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October, 28, 2013 | 6 Comments


  1. I think its quite obvious to most people now that drug companies and regulators are not interested in looking out for our safety as much they should be and just do not care about the harm that their products can do to people, profit is far more important to them. This is why its important for patients to report any side effects to “INDEPENDANT” websites such as RXISK.ORG and to always look at patient reviews on independent websites, you will always get a far more honest picture. Having trust and faith in the drug companies and regulators landed me up in prison, I can never ever fully trust them again.

  2. not into booze much, but I did discover, taking SSRI’s – zoloft – that I had no feelings…could not cry when my favorite doggie died last year…so I quit…it is a tough and emotional couple of months when you stop, but now I do cry….for joy and for sadness…much rather be alive than be a robot…thanks for your excellent work.


    I have filled in this questionnaire from The Guardian today.

    My answer to No. 10 (how appropriate, are you listening Dave) is as follows:

    GP advises one every other day and stop Seroxat.
    Side-effects: Whooshing in head, chronic fatigue, head zaps, nightmares, sweating, dizziness, shaking, trembling, palpitations, inability to function, stupor, bedridden for months, terror, mania, hallucinations, aggression, violence upon myself after six weeks off and starting again.
    Admitted to mental hospital with chronic akathsia from withdrawal at my request.
    Admitted to city hospital three days later after suicide attempt from Seroxat withdrawal.
    I was given Diazepam, Librium and Ativan and beta-blockers by a gp who did not know what she was doing with sudden cold turkey from this anti-depressant and I paid a heavy price.
    GlaxoSmithKline who produce Seroxat have legal proceedings against them.
    It is known as Paxil in the USA where lawsuits have been won because of aggression, violence and suicide.

    A window of opportunity….The Guardian are welcome to talk to me………

  4. It isn’t that surprising regarding the lack of interest by GSK. The present government is using the company as a role model as to how British companies should be run. Think there are concerns high up that a little investigation could open up the Pandora’s Box.

    Since speaking out about a certain other late Consultant Psychiatrist, (who also appeared on Panorama years ago) and the way he conned patients into taking SSRIs, then added anti-psychotics etc etc, my life has been turned upside down. And I’m not from the profession, just a patient who realised what was going on. There is a genuine fear even today among NHS staff on the whole issue, who still won’t speak. out.

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