Lives Touched by GSK

November, 25, 2013 | 7 Comments


  1. A shocking read and I think you may praise yourself lucky to have escaped from this study with only minor damage.

    I fully agree with you that GSK owns a lot to the victims of this trial and also to the millions who became addicted to PAxil/Seroxat (while literally writing in the lieaflet: “These pills are not addictive” and “Remember, you cannot get addicited to these pills”) and went through hell and beyond when trying to come off them.

    Unfortunately, GSK has not shown any signs of having even a rudimentary form of a conscience. They literally played down all side- and discontinuation effects, bribed doctors as well as regulators and mad it virtually impossible to issue a complaint about Paxil/Seroxat.
    All victims of suicide attempts or completed suicides after a withdrawal attempt were labeld as “depressed patients who did not want to take their medication for their depression”.
    I think this is a crime which can only be compared to the Holocaust and the GSK officials resonsible for this are among the worst criminals of this planet. I think they will never express even the slightest fomr of regret, and a lifelong prison time, while being put on Paxil for the first 5 years and then cold-turkied off would be the only punishemnt for their crimes!

  2. “just like diabetics need insulin.” yes this is what I was told by my Gp in 1997 after being on these drugs for 8 years . I came off in 2005 tapering over 3 months as instructed by the doc and here I am 8 years later and still suffering. The panic attacks I was treated for was nothing compared to withdrawl hell.!

    • What I simply don’t understand is why Doctors are still insisting on almost force-prescribing these medications and denying the very real and serious side effects they hold. They must be able to read what is currently known… what’s going on? They can’t all be in the pay of Pharma. So what is it?

      Sorry you’re still struggling Ruth

  3. Sir Andrew Witty is invited along to Desert Island Discs.

    Q: What made you enter the world of pharmaceutical drugs?

    A: I started young, I worked my way up to CEO.

    Q: You did very well, you have a Knighthood.

    A: Yes.

    Q: I have heard that an experiment with young children, went very wrong, for your company. I also heard that the fall out from this experiment, which went, very wrong, went totally out of control, over many years, leading to many deaths, for children and adults.

    A: Talk to my lawyers.

    Q: Oh….Kay…..What is your first choice of record?

    A: Rocket Man by Elton John

    Q: Oh….Kay…..what is your Luxury item:

    A: Bucketfuls of data on Paxil Study 329, and, a, spade.

    Q: Oh…..Kay…..what is your book?
    A: The Secret Diaries of Glaxosmithkline

    In the UK, we love our quintessential British humour.
    Call my Bluff, Sorry, I haven’t a Clue, Just a Minute….repetition, of the word, safe…..

    Britain really has *Got Talent*.

    I was going to write about the *perfect crime*, but Gotzsche, who is not gauche, and not backward in coming forward, said it all in his recent address to the world:


    And, us guinea pigs, in trials, or not in trials, are still being injured………?

    Come on mate, get a grip, what the hell do you think you are doing?

    • And the “Global Clinical Trial” does not involve record keeping, accountability, regulation etc. Harmful side effects including suicide are now simply filed under “anecdotes”

  4. Also, if the SSRI trials for Prozac, Sertraline and Paroxetine were only a few weeks long, than surely patients like myself, many of us ,who were made to stay on them for years, are also guinea pigs. Doesn’t that turn it into something far more sinister ie in respect of using mental health patients for what amounts to non-concensual experimentation?

    I’m a ‘survivor’ from Derbyshire, this is the tip of the iceberg.

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