Osama bin Laden saves millions of lives

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  1. Philip French

    Sun 24 Feb 2013

    The Observer


    This quietly devastating documentary is directed by a Canadian film-maker resident in India. It records how a remarkable group of dedicated men and women on four continents, including Desmond Tutu and Dr Yusuf Hamied (the enlightened head of the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla), worked and campaigned together to compel the world’s major pharmaceutical giants to make antiretrovirals (ARVs) available to people with HIV and Aids the world over as generic drugs. This co-operative triumph has saved millions of lives and much suffering. Unfortunately, Big Pharma, with their battalions of lobbyists in Washington, their chilling lack of social responsibility and their dedication to maximising profits, have retrenched. Working through the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (the Trips agreement), they’re defending their monopolies as strongly as ever. The film is a testament to human decency and a damning indictment of laissez-faire capitalism.

  2. This is a really interesting post/series.

    Perhaps there are much more incidents of “Shock Doctrine” pharma disaster capitalism than had been covered by Naomi Klein and of medical (apparent) “freakeconomics”.

    Wonder regarding prescription rates for the new “wonder” safe SSRIS etc in the collective shock and “terror “in the US following 9/11 also.

    Guardian review regarding how our economic system now depends upon transforming emergency relief, incarceration and the processing of asylum seekers into profits

    And of course, like the child refugees on the US Border, all the naturally traumatised and distressed by every increasing mainly socially created disaster we hear of in the news will need dangerous drugs which can cause suicide, violence, disasters etc. and for life (along with the iatrogenically destroyed/dependent millions no one cares to listen to).

    Requiring more prescriptions for the prescription consequent major national, regional, local, and family disasters and so on.

    Not, in fact, unlike how an atom bomb works…

  3. Nigeria’s deadly codeine cough syrup epidemic – BBC News – BBC.com
    30 Apr 2018 – With thousands in Nigeria addicted to codeine cough syrup, BBC Africa goes undercover to investigate.

    – the tactic of playing on womens’ fears when children become ill or even only potentially unwell is used so often .There may be a few facilities in parts of UK for people to get help if they’re lucky but impoverished Africans deliberately addicted by the usual culprits, or criminals ,count even less .Even if a few of the vile characters involved are imprisoned they are easily replaced , I wonder if there is any ‘modern’ society free of using citizens as commodities or of a lust for power – (good luck to the people of Hong Kong and elsewhere right now)or do we all have to spend our lives suspending belief that it could be a decent world one day.

  4. The Global Health Security Agenda





    The bureaucracy marches forward before your very eyes: almost no one sees it, almost no understands what it means – obviously it was already being formulated with the twin towers, and it crystallised with Obama and the White House in 2014. The meetings were held, the executive orders were made – liberty vanished without a blink: your body was not your own. The WHO declared the “vaccine hesitant” to be threats to world health (January 2019).

    Which country will “lead” the GHSA when Italy bows next month after 5 years of political upheaval in that country (thank you Barack). The power grab glides forward subliminally to the gaze of historians – the doubters conveniently categorised as right-wing troublemakers.


    • Thank you Annie. I noticed the word ‘vacinne hesitancy’ had crept into the propaganda – no doubt psychologists had advised this would not antagonise people as much as the use of ‘anti-vaccinators’. It’s not worked obviously ,Over news broadcasts recently the BBC and others are are doing their bit for the government with simplistic snippets mainly of number of deaths, but no discussion of the reaons people are concerned about vaccinations , messages designed to create fear,
      UCL has developed AI to ‘target’ people who miss appointments – how useful…Wonder if people can opt out of receiving their phone calls, texts, e-mails – maybe one day the vaccine police, sorry, concerned health workers, will be knocking at the door at night with a loaded needle.

      • Meanwhile (no connection of course):

        “Special educational needs crisis deepens as councils bust their budgets. Observer investigation reveals 30% rise in overspending against backdrop of a failure to meet demand for services

        “The funding crisis in special needs education is deepening, with council overspends on support for children with conditions including autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder rising by 30% in just a year, the Observer can reveal.

        “Figures sourced under the Freedom of Information Act from 118 of the 151 local authorities in England show that councils are expecting to overspend their high needs block budgets by £288m in 2019-20 – up from £232m in 2018-19. When money raided from mainstream schools budgets is included, however, these figures rise to £315m in 2018-19 and nearly £410m this year – a rise of almost 30% in the space of 12 months…

        “The huge council overspends are despite the government injecting £250m of emergency funding over two years into special needs education last December….

        “Anntoinette Bramble of the Local Government Association said: “Councils have seen rapid rises in demand for support following changes in 2014 which extended eligibility to the 16-to-25 age group. [Since then,] councils have overseen an increase of nearly 50% in children and young people with EHC [education, health and care] plans – or, in their previous form, SEN statements…”


  5. See Joe Rogan interview Bernie Sanders, an interesting interview from a pharmaceutical standpoint too. Listen to what Bernie says about pharmaceutical companies and how they ‘scam’ americans, my bet is that Bernie will NOT reach POTUS.

    ‘Neurodiverse’, yea, we all are, aren’t we?

    See George Carlin explain how shellshock became ptsd:


    Quote: “minimally exceptional”

    • whocaresinsweden.com

      Yesterday at 11:59 ·

      Är du läkare? Är din partner läkare?
      Här finns att läsa om riskerna med SSRI, antidepressiva medel – Peer Reviewed Journal Publications??

      Are you a doctor? Is your partner doctors?
      Here’s to read about the risks of ssris, antidepressants – peer reviewed journal publications



      Yesterday at 11:11 ·

      Det finns risker med antidepressiva/SSRI
      Stå tyst och låt det ske, eller agera!

      There are risks with antidepressants / ssris
      Stand quiet and let it happen, or act!


      Kicki Olsson De som har medicinen Vill de verkligen veta?………. translation

      Kicki Olsson Those who have the medicine do they really want to know?

      Think most people take away whatever you say el shows.
      Or this is what you’ve heard so many times-I would never make it without!
      – have you tried it?
      – yes and felt so bad
      – of course you did as you feel before is left when you don’t grab why or get help, easier for doctors to print medicine than to give cbt / therapy. + that utsättningssymptomen they can’t handle without help å many don’t even know it’s the medicine / El wants to believe it’s the one who makes them feel shit when they’re going to stop. A lot of people get helped by the but but more people feel more bad. How big is the unreported here in Sweden about ssris and suicide?

        • Ove,

          The last part was written as a comment following the notification sent out by whocaresinsweden.com on facebook.

          whocaresinsweden.com – Posts | Facebook

          You will need a facebook account to follow whocaresinsweden.com and there you can read, and also comment if you wish to..

          • OK! Well, facebook isn’t my thing, I’m sure you know how a Paxil user can look to outsiders…

            I was looking for other swedes with similar background.

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