Pla(u)to: The Car That Pharma Built

April, 10, 2012 | 2 Comments


  1. The current reasoning in the UK regarding ‘Health and Safety’ is, if it saves one life then stringent rules should be applied and are vigorously applied in the workplace, in schools, transport, etc. anywhere where there is a ‘Health and Safety’ issue the huge bureacratic Brussels machine kicks in and goes hell for leather to enforce ‘Health and Safety’ rules for citizens.
    We have all seen it and been a part of it and actually dislike it because we all feel it holds us back from getting on with our lives.
    The firemen who left the woman to die down a mineshaft because of ‘Health and Safety’ and who stood by and let her die because rules took over and blatant corporate manslaughter took place are currently being investigated because it was obvious that ‘Health and Safety’ rules had gone too far and common sense evaporated.
    So, my thinking here is that if clinicians are saying that if anti-ds save one life then all to the good and we, the victims and persecuted, are saying if they kill one life then these drugs should be recalled like a faulty car.
    One fault in a motor recall which caused a fatality is bad enough, but an increasing number of fatalities from this motor recall would certainly raise serious concerns about the manufacturer’s integrity and purpose in providing safe transport.
    Basically, it would not be allowed to continue.
    This arguement seemingly does not apply to anti-depressants.
    How many lives have been saved by taking an anti-depressant.
    How many deaths have occurred because the patient took an anti-depressant.
    If I was a pilot in an aeroplane that crashed due to a faulty engine and was then told but I was the pilot, it was my job to overcome this, then this is the position that I would have to argue.
    So, this is the position that I will argue until it is recognised and resolved that anti-ds can and do cause suicide.

    • I totally agree annie, If an everday drug such as paracetamol was doing this maybe someone would be up in arms. my take is that because these drugs are linked to a mental health problem no one takes us seriously.

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