Sex Antidepressants and Neo-Liberalism

February, 24, 2020 | 9 Comments


  1. Thanks again!

    This wonderful lecture just gets better and better with each gifted delivery.

    Better still : –

    The visionary concept of presenting such wisdom, and vital insight into the distortion of data and the ghost writing of industry sponsored clinical trials, to these French journalists was perfect.

    I would love to have heard their responses. They cannot have heard many (if any) doctors speak with such vision and understanding.

    We must now hope that some of them may find the courage and commitment to follow in Shelley Jofre’s footsteps.

  2. I wonder how many, in your audience, in Grenoble, took up the offer to translate, your new short book … and receive the royalties … that was a generous offer and would have given ‘the translator’ the whole ‘Manifesto’ of The Decapitation of Care …

    Not lost in translation.

    In the same way, how do the Ghostwriters ‘make peace with themselves’ when they Ghostwrite data given to them by pharmaceutical companies – ascertaining the data versus bending the data

    Why do you suppose ghostwriters, ghostwrite. Is it for the money, for the acclaim, kudos..

    I don’t suppose many ghostwriters expected to be held to account as they ghostwrote

    Certainly, I don’t suppose companies like GlaxoSmithKline expected their ghostwriters to be all over the BBC on four Panorama programmes about Seroxat.

    And yet, there has been no apology from these ghostwriters on Study329
    The most discussed, talked about, study of ghosting, to hit any airwave…

    Back to Grenoble, an interested audience, and us, ‘Entrefuir’ ‘Hearsay’ and ‘Risk Factors’, we should ask them to pad all over

    and ask, how do companies, like this, get away, with the misrepresented data that has not only cost the company, but, has severely cost the consumer …

    Laurie Oakley says:

    September 18, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Annie, I know! I almost posted that here last night but it was just so insane I had to close my laptop.

    French to English

    “We must reweave the link between patients and doctors and beyond that, we must reduce the place that algorithms hold in our lives. The recent accidents at Boeing seem to indicate that we cannot automate our tasks endlessly. We must create, in our lives, areas free of all procedures and all management. And make decisions through citizen assemblies and cooperatives.
    We have to go from “I think therefore I am” to “we decide, therefore we are”.

    English to French

    Essai clinique le plus tristement célèbre de médecine
    L’étude 329 avait tous les ingrédients d’un scandale…

    A tour de force …

  3. I am always amazed at the way you add bits of information to your talks and yet reiterate the important parts which become the ‘staple diet’, as it were, just incase the audience is hearing you for the first time. It would have been interesting to be able to see the faces in the audience – were they shocked? did they seem to believe what you had to say? I recall the gasps of horror when you first spoke in Prestatyn! I do feel there is a lesson in this for us. We’ve heard, and believed, what you have to say over many years now. We tend to forget that not everyone has heard. Therefore, like you, we SHOULD repeat the main points when we meet people, just incase they haven’t heard, or need to recall, the facts.

    I hope they didn’t take your comment about Brexit and the English too seriously! – after all, we fellow Celts are thrown in the mire here too. Between the floods and Brexit we are in a sorry state and in need of your sympathy!

    On a more serious note, you spoke of your ‘peak flow’ ( lung function!). I would not like people to think too lightly about their peak flow as it can be dangerous for some to do so. I appreciate that many GPs hand out ‘relievers’ very lightly, without finding out whether a patient is asthmatic or not. My suggestion, in that case, would be to accept the prescription but to use the inhaler ONLY in emergencies. Peak flow readings are just a part of finding an asthmatic person. Oxygen levels in your body are far more important. Put together, they can lead to a better understanding of the problem and a prescription for ‘treatment’. We should, of course, remind anyone at this point that, if offered Montelukast/ Singulair, to think VERY CAREFULLY before accepting! As for your peak flow David, I bet it’s higher than mine as, despite ‘treatment’, they cannot get mine to a level that pleases them – but I’m happy with it and, in my book, that’s what counts!

