Neal Parker on AbbVie’s Mission to Discover New Diseases

September, 13, 2013 | 1 Comment


  1. Sara Osborne, Cancer Research UK’s head of policy, said; “Information from clinical trials should be published as soon as the results are shown to be reliable. This is vital for both patients and researchers.

    Read my lips – as soon as the results are shown to be *reliable*?

    Reliable – what a strangely weak word for totally safe, without a question of a doubt this drug will not harm you, there are clinical trials which have proven your drug is safe – Seroxat, Paxil Study 329 anyone – suicides, violence, aggression and we are talking about *reliable*……

    This is the New World of Sycophancy, they get it, but they, don’t get it….

    And no one puts it in the public/press spotlight and I don’t know why……….

    Is this secret underground *mole* movement going to come up from beneath soon?

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