Righteous Anger

July, 11, 2020 | 8 Comments


  1. Let’s Go Samizdat


    The scope of this report is suicide in adults, dealing specifically with people over the age of 18 in community and in-patient settings. It addresses the management of self‑harm and suicide across the UK. We are aware that self‑harm and suicide are societal issues, subject to government policy, suicide prevention strategies and NICE guidelines on self‑harm.


    Let’s Go



    Reviews and Riffs – Putting a ‘Spanner’ in the ‘Works’…

  2. Akathisia – The Taboo Terminology


    This is what happens when doctors become overconfident, when the whole cabal falls on it’s feet; with these shocking statistics and RCP endorsing the prescribing of antidepressants to the little people..

    Shock NHS figures show 703 anti-depressants prescriptions given to one-year-olds

    EXCLUSIVE: Figures cover England from 2015 to 2019 as it is revealed infants are routinely prescribed the drugs to stabilise their moods, as 1,572 under fives in total are recorded to have been referred


    – reflecting a degree of Righteous anger at a corruption of something sacred

    Dee Doherty

    · 18 Apr 2018

    Abuse does lasting harm. Denial and cover-up by those in power compounds the harm. If Pope Francis can admit he screwed up, what about the various Popes of psychiatry?

    The Samizdat Umbrella of Books cries out for Readership..

  3. Something is amiss with CR229

    Kristina K. Gehrki

    Strategic Communicator. Public Health Advocate. Educator. Humanist: I share Natalie’s prescribed torture & death with the hope other children might live.

    Kristina K. Gehrki

    4/4 For years I’ve read countless tweets by @rcpsych @ProfLAppleby & alleged #suicide prevention/med professionals claiming they didn’t know or need more info. Their recent report omitting akathisia info isn’t willful blindness–it’s sadistically criminal.

    ‘It is my view that it is unforgivable for ‘Suicide Prevention’ programes/initiatives/strategies/policies to ignore learning from life.’


    You have to wonder if at some point legal action needs to be taken when so much has been offered to RCP and it is carefully orchestrated to avoid at all costs anything resembling transparency.

    Either collectively or individually, RCP are creating a massive crater in which to pile the bodies and this needs at some point to be taken extremely seriously… this body is not fit for purpose.

    The likes of Sir Professor Simon Wessely with his hotline to the BBC; Today, FM, Newsnight, and Wendy Burn with her prognostic letter to The Times newspaper, for which she has never apologised.

    This is a scandalous situation in which the UK finds itself…

    • The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine: Chapter 8.




      Thank you Jon Jureidini and Leemon B. McHenry.

      The Samizdat Books read so far are courageous, meticulous publications which endorse and define the tragedy of Evidence De-Based Medicine.

      (Clinically significant AKATHISIA occurs in 20% OF THOSE TAKING SSRIs/SNRIs: —
      How does a prescriber diagnose AKATHISIA in an infant or toddler, even if they have heard of AKATHISIA)?

  4. Trump’s vaccine chief picks his own former employer—where he still holds millions worth of stock—for $2.1 billion deal

    July 31, 2020

    “You can’t have a contractor supervising government officials.”


    Elizabeth Warren

    It is a huge conflict of interest for the White House’s new vaccine czar to own $10 million of stock in a company receiving government funding to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Slaoui should divest immediately. statnews.com/2020/05/15/tru…

    Anyone rumbling Sir Patrick Vallance whose ‘Career’ at GlaxoSmithKline is kept ‘under wraps’ –

    Sir Patrick Vallance, is the Chief Scientific Adviser in the United Kingdom and a key figure in dealing with the coronavirus in the UK and the plans for a vaccine. Vallance worked for GSK between 2006 and 2018. By the time he left GSK he was a member of the board and the corporate executive team. Fines took place while Vallance was working as a senior figure at GSK.


    It did not admit any wrongdoing related to reporting clinical trial data in Paxil.

    Dr. Vallance said that the panel would be composed of experts respected internationally, and researchers’ proposals would be accepted even if the release would cast the drugs in a negative light.

    “We’ve been caught by some things in the past — I think we want to be clear on this,” he said.

  5. Just ordered a copy of the Malcharist by John Paul Scott


    Appropriately timed in the current climate where your drug can be the last decision you ever make, and if I read it rightly, not having read it yet, what happens to the executives of the pharma companies and what happens to all those professionals who bigged up the drugs and what happens when we all come back down to earth…

    So far, I have a feeling that John Paul Scott may have not just lifted the lid, he may have lifted the skulduggery, rife in our midst. It sounds very exciting and if it is the swashbuckler, as promised, hope the Execs and the Profs get the taste of it…

    The Malcharist…

  6. Notes on a ‘Forthcoming’ Scandal..

    The debut novel from journalist and writer Paul John Scott


    It’s a neologism, a made-up word that can be read to mean “bad power,” “bad sacrament” or maybe even “bad spirit.” It hopes to ask whether medications are becoming like religious sacraments, secular rites that can provide moral comfort and even spiritual identity in the declining influence of religion and the fracturing of our politics. It also hopes to ask if we really know who created these sacraments, and whether their handiwork is good for us as human beings.

    Chronic pain: Antidepressants not painkillers recommended

    By Rachel Schraer
    Health reporter



    14 1.3.8

    Consider an antidepressant, either Duloxetine, Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Citalopram, Sertraline or Amitriptyline

    Safe prescribing and withdrawal management of prescribed drugs associated with dependence and withdrawal

    In development [GID-NG10141]Expected publication date: 17 November 2021


    Paul Chrisp, director of the Center for Guidelines at NICE on lunchtime BBC News today gave a wishy-washy narrative which could have been written on the back of a crisp packet.

    ‘The original Samizdat was an undergrounds messaging system in the Soviet Union where dissidents passed on writings – often on toilet paper.’

    John Paul Scott’s ‘neologism’ gives a Samizdat narrative which has much more flavour…

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