  4. Over the past few months there have been more and more articles about antidepressants, in the media and in journals, which tell a story closer to the one readers of this blog recognise. Very pleased to see this in the BMJ Editorials 27/02:
    “Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction: An important iatrogenic condition, recognised by regulators”

  5. As I read it, we have this Gulf … love a duck…

    ‘Unfulfilled Drama’ from The Lancet

    Simon Wessely

    Fast tracked @TheLancetpaper on the psychological impact of quarantine (can be severe) and what can be done to reduce it (a lot) #Covid_19 #mentalhealth
    @KingsCollegeLon @NIHRresearch

    The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence

    ‘If the quarantine experience is negative, the results of this Review suggest there can be long-term consequences that affect not just the people quarantined but also the health-care system that administered the quarantine and the politicians and public health officials who mandated it.’

    Psychiatrists have nothing better to do than perceive more problems than are warranted; quarantine has numerous problems and psychiatry has even more problems … there is a persistent intent here …

    I will do my quarantine, if psychiatry will back off –

    The Decapitation of Care…

    Kristina K. Gehrki@AkathisiaRx 1h

    Simon Wessely@WesselyS 1h

    Here we go again. “ it is merely psychological”…but “the condition is physical-not just made up by patients”. How many times can journalists keep writing this stuff? Forever it seems.

    Kristina K. Gehrki

    Replying to @WesselyS 1h

    Similar denials have occurred and still occur re. prescription-drug-induced disorders to include #akathisia. Still waiting for a systemic show of concern and action to help #prescribers recognize akathisia and reduce avoidable deaths.

    Kristina K. Gehrki

    I have many reasons to believe future publications by @SamizdatHealth
    will be eye-opening, riveting and transformational. Trust me on this declaration…

    • “I will do my quarantine, if psychiatry will back off” –

      “There is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual content”.

      Joseph Goebbels.

  6. Re Wikipidia – not the font of all knowledge but there is a ref .-
    Wessely also has a long-standing interest in how normal people react to adversity, and what, if any, responses are appropriate. He was a co-author of an influential Cochrane Review showing that the conventional intervention for disaster survivors – to offer immediate psychological debriefing – was not only ineffective, but possibly did more harm than good.[59]

  7. To pick up on one part of the lecture re the relationship of politics with health , this was published in STATS today revealing
    how the pharma companies are aiming to turn a crisis into an opportunity .Citizens groups have had some success in making pharma companies the most loathed in USA

    The coronavirus could help pharma reset its reputation in Washington
    By NICHOLAS FLORKO @NicholasFlorkoMARCH 3, 2020
    Trump, Coronavirus Task Force
    President Donald Trump leads a meeting with the White House Coronavirus Task Force and pharmaceutical executives at the White House on Monday.

    WASHINGTON — The coronavirus outbreak could be the pharmaceutical industry’s ticket to saving its reputation in Washington.

    Already, the fervid crusade to contain the epidemic refocused a White House meeting centered on high drug prices onto the industry’s ostensibly more commendable work to develop vaccines and therapies that target the virus. And there are early indications the industry is leveraging the shift in the conversation: new ads from the industry trade group PhRMA, featured recently in several D.C. health policy newsletters, implore readers to “See how the industry is helping.”

    It comes just months after a September poll showed the pharmaceutical industry is the most loathed in America, and as more and more lawmakers signal an interest in once-radical policies to rein in drug companies’ pricing tactic

    “It’s like a reset button for them,” said Pallavi Kumar, a communications professor at American University who previously did communications for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. “In times of crisis people want heros, even if those heroes were villains in the past.”

  8. A Sense of Perspective …

    Juan Gérvas

    coronavirus #COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 Tom Jefferson. 1/ Lack of institutional credibility and 2/ will there be a serious and concentrated international effort to understand the causes and origins of influenza-like illnesses and the life cycle of its agents?…

    Tom Jefferson: Covid 19—many questions, no clear answers

    March 2, 2020

    Always good to hear from Tom..

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