Please Don’t Empower Me Anymore

July, 7, 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. My former barber has crohns, I don’t see him anymore, he did not approve of my behaviour on ssri’s.

    Nothing it seems, necessarily is, what it supposedly was ment to be.

  2. Hello….
    I had IRS for 20 years.. I would often have to put a towel in my mouth, so people would not hear me screaming while toileting…
    I then came across NT-nourishing traditions….Weston Price…

    I immediately stopped cooking with rancid oil, stopped most processed food, and moved over to the traditional diet of the centuries of our fore-fathers….I was never a junk foodie.. I also never consumed soft drink. My IBS disappeared overnight…. I now consume fresh fruit/vege every day before meals, to alkaline/prepare my gut for the coming acidic food..

    I make my own kefir yoghurt, so nice and fresh and full of the good stuff… yoghurt in supermarkets has no goodies left in it, as it has been too long from making, to bottling, then consuming… I cook with butter and lamb fat, as one did for centuries….

    After the 1950’s people were told that natural food was bad for one and to consume food nearly devoid of nutrition..

    I have much more to say on the subject, and pharmaceuticals… They have left me in a bad state……I can get help(in USA), but the cost is totally prohibitive for a disability pensioner..I am finding more sites advocating real animal fats.. Even Doc Oz, a staunch LOW FAT devote, is now saying animal fats are ok..
    Regards Ingrid from Australia

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