GSK’s Manifesto: Voyeurs of the World Unite!

October, 9, 2013 | 5 Comments


  1. Another day, another dollar.
    I love the phrase independent gatekeeper. It is lovely, it rolls off the tongue, it is exquisitely poetic, it has the respectable air of sweetness and light.
    Independent = on your own with Paxil Study 329 and secrecy and fraud
    Gatekeeper = the gates at GSK are locked to all visitors. Nobody will cross the threshold of our gates and nobody will talk to us and nobody will get an honest reply to any letters they send and we have built a fortress around us and nobody will penetrate it. And goody goody gum drops, we are supported by Messrs HM Government…..we did it, we survived, we paid For A Few Dollars More, but, another day, another dollar.
    Is it likely that The Invisible Man will come out of the closet clutching his trajectory plus folded paper or is it more likely that closet politics will impede his progress with flushing apparatus………

  2. “It’s inevitable that some will still worry that we are hiding something. Honestly, we’re not.”

    Maybe calling this “voyeurism” is giving GSK too much credit? As far as I know voyeurs don’t get involved, but at least they get to see real folks wandering around behind the curtains without benefit of Spanx. GSK’s offerings might be more like Playboy centerfolds. They look awfully “revealing” – but they’ve been posed, draped, backlit and god-knows-what-all else, after which any remaining reality-based flaws are airbrushed out of the picture. You will never meet anyone like this in real life, much less get involved, and the sooner you realize that the better for your health and sanity.

    I’d expect the same with GSK’s “detailed reports”: carefully hyped benefits and carefully minimized safety complications. Not a chance of getting the truth until they release the raw data – on demand, not just to “responsible” requestors! I hope the good folks at AllTrials will figure this out before too long.

  3. It is too bad even a guy like you, David Healy , is STILL in denial about permanent brain damage done to millions by Electric Shock Therapy.

  4. GSK are fantastic aren’t they?

    Fantastically sly…

    This transparency theme is little more than a publicity stunt, it makes good PR and gives GSK some nice (misleading) headlines which portray them in a positive light- this further serves to obscure the negative press such as GSK’s recent corruption in China, 3 Billion dollar fines for fraud and problems with side effects and suicides from drugs like Seroxat etc…

    GSK care only for profit and the interests of GSK…
    They have proven that time and time again for decades..
    The consumer of GSK products is merely fodder and collateral damage on the road to profits…
    Why change a business model that works?…

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