they work are not widely understood. Too much of the information currently available needs medical training to decipher. On the other hand, many vaccine critics are extremely good at communicating simple ideas using emotive language.

        This open and participatory approach is the only way forward in this matter of life and death.

        • Cutting edge science from Heidi (Victoria Darbyshire Programme):

          HL: Well, I think the main thing is there most incredibly extensive safety around vaccines – the processes that go around vaccines, the reasons there is quite a while between when vaccines are developed and when children actually get them is because the system has become more and more and more robust around safety. Frankly, partly because of the public cry for this, but it has always been that way from a safety perspective because the government frankly is accountable and if it is recommending and requiring in some senses these vaccines in some senses it is not in the interest of the governments or the producer to be recommending something which is going to cause any damage.

          VD: Should Facebook take these private groups down?

          HL: I think the issue with Facebook is a difficult one because on the one hand they are asked not to dig into people’s personal areas and on the other hand being asked to go and take things down so I think from a Facebook perspective its difficult to do that. From a public health perspective as we saw in the letter from Andrew Schifft (sic) to Mark Zuckerberg that this is something in the league of like hate crime….

          • Robert F. Kennedy Jr‏ @RobertKennedyJr Apr 5

            I wish this were a joke instead of a dystopian nightmare.

            UPS, Merck Plan Pilot Program to Vaccinate Adults at Home


            Merck spokesperson Pamela Eisele said that the company is looking forward to the partnership with UPS as an avenue to promote adult vaccination and increase access to medicines and vaccines to adults, including the elderly, in their homes. Chris Cassidy, who joined UPS last year from British vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline to oversee their global healthcare logistics strategy, told Reuters that,

            “Over-the-threshold services is where the world is headed.”

  4. There’s a bit of a stink going on in the BMA. Top committee members have been caught making sexist uncouth and bullying comments about the lady doctors. Some have woken up and spoken out although both the BMA and other doctors have known its gone on forever.. They have been brain washed into thinking sucking up to male doctors in useful positions is the way to get on – then realised they just get targetted all the same. The old well iknown voices of top lady doctors seem strangely silent ,getting on with their own careers, but things can change. If only they would bring their spunk to the issue of precribing and start a campaign group on behalf of the public not just themselves

  5. “It’s now time for some leadership from the professions of General Practice and Psychiatry in the public interest rather than defending an indefensible situation.”

    John Read‏ @ReadReadj 16h

    John Read Retweeted CEP

    Our letter bemoaning the Royal College of GPs’ complacent response to 70 million antidepressant prescriptions. Time for leadership in public interest not defensiveness in interest of your profession.

    “Since founded 20 years ago, NICE has provided immeasurable benefit to patients and their families and to the NHS through comprehensive, transparent guidelines, and ensuring equitable access to the best treatments. Other countries could look to NICE for inspiration as every country grapples with how to best allocate resources in health care. NICE serves as a unique model, consistently offering quality, objective and evidence-based advice to inform the public and governments of how best to allocate resources in the fairest way possible.”

    Were notable. Nice ‘quoters’, not available, to discuss NICE Guidelines of one/two weeks of withdrawal from antidepressants…

  6. Paul McKenna, the well known hypnotist with a seductive voice, apparently has stated that he is aware that it is unwise to use his skills on anyone who is sufferering mental unwellness. I think he did that once and the outcome was not good.

    There is a lot of hypnosis involved with NLP, (Neuro linguistic programming) which is practised widely these days and sometimes claims to treat and cure PTSD in army veterans in 3 days. The principle of NLP is not new. There’s a lot of good stuff in it. There are lots of books written about the Power of Positive Thinking, dating back to the 1900s. Very helpful and inspirational, a lot of them. But it’s important to bear in mind that its effectiveness and benefits depend now on the way this hypnosis is used, and the ethics and awareness of the hypnotist.

    I am sorry to say that I consider hypnosis caused my son’s suicide, along with the fact that he had been offered on prescription antidepressants and antipsychotics which rendered him already very vulnerable. He had SO much respect for the medical profession. He was feeling ill, from side effects of Accutane, but he’d been assured by them that Accutane could not cause him to feel ‘strange’ (a blatant lie, it turns out) and because a trusted DOCTOR said it, he assumed that that must be right. He was only 21 when it began, 32 when he gave in and died. He thought, aged 21, that adults behaved in a responsibly adult way, especially doctors. By 32 he was beginning to wonder, but he was too ill then to care.

