Cochrane: Collaboration or Cult?

October, 5, 2018 | 5 Comments


  1. Simply exquisite.

    My day is indeed brightened, and I couldn’t avoid welcome laughter whilst feeling such deep concern.

    “No more than Cochrane ——–> also treasured by many”.

    “England’s sense of fair play”.

    “2-D cut-out apparatchiks”.


    Great to be back in England, – 11 – against-1.

  2. one of its own …

    What is especially worrying is that this doctor is a co-founder of the Nordic Cochrane collaboration, an initiative set up to provide the best evidence for clinical practitioners.

    What is the truth about antidepressant efficacy and adverse effects, and why would Professor Gøtzsche apparently suspend his training in evidence analysis for popular polemic?

    Dinesh Bhugra
    Seena Fazel
    Guy M Goodwin
    Stephen Lawrie
    David J Nutt

    Ask yourself, a collaboration or a cult …

  3. NICE is to issue second draft of depression guidelines after realising the evidence they have been using to draw up the recent draft is out of date. Another consultation will be set up, work to start in December 2018 Final publication December 2019. No hurry then. In these confusing times regarding what to do about depression GPs are advised to ‘protect themselves’ by keeping records of consultations, carefully noting discussions, respecting peoples’ wishes and obtaining clinical review. Advice as to how individuals can ‘protect themselves’ from inadequate consultations and GP confusion or bias regarding treatment is not given. (ref Pulse Med Mag 2nd Oct)

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