Rock, Stone, Crack – Disappear

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  1. “Rock paper scissors”

    If you choose Rock, you will win against Scissors but lose against Paper.

    If you choose Scissors, you will win against Paper but lose against Rock.

    If you choose Paper, you will win against Rock but lose against Scissors.

    Silent Night – in the Vatican

    Leonie Fennell says:

    December 24, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks for telling Shane’s story .. next year it will be a decade, one that I can’t believe I survived. Who knew, a broken heart can be patched up and although permanently bleeding, can be survivable – just. Despite all else, such as Irish psychiatry and the usual idiocy/snobbery of GPs who continue to justify ‘antidepressants’ as wholly deserving of their label, Dr Healy believed in Shane (and by inference in me). No words can ever explain how that felt – thus, what others said never mattered one iota. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was perfectly nice – and perfectly f*cking useless, as was the Pope. Sticking one’s neck out, like David Healy did, goes beyond religion. However, it seems Judas is alive and kicking – and Shane and the numerous iatrogenic victims, have the boot marks to prove it.

     In retrospect, it’s difficult to see how the doctors couldn’t see an adverse reaction so obvious?

    It is a sad state of affairs when we victim families, as the Fennells, are the ones left to the heavy lifting in raising awareness to the dangers of these drugs through anecdotal stories and not properly conducted clinical trials with unbiased & unhidden data.

    So, my heart is with Shane’s mom with her feelings of guilt. I live with this same guilt every day.

    Neil Carlin
    Oakville, ON

    • Canada

      David Carmichael, Executive Director of Canadians for Vanessa’s Law, will be launching a cross-Canada tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 7, 2022, which will end on June 23, 2022 in Victoria, British Columbia. His personal tragedy, which he will talk about on the tour to help prevent similar family tragedies, provided the basis for the CTV W5 episode The Problem with Pills, which aired on October 9, 2021.

      Know Your Drugs – Tour

      Prescription drug side-effects: How they’re vastly under-reported and one man’s tragic, cautionary tale

      OAKVILLE, ONT. — David Carmichael wants his nightmare to be a warning to Canadians: know your drugs.

      In a statement to W5, the makers of Paxil, Glaxo-Smith-Kline state: “The tragic circumstances of this case serve as an important reminder that depression and other mental illnesses are serious disorders. The scientific evidence does not establish that Paxil causes homicidal, psychotic, or violent behavior.”

      Carmichael Case

      With respect to the legal case involving David Carmichael,

      David Carmichael
      18 December at 22:15 · 

      TONIGHT at 7:30pm EST, CTV W5 is going to air “The Problem with Pills,” which is based on my 2004 family tragedy. The W5 team has already promoted my 20 City cross-Canada tour, which I’m determined to start on April 7 in Halifax after postponing it three times because of COVID restrictions. It would be great if you encouraged people you know who “blindly trust” doctors to watch this W5 episode.

      The Oakville, Ont. man believes his psychosis was triggered by the antidepressant Paxil. His wife, Beth says, “He was a loving father. He was a good man. We did everything with the kids. And then the drug came into the picture and it was all taken away.”

      • Thanks Annie,

        “Depressive psychoses are vanishingly rare compared with treatment induced akathisia”.

        Let’s hope this important mission over-achieves its vital life-saving, family preserving objectives.

  2. I am not a Catholic but a word for Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who has spoken out courageously

    Of course, the ethically minimal Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (who sounds like a character from Bunyan) has joined in the hate fest in the guise of love thy neighbour – and as if could actually tell us what is in these products and what they do. The oil dealer has just changed trades for snake oil.

    • I think Carlo Maria has been watching too much Great Reset. I think people – Jorge and Carlo included – don’t realise how insane a bureaucratic apparatus can be.


  3. Why did Carlos Marion die? I rarely cry but confess to shedding a tear upon hearing the shocking news that Carlos (A singer in Il Divo known world wide) had died. I actually saw him perform 6th Dec last month, in Bath. This was their last ever performance Carlos was in good form and sung his heart out.
    According to multiple sources he fell ill the next day and was taken to hospital in Manchester, by 8th he was intubated and in a coma. Sources suggest he was in serious trouble less than 24 hours after performing in Bath.
    The cause of death is supposedly Covid. Despite Carlos being vaccinated J +J single dose. I don’t know if he had had a booster. Interestingly Carlos had had a respiratory infection (A serious one) in Dec 2019.He was prescribed anti-biotic which apparently caused problems with his tendons? It has been intimated that this had been Covid.
    How can you go from being one of the world’s finest and fittest baritone, to seriously fighting for your life from Covid less than 24 hours later?
    I Would imagine all performers are very Covid aware.. His death has shocked, saddened and puzzled me.