    Slipping into AKATHISIA and losing all confidence in his abilities to think straight, feeling extraordinary unbidden suicidal thoughts coming at him in waves, he was honest when asked about these by healthcare professionals. Those people included a psychiatrist who (a) didn’t want to hear or read about his Accutane history and (b) when not pursuing his role as an NHS psychiatrist, was a Head Trainer in NLP. (And still is, in retirement). This man had only met our son on two occasions, for about an hour the first time and half a hour the fateful second time. We witnessed part of the first, and all of the second interview and heard the psychiatrist utter the following words, when we tried desperately to get him to understand that our son had been fine till he took Accutane for his acne. He felt this made him look ugly and he had been consistently taunted at school about it, so maybe a form of PTSD was dogging him).

    When the man wouldn’t listen, in the first interview, we wrote it down on a short note which we handed to him on the second, which he barely glanced at, and said to our son, “this is your mother making excuses for you again Olly, it’s the same old story isn’t it…”. He then told our son, angrily, and HYPNOTICALLY, “if you don’t sort yourself out, you are in for a terrible life. I am sure you probably WILL kill yourself but if you are going to do it I’d rather you did in in hospital than out in public where others could be affected by it.” However, this Psychiatrist was now stopping all treatment, Home Treatment (which our son and we had relied on support from, for 3 or 4 weeks) and no offer (thankfully) of Inpatient Treatment either. The implication of what he’d said seemed to be that in hospital they’d turn a blind eye if he killed himself. So, better not go there, thought we. No safety there….

    Our son apologised profusely to this man, for having expressed his suicidal thoughts, and begged to be allowed to keep the Home Treatment going. “no, you’ve done it to yourself” was his irascible response. Whereupon he then told us all, the Team included, all sitting in on Olly’s sofa and listening with lowered eyes, of Olly’s detailed suicide plan. Olly was totally shamed. The psychiatrist then got up, slammed shut his diary, and walked out. Olly stood respectfully, shook hands with all the Team, and apologised humbly to them for wasting their time. He later bought a box of chocolates and bottle of wine for the PSW who he had been working with in Home Treatment. A few days later he made his first suicide attempt but it didn’t work. A new Care Co-ordinator PSW was appointed and occasionally visited. When Olly open his front door, this man, witnessed by Olly’s dad, would say “still alive then Olly, not dead yet!” And, “ if you’d REALLY meant to kill yourself, you’d have cut an artery.”

    A few weeks later, in AKATHISIC agony on Sertraline and Olanzapine, having been taken cold turkey by the psychiatrist off Venlafaxine at the time of the first interview, Olly made a better job of it. We noted in his diary he had another appointment due with the ‘Care’ Co-ordinating PSW a day or so later…

    Thus ended the life of a good, loving son, and, as it happened, a very sensitive, caring and academically extremely bright and able young man, who had achieved such a lot in his short life. Who, we feel, was hypnotised into believing that if he stayed in the world, he was in for a terrible life, he had brought it all on himself, etc. We witnessed all these exchanges. We are not relying on them being reported to us by our son. He had kept going against all odds for 11 years, driven on by hope. During this last session with the new psychiatrist, hope had been hypnotically snuffed out.

    Afterwards we eventually saw the carefully doctored Notes. Reading these, when we submitted our Complaint, the GMC decided they did not need to press the NLP head trainer of a psychiatrist to comment on his behaviour, Olly was blamed, along with us, for the sudden stoppage of all meds including the Venlafaxine, whereas we witnessed him being told by the psychiatrist to do so ‘ as he was not depressed.’ So that was a lie. There were others too, carefully dropped into the written narrative. The only comment from the GMC was that the psychiatrist’s language was not well chosen. The rest of the MH Team were unavailable as witnesses, or if they could have been, they declined to be able to recall what was said. We went to the CEO of the NHS Trust, a trusted physician and campaigner backing us, but she swept our concerns aside and branded our son as ‘immature.’ Afterwards, others, also having received the same treatment from the psychiatrist, offered us their accounts too, but then became afraid and backtracked, they still needing NHS treatment in the same Trust. There is fear everywhere.

    The hypnotic effect of the damning words the psychiatrist uttered, on that fateful day, we feel sure took away any hope of recovery our son had. Plus the reliance by brainwashed doctors on prescribing antidepressants according to Guidelines to ameliorate Accutane damage, which had made our son so vulnerable. Rendering him prey to the final hypnotic attack. A wounded animal, desperate, broken, hopeless. And we stood by, helpless, sidelined, with nowhere to turn.

