Please Don’t Empower Me Anymore

July, 7, 2014 | 9 Comments


  1. My former barber has crohns, I don’t see him anymore, he did not approve of my behaviour on ssri’s.

    Nothing it seems, necessarily is, what it supposedly was ment to be.

  2. Hello….
    I had IRS for 20 years.. I would often have to put a towel in my mouth, so people would not hear me screaming while toileting…
    I then came across NT-nourishing traditions….Weston Price…

    I immediately stopped cooking with rancid oil, stopped most processed food, and moved over to the traditional diet of the centuries of our fore-fathers….I was never a junk foodie.. I also never consumed soft drink. My IBS disappeared overnight…. I now consume fresh fruit/vege every day before meals, to alkaline/prepare my gut for the coming acidic food..

    I make my own kefir yoghurt, so nice and fresh and full of the good stuff… yoghurt in supermarkets has no goodies left in it, as it has been too long from making, to bottling, then consuming… I cook with butter and lamb fat, as one did for centuries….

    After the 1950’s people were told that natural food was bad for one and to consume food nearly devoid of nutrition..

    I have much more to say on the subject, and pharmaceuticals… They have left me in a bad state……I can get help(in USA), but the cost is totally prohibitive for a disability pensioner..I am finding more sites advocating real animal fats.. Even Doc Oz, a staunch LOW FAT devote, is now saying animal fats are ok..
    Regards Ingrid from Australia

  3. If love to hear more about humira causing cancer and if anything how much do you know about this? I have ankolosing spon and have refused humira although my sister also has Ak and took humira and now has stage 4 cancer. Please any further info on this would be great?

  4. “Short- to intermediate-term treatment with biologics (e.g. up to 4 years) appears to be very safe with respect to lymphoma risk, especially with TNF-α inhibitors in which their potential risks appear to be well defined. Continued vigilance is warranted, however, in the appropriate patient, the risk-to-benefit profile of psoriasis treatment with respect to lymphoma risk appears highly favorable.”

  5. I just had my 4 first injection 8 days ago…after having over 30 cm of bowel removed bag and stoma 8 months reversal 8 weeks ago…. no one told me …not one medical professional told me or warned me of the side effects….after reading different sites a d testimonies I gotta tell you….I’m scared of what it will do to me… .😔

    • I’ve been taking Humira for three years now with the only adverse side effect being bruising at the injection site.
      This article is correct in the idea that if you only have mild symptoms it may not be worth the risk. However, it fails to address that Humira and biologics like it have been used and researched for almost 20 years, and that for those of us with severe symptoms these types of medications are the only ones that will give us some type of relief.
      When I had concerns I went to my doctor with about 15 questions and she took the time to go through all of them so I had all the information and piece of mind. If your doctor isn’t willing to sit down and talk to you, I suggest finding a new doctor and not necessarily a new medication.

      This article also makes Abbvie out to be a money hungry corporation. In reality, I have NEVER PAID A PENNY for my three years of biologics through their patience assistance program. They have paid for all my medications and they set you up with a nurse and pharmacists you can talk to about your worries, side effects, and assistance for taking you first injection.

      Please don’t let biased articles such as this one scare you from getting your needed treatments.

      • I was starting to freak out after reading all the negatives about Humira. So glad I found uour comment! Just started Humira and feel horrible, but praying it works for a little while at least.

        • You have every right to freak out, Heather- this article is nothing compared to my actual experience on Humira. I’ve had Crohns for 23 years; for 10 of those years, I was in remission on Remicade- my life was perfectly normal and having Crohns wasnt something that I even thought about. Then, I was basically forced to start Humira bc they wouldn’t do my Remicade anymore.
          In the 15 short weeks I was on Humira, my Crohn’s spread from the sigmoid only to affecting my entire large bowel, parts of small, and the esophagus. Since the 12th week of treatment through this day, I’ve been hospitalized 5 times. I now have Non-alcoholic fatty liver and have become Cachexic (wasting syndrome)- I hardly recognize the 100lb skeleton in the mirror. Additionally, while still being treated, several internal fistulas began to develop. Now, they have all connected in one way or another and have created a large phlegmon that ‘communicates’ throughout my presacral and pelvic spaces.
          I’ve started Remicade again and the Crohns within my intestine has been under control, however, its too late for the extra-intestinal manifestations that occurred while on Humira. As a result, I’m having surgery in a week to do a diverting loop ostomy, and 3-4 months later, a second surgery to remove the rest of the large bowel and a full hysterectomy since the phlegmon involves the ovaries and tubes as well.

          My advice? Get imaging done as often as possible if you’re still in pain. If you find yourself beginning to feel ‘paralyzed’ from the hips down at times, or heaviness in the legs when walking, tell your Dr immediately. Hopefully, it will work well for you! I just feel compelled to warn people due to the rapid progression in my disease state that I experienced and the inability to reverse it because of how quickly the damage was done. Good Luck!

      • Thank you. I’m just starting humira for my psoriatic arthritis that isn’t responding as well to methotrexate alone. I can barely move my fingers and toes and my joints are always sore. If I don’t do something, my fingers will become permanently damaged and more unusable than they are now- as well as the rest of my joints. I get what the article is saying- that humira isn’t for those with managed symptom- but it is a bit over the top with the fear factor.

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