Dr Munchausen: Pharmacophile

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  1. Thanks again dr. Healy, excellent post.

    So perhaps the only way of reducing the ‘abuse’ in mental Healthcare is to spread the Word among people that doctors, though highly intelligent and well educated, are nowhere near to fully understand psychotropic drugs?

    That your doctor can easily mistake a side-effect as an ‘evidence’ for his initial assumption?

    That your doctor may have Heard alot of strange side-effects contributed by the drug your taking, but even if you exhibit one of them, is more likely to Think you are to blame, that you really are mentally ill? (Even though you have absolutely no history of that particular behaviour)

    That your doctor, in all well meaning, will increase your dose or add Another medication to prevent the new behaviour? (The behaviour that could be a side-effect….)

    The downward spiral is a fact by now, the patient will not be the one to recognise it. Perhaps the patients relatives will, posthumously.

  2. I think the other parallel with sexual abuse is that when questioned, challenged and brought to account, psychiatrists who over prescribe engage in minimising, defending, justifying and victim blaming. This even when a child dies from the adverse effects of prescribed psychotropic drugs as my child did. Classic abusers behaviour.

  3. Sorry David, you’re wrong about the church. Families and the church knew about sexual assault by priests from day one. It is solely the availability of mass communication that makes it clear to non-catholics.

    • Craig

      Was about to say clearly if someone is abused that person knows – but this isn’t true either. Many children will have been very uncertain about what is going on. Something however changed and people are much more likely to tackle the issues now – I suspect its got little to do with non-Catholics finding out – because they all seem to be in comparable boats.

      But the real question is what has to change in order to give patients a voice when drug treatment goes wrong?

  4. Victims began to speak of their abuse. Others then realized that they too had been victims. In the past families had been misled by their faith in the god like clergy and disbelieved the victim. But people were forced to listen. The abusers and the cover ups were outed. The sheer scale of the abuse has shocked the world and rocked the church.
    Within medicine a different shocking abuse is costing lives and impoverishing people.
    We all need to change our beliefs. We need to become informed and question our doctors more.
    The family doctor must stop being a patsy for the Pharma industry.
    He /She must put their patient’s welfare first.

  5. Thank you Dr Healy for your ongoing good work on trying to raise “the patient’s” voice…Is it a case of Pharmacovigilance – v – Pharmacoeconomics – where clinical trials are done on unsuspecting patients – without informed consent – thereby “allowing” good doctor to supply and prescribe pharma drugs of body destruction…”the human guinea pig” is then passed on for pharma clinical trials of further abuse to “the patient”…clinical trials are being done on patients under “minor operations” and good doctor is protected by psychiatry at every turn….Just as in the cases of The Magdalene women…sure who would believe “the patient” against the good reputations of doctors…one good doctor and he had been a very good doctor until “the patient” suffered adverse side effects of a Pharma drug…This good doctor stated “you will get no where with this and the Medical Council will do nothing on this…how right he was…Three years on the hounds of Pharma continue their torture…as for “the drug”, I believe it has made millions for Pharma…

  6. Doctors seem to get some kind of perverse enjoyment from exerting power over patients ”

    Yes like some social workers. Its termed sadistic schadenfreude disease.

    Yes and pedophiles love children – but child rape is child rape.

    The word pedophilia gives the energy signature that the child rapist cares about his/her victim. They do not.

    Baltimore- the child rapists tried to get it legalised.

    All the insane pseudo research from Kinsey, based on words of convicted pedophiles is being taught to judges etc in 2014 and so few service users and parents know.

    The Kinsey Coverup refers to the paid efforts of the mass media and the Kinsey Institute scientific establishment lobby to hide the facts of child sex abuse and fraud as the basis of Kinsey’s alleged “scientific data” on human sexuality. Spiking legislative investigations into these barbaric “scientific” crimes and Liam Neeson’s glossy portrayal of Kinsey in the 2004 Kinsey feature film, qualify as part of this 60 year plus cover-up.”

  7. In Drogheda we all knew what was going on and dare anyone speak out against the hospital doctors like Eerie Neary and others. The symphysiotomy business was well known too and spoken of as ” well women are supposed to suffer, married or not. Gosh I can hear it in my head still.

    Some of carried cards asking never to be brought to that hospital even in an emergency.
    Most of us teachers went North to have babies, some to protestant hospitals in Dublin.
    Even my Dad knew in 1954 when I was born in a Protestant hospital as he did not want his wife, our mother to be forced to suffer for the big Sinnnnn of motherhood and they were married.

    When the nurse revealed re Neary, what happened to her? as a reminder to all the others to keep their mouths shut.

  8. Except now Doctors have become more cunning with how they abuse using technology to harass patients for fear of detection. Schizophrenia is a myth. There are other ways of living and showing you are more intelligent than others for the sake of your reputation/to dominate is not the means for a happy existence for yourself’s as doctors or others.

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