    Don’t think our story is unique, we’ve heard similar accounts lots of times since, when we’ve been speaking to others, bereaved by suicides. The unusual bit, and this is why I write it here, is the hypnotic NLP connection. I am sure Paul McKenna, who is not medically trained, would have more care about how he uses his hypnotic gift. But hypnosis in the hands of an arrogant psychiatrist, puffed up with a great sense of a Messiah-like importance, feeling that he does not need to listen to anyone or anything but his own brilliance, can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

  7. This is so true, I am struggling trying to teach my colleagues and NP/PA’s exactly what your article is saying about Mesmer.
    They start an antipsychotic drug, 3 weeks letter the patient claims severe anxiety (it is just accumulation of the medication due to long half life and development of Akathisia), they add an anti-anxiety that helped a little bit, then add and SSRI because they have moderate anxiety, they become sick with muscle spasms, mydriasis, hyperreflexia. Medical can not understand or have a clue why they have those symptoms. Patient is assess by me, I get them off everything and he goes back to normal.
    We are treating symptoms and causing a myriad of symptoms that we start treating with no understanding of the cause.
    Is massive iatrogenia and the patient is given a new diagnosis and more pills (we never see our mistakes or understand the role of medication in their complaints). There is no knowledge of psychopharmacology and massive patients’ suffering.

    • It’s so great to read your response Manuel . (what is an NP/PA/?) – hopefully more will follow your example – has there been any opposition

    • Thank you Manuel.

      This describes exactly what destroyed the health, happiness and future for our enchanting loved-one, when SSRI induced AKATHISIA was misdiagnosed as “psychotic depression”.

      The SSRI was given inappropriately for exam stress. There was never any depression .

      The neurological toxicity was exacerbated by enforced, inappropriate psychotropic drugging.

      There were classical physical signs of progressive brain injury.

      These were denied, and my family was ridiculed for suggesting that their drugs were causing irreversible adverse reactions.
      They would not listen to me, even though I was a physician.

      Neurological, endocrine, thermo-regulatory, metabolic, gut, urinary tract and integumentary/skin and other injuries, due to compulsory “medication”,
      are not fully resolved as we approach six years after completing medically initiated and supervised, extended tapered withdrawal.

      After withdrawal there was progressive, linear recovery, as you describe, but the severity of the injuries meant that this took place over many years.
      Recovery of intellectual capacity, and the re-appearance of personality, humour, and return of the ability to walk, to talk and to smile are greatly valued.

      “There is clear evidence linking the negative withdrawal effects of psychiatric drugs with misdiagnosis and addition of inappropriate medication”.

      “Doctors need to be made much more aware of these effects, and more research needs to be undertaken to understand their prevalence and the true risks of psychiatric drug use”.

      (Council For Evidence Based Psychiatry – 2014).

      This is an equally valid observation for the induction and maintenance of psychiatric drugs.

      Her “doctors” were confused and angered with her unrecognised iatrogenic deterioration.
      Their response was an endless cascade of psychotropic drugging with “cold turkey” withdrawals, pauses, new drug introductions, and the serial addition of new “diagnostic” labels-for-life.

      You state: “There is no knowledge of psychopharmacology and massive patient suffering”.

      That was our experience until a locum consultant listened to me, agreed there was toxicity, and explained the need for extended, cautious, protracted withdrawal.

      Soon afterwards, an independent, internationally recognised expert in psychopharmacology was to endorse that ADRs were the underlying cause/ aetiology.

      Had the above consultations not happened, I believe that the continued pharmaceutical injury would not have been survivable.

  8. Prof. Peter Gøtzsche‏ @PGtzsche1 21h

    Allowing almost half of the authors to receive financial support from the company whose product is being reviewed does not boost people’s confidence in Cochrane’s motto, “trusted evidence.” See abstract of 11 April article here:  @cochranecollab

    our well-founded criticism3 of the prestigious Cochrane HPV vaccine review.6

  9. Heidi Larson‏ @ProfHeidiLarson Apr 8

    Maybe #antivax websites will just disappear in time? … via @BBC_Future

    Heidi Larson‏ @ProfHeidiLarson Apr 12

    Reverse global #vaccine dissent.Needs #Tech.#SocialScience.and #Ethicists.

    Reverse global vaccine dissent

    Heidi J. Larson
    William S. Schulz

    Science  12 Apr 2019

    To mitigate the globalization of vaccine dissent, while respecting legitimate sharing of concerns and genuine questions, a mix of relevant expertise is needed. Technology experts, social scientists, vaccine and public health experts, and ethicists must convene and take a hard look at the different roles each group has in addressing this challenge. It needs everyone’s attention.

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