If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler… Trick or Treat?

October, 23, 2017 | 10 Comments


  1. The Snake’s Pass ..


    Se una note d’inverno un viaggiatore


    “Reading Calvino, you’re constantly assailed by the notion that he is writing down what you have always known, except that you’ve never thought of it before. This is highly unnerving: fortunately you’re usually too busy laughing to go mad… I can think of no finer writer to have beside me while Italy explodes, Britain burns, while the world ends” (Salman Rushdie)

    Written in 1992, not 1984, I must get it!

  2. Well, that’s our Autumn reading well and truly covered by the looks of things. Sounds really interesting. Didn’t realise the Irish were so much into Hallowe’en though.

  3. Finding Dory ..

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    Kristina K. Gehrki‏ @AkathisiaRx 3h3 hours ago

    Congrats to my Irish friends for selfless advocacy. Remember the Irish proverb: Even a small thorn causes festering https://oireachtas.heanet.ie/hourly/seanad/seanad_20171018T092459.000003.mp4 …

    26.28 watch


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    Dee Mangin‏ @DeeMangin 19h19 hours ago

    Drug side effects are a huge issue #PSSD is one that needs collaboration so we created a RxISK prize to incentivize https://rxisk.org/prize/

    Coroners can’t give an open verdict in case of patients suing gps so men in pajamas jumping off bridges seem to have wives who thought it was normal ..


    Is Wendy the exception …

    Spearing Nemo ..

  4. They want my private phone no., they want me to go to Barcelona 2018, and, they give ‘enticing’ tips on marketing strategy .. 21c Stokers?

    Hi Annie,

    Have you decided if you’ll be joining us at Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe (London, November 2-3)?

    Takeda, Merck, Leo Innovation Lab, GSK, Ferring, Bayer, Boehringer, Eli Lilly, UCB, EMD Serono have all recently decided to join this year’s summit. We’re almost at capacity- this is your last chance to secure your place

    If you’re planning your 2018 marketing strategy, you’ll need to be here to learn about:

    Powerful conversations: Where psychological and social factors are as important as the clinical

    Tech time: see how mobile apps and data from wearables are feeding directly into EHRs and affecting behaviour

    The louder you shout; the less people hear: Discover why pharma’s route to success starts with listening

    The customer journey is king: why better visibility of patient touchpoints makes for more incisive, better targeted pharma marketing

    Register now to avoid missing out on the limited passes- Click here to secure your place

    Kind regards,
    Giselle Quartin
    Director  |  eyeforpharma

    Passing eye for pharma along…trick or treat?

    • I’m probably reading this wrong Annie, but are you trying to infiltrate the illuminati of drug worshippers? Haha, I would love to join. I could probably rent a pinstripe suit.

      But damnit, if it weren’t for my eyes, my eyes that shine like headlights of “SSRI-stare”, I could’ve blended in. They will spot me immediately.

      Borrowing a little inspiration from Springsteens “the Wrestler”:

      -“if you ever seen a mugshot of a drugged up looney starring back, if you ever seen such a mugshot, then you’ve seen me”


  5. And after Hallowe’en comes 1st ans 2nd November, ALL SOULS’ NIGHT, when last year so many of us lit candles beside photos of loved ones and posted them on the Internet. We were desperate to raise awareness of the damage done to so many still living souls, as well as so many that had passed, from prescribed medications which had had iatrogenic effects.

    Reviewing the situation a year later, especially in the light of the result of the Dolin case in Chicago and in the gathering exciting momentum around the RxISK PRIZE and all it is doing to raise the profile of PSSD, PFS and most needed of all PRSD, it could well be that our joining together in lighting our candles and sending out our positivity, has made a difference.

    So, please, all those who believe this could be so, join the rest of us lighting our candles for our living or lost loved ones this ALL SOULS’ NIGHT, and let’s give thanks for the marvellous strides our campaigns have made during this past year, and ask that with the innovation of the mind blowing RxISK PRIZE, even greater progress is around the corner. If you are lighting your candle, do please tell us.

    • Thanks indeed Susanne.
      I’m wondering if we could each post a picture of our candle and message on the RxISK Facebook page, if that would be acceptable to David Healy?

    • Candle, momentos, treasured gift from lost soul received when we were still able to share our joys together are all on standby for this spiritually powerful tribute.

      The tears released last year are no doubt also on standby.

      Thanks Heather.

  6. Thank you so much Tim for linking your light together with ours on Thursday 2nd November, and thank you to Dr Healy and RxISK for giving us this platform. It is so empowering and uplifting.

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