Not the 2018 Sense about Science JM Prize Nominee

January, 15, 2018 | 7 Comments


  1. Re: James Coyne’s place on the blogroll of the respected online journal PLOS (Public Library of Science):
    There used to be a PLOS blog, Mind the Brain, with Coyne as the main contributor. It’s been shut down. Because of Coyne.

    They certainly did let him down gently:

    “PLOS honors James Coyne’s voice as an important one in peer-to-peer scientific criticism. As discussed with Professor Coyne in recent days, after careful consideration PLOSBLOGS has concluded that it does not have the staff resources required to vet the sources, claims and tone contained in his posts, to assure they are aligned with our PLOSBLOGS Community Guidelines.”

    In other words, the work it took to respond to all the (mostly very valid) complaints about Coyne was exhausting the PLOS staff. So they politely said, we really think you would be happier someplace else, James. In the world of corporate Human Resources, they sometimes call this being “counseled out” of your job. James now has his very own blog, which PLOS was generous enough to let him keep calling “Mind the Brain.”

    And that was BEFORE all the furor broke out around his comments on childhood sexual abuse!

  2. But Mind the Brain lives to say ..

    @CoyneoftheRealm 6h6 hours ago

    James C.Coyne Retweeted Venk Murthy MD PhD

    Journals try to crush dissent over dodgy editorial decisions. @plosone forbade me to discuss their caving to #PACE TRIAL authors in making exception to #datasharing policy. Then shut down my @PLOSblogs when I protested. But Mind the Brain blog lives to say ‘shame on PLOSOne.’

    6hrs ago…

  3. Thank you for this. I was fooled by him at first. Now, so much makes sense. Keep up the pressure. Simply unacceptable.

  4. What is wrong with James Coyne? I never heard of this guy until he started spamming a student and parent Facebook group. So I reported him to both the Facebook group admins and the university police via Twitter and now this complete LUNATIC is writing medium articles about me, posting and tagging me on LinkedIn, and even wrote a bogus rate my professor rating that I’m the worst professor in the entire COUNTRY. THIS GUY IS BAT SHIT CRAZY. I had initially forwarded his ranting on social media because he mentioned student and faculty by name, and with all the gun violence today you can’t just let this slide. This man is angry and I’m worried.

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