    • Anna

      It sounds like Carlos was given a fluoroquinolone antibiotics for the infection in 2019 – these cause all the problems you outline here. One question I hadn’t thought about was whether prior FQ treatment might make someone more susceptible to Covid problems


      • I feel that the “unknowns” surrounding Covid are, if anything, more troubling than the virus itself! How is it that some members of a family will get it but others, in the same household, sharing everything as per normal, do not. I know of one family where one person has the virus now, for the second time in about 6 months or so, lives at home with his mother and she proves negative every time. If it is so terribly infectious, how is this happening?
        I am now getting mobile phone texts telling me ( not reminding – these are commands!) to go for my booster jab. It is getting beyond ridiculous!
        I see on Twitter that there is talk of visits to the unvaccinated people of England – doorstep team visits to offer (???) the vaccine!

        • They have already started it early on in one area Mary (sorry I have forgotten where exactly but in England) The local fire service was given the right to knock on doors to ask whether people had been vaccinated – under the guide of doing fire safety check ups which people had not asked for either. It seemed entirely official and caught people out of the blue with no prior information about the scheme and the enquiry by the fire fighters about vaccinations was introduced as an ‘by the way’ have you had the vacc.? as an add on to the safety checks. . The local GPs had given the fire service the names and addresses of people to call on = without their consent. Apparently this was all legal.

      • Dear all,
        I thought you would like to know. A few hours ago I read a Press release from Carlos’ sister Rosa Marin

        The sister of Carlos Marín, from IlDivo, speaks to ABC: “He will be buried in his favorite Armani suit”

        Last Sunday Carlos Marín,the Spanish voice of ‘Il Divo’, died in a Manchester hospital where he was admitted on the 7th with serious respiratory problems. After his death, many have been the national and international media that have speculated with the true causes of death.

        Rosa Marin,sister of the singer, wanted to talk to ABC to qualify the information published and confirm that, in fact, the Madrilenian was hospitalized for coronavirus:«My brother has died because he was infected with COVID in its DELTA variety», he affirms emphatically.
        In conversation with this newspaper, Rosa recalls that Carlos “at the end of 2019 was infected in Los Angeles with a virus that caused pneumonia.
        The doctors treated him with a very strong new antibiotic, whose side effects could crystallize the tendons in one person in a thousand and so, but my brother was unwell and agreed to be treated with that antibiotic. He was cured(we suspect it could be coronavirus in its first strains in the US),but unfortunately the tendon in both feet crystallized and had to be operated. There he still had slight sequelae of the pneumonia he caught in the US so they had to treat him for two more days to stabilize his oxygen in his blood.”
        After leaving the hospital, Rosa guarantees that her brother “was vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine with a single dose because this vaccine only required one dose.” Getting vaccinated allowed him to fulfill his professional commitments until, stopping in Manchester, he began to feel unwell: « He tried tomake himself strong and endure the pull, but finally he had respiratory difficulty so he asked to be taken to the hospital. When he arrived, they tested him and determined that he was COVID.”
        After the diagnosis, little or nothing could be done by one of our most international voices: “his lungs were already very compromised, so despite having received the best treatment that exists, his lungs could not overcome it”. He was not alone, by his side a member of his family was able to “be with him, shaking his hand until his light went out.”
        It will be in the coming days when a wake is installed so that, anyone who wishes, goes to say goodbye to Carlos Marín.
        The family asks that “the assigned schedules be respected, as there will be times when only family and close friends will be allowed to enter.” In this sense, Rosa confirms the most difficult information about the transfer of the body to our country: “It will arrive in Spain in a sealed coffin because it is COVID, so it will not be able to be opened for the wake, but let everyone know that Carlos will be dressed in his favorite Armani suit, which he used for the performances, that I may go to presentable heaven to go sing now with the angels.”
        With great generosity, Rosa also shares with ABC readers her deepest feelings after the tragic outcome: “We miss you very much and ask that you please treat this information with the utmost respect. All her family, and Geraldine, are very grateful for all the support and demonstrations of affection that have been coming to us. Carlos is a very great person and at home we are all very proud of him.”

  4. Dr Healy,
    Thank you for your reply, so as I understand it, what happened in 2019 (See above) may have contributed to Carlos Martin’s hasty decline… Interestingly the above information is NOT widely available in the UK press, I found this comment in an Il Divo Fb group. Today the UK press is trying to suggest the Manchester NHS hospital may be too blame. So if the anti-biotic compromised his immunity, would that mean the Covid Vaccine was less affective? Some reports suggest he caught Covid in The Canary Islands on the 29th November. But I would have thought they would have been doing lateral flow tests daily, as they were performing to quite big audiences…

    • No one knows the answers to this at the moment. If we don’t start asking the questions we will never get to know the answers


      • According to Daily Mail

        Speaking in the 2020 interview, Carlos said he came down with a fever while touring the US some time in early to mid-December 2019 and by December 12 or 13 had lost his sense of smell and was taking cold baths just to keep his temperature down.

        A doctor gave him antibiotics and cortisone to treat the fever and some swelling, and Carlos said he went on to do three more shows in California before flying home from San Diego to Spain.

        By the time he arrived home, Carlos was suffering a rare side-effect of the antibiotics which affected his tendons and on arrival at the airport could barely walk.

        He ended up being admitted to hospital on December 25 for emergency surgery after one of his tendons snapped, and was still running a fever, coughing continuously and felt like he was suffocating if he tried to talk.

        While being kept in hospital after surgery, Carlos said he passed out after his oxygen levels dropped too low.

        ‘I was told that if I didn’t react I would be intubated,’ he said. ‘Although luckily I didn’t have to be. My body reacted in the end.

        ‘I left hospital on December 31 that year. The first test I did was four months later in April. The antibodies showed up as high… during one of the tests a doctor told me that with the level of antibodies I had, I must have had Covid.

        ‘It was all the classic symptoms, a 41.5 fever, pneumonia, loss of smell and taste, everything. I was lucky I didn’t pass over to the other side.’

        Comment: fluoroquinolone antibiotics (e.g. ciprofloxacin) especially when combined with steroids (“cortisone”) are recognised to lead to tearing of the Achilles tendon in the heel. It is concerning that despite having probably survived one episode of Covid infection and being subsequently vaccinated, he went on to develop a rapidly progressing illness to which he quickly succumbed. Perhaps for some reason his immune system was suppressed.

    • Anna, I, too, read that the hospital in Manchester was at fault. Unfortunately, here in the UK, it is quite common to stand outside your door once a week to give a “clap of thanks” for the NHS – and then stab them in the back once something like this happens. So much is being hidden from us – especially about Covid and the vaccines etc. that we hardly know who/what to believe any more.
      I have just read a most interesting book about these hidden facts – it is called “Unveiling the Covid-19 Leviathan” by Sofie Ostvedt. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle. A worthwhile read.

  5. How could Carlos have appeared fit and well, clearly using his lungs singing his heart out Monday evening to saying to his ex wife Tuesday that he did not think he was going to make it? After his huge scare in 2019 one would have thought daily Covid tests were a must. Maybe even a Re-think about potential exposure. His lawyer suggested he caught Covid Nov 29th in the Canaries, so why on earth did he then perform in South End, Brighton (4th) The performance in Bath was scheduled for the 5th,and then rescheduled for the 6th..suggesting maybe he was struggling. How could he continue singing at that level if he had Covid. They were supposed to perform in Hull on the 7th,so not sure why they went to Manchester? They speculation that the Intubation on the 8th went wrong. Carlos’s ex wife says he was scared of not surviving the intubation. So many unanswered questions, that the Covid obsessed Media are not asking or following up on. Il Divo have millions of followers, maybe the Spanish press are asking questions. I shall watch his funeral service online today.
    Just so sad him and thousands of others didn’t ‘beat’ Covid

  6. Why is no-one asking why Carlos Marin died? Not the Media, Not his family, especially not his fellow Il Divo bandmates. Online there have been literally thousands of tributes, condolences. Online millions of fans have expressed grief, disbelief, deep sorrow at Carlos ‘s untimely death. No-one seems outraged, generally accepting that he caught Covid and died fighting it, in a hospital in Manchester UK. Simon Cowell is quoted as offering to fly Carlos back to Spain where his family feel he may have been saved. To me some unanswered questions include :Why given his near death experience in 2019 was he not ultra careful over catching Covid, including booster shot s and daily lateral flow tests?
    Why did he delay going to hospital?
    Were management forcing him to perform knowing he was ill?
    Why has there been no media coverage of the Funeral (Monday 28th) Why were David, Sebastian, Urs not there, Why no media coverage of the family and fans visiting the Chapel of rest (It was advertised that fans were allowed to view the coffin 4pm-8pm Monday.
    Thousands of fans posted literally thousands of images of Carlos in Fb forums, he was a good looking, slim guy, however I noticed both in person and in online footage taken in the last 6 months Carlos had put on alot of weight especially around his stomach area and for me in the face.. To me his ‘moon like’ face seemed more than the result of lockdown weight gain. Steroid Medication I believe can cause ‘Moon face’ maybe he had a form of cushing’s. Carlos prided himself on his good looks and would have tried to get in shape for a tour. The other guys were in shape… What are they trying to hide and why?

  7. I submitted a comment asking a few questions on a Daily Mail forum, my comment was accepted but did not appear in print.. I was given no reason why my comment was declined.

  8. None of the above questions have been raised, let alone answered. The absolute silence from all invested parties is to me astonishing.
    Il Divo have resumed touring, with a guest baritone. There is rightly a huge amount of sadness and grief surrounding Carlos demise. The narrative is let’s remember all those who died from Covid, friends, family, colleagues. Let’s remember the heroes treating them…. What could we have learnt about the virus, especially given his prior Covid history… What could Carlos have done differently or was his death inevitable…

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