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September, 6, 2021 | 7 Comments


  1. Holla Congratulations . wonderful news. Thank you for the present . It’s also customary for the extended family to bring gifts for the newborn. Baby sitting isn’t available right now – here’s some virtual little shoes to help her/him on her/his adventures to help make a better world. Bon voyage. Buona fortuna.

  2. Bebé – 5.1 ounces

    The Decapitation of Care: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Healthcare 

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    Shipwreck of the Singular: Healthcare’s Castaways 

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    Welcome to the World of Samizdat

  3. Wonderful news. Thanks, and congratulations to all who have worked so very hard, and with such commitment to create Samizdat. The wider availability of these brilliant publications coincides with a new generation of ‘Tomorrows Prescribers’ entering their Medical Schools this month. Having read all of these books – (in the context of an awareness of an urgent need for prescribers to be educated in far greater depth re ADRs and the suffering caused by failure to prevent and/or to recognise these tragedies) – I believe that first-term study of all Samizdat publications would contribute far more to patient safety than the hundreds of hours we spent studying Grant’s anatomy (Important though it is).

  4. Congratulations to Samizdat – let’s hope this is the first of many translations of these important books.
    This may be as good a time as any to announce another “birth” too. Here in North Wales, the Prescribed Meds. Withdrawal peer support group has recently branched out. We, like Samizdat, as a very modern set of parents – a group of four, just as they are.
    Our plan here is to work to support families BEFORE their younger members turn to doctors and their prescription pads. when suffering with anxiety. We are in the very early stages as yet and have, so far, set up a Facebook group “Feeling Blue?” to invite anyone, especially the young, to open up about their feelings. We will also welcome parents/ carers especially now that schools have re-opened after the summer break.
    Moving forward, plans are to introduce the effects of meds. on our water systems and wildlife. This will be aimed at youth groups etc., in the hope that we can foster a greater respect and understanding of the effects of our use of medicines on the world of nature.
    We started with the intention of staying as a local group but now feel that the facebook aspect can be as widespread as it pleases.
    We hope to follow up with more news of developments in the near future.

    • Great news Mary. ‘Feeling Blue’ I am sure your work will help to Stop so many from ‘Seeing Red’ when the truth of what’s going on is spread with such a beautiful idea going forward

  5. NoGracias

    Organización Civil Internacional por la transparencia, la integridad y la equidad en las políticas d salud, la asistencia sanitaria y la investigación biomédica

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    Today 28 heath and patient groups call for more clinical trial transparency in Europe… FYI


    Working to end evidence distortion in medicine

  6. NoGracias se adhiere a la iniciativa para fomentar la transparencia de los ensayos clínicos de los medicamentos de la Agencia Europea de Medicamentos.

    Por Juan Gérvas.

    por nmurcia | Sep 10, 2021

    The NoGracias Platform adheres to the European Agency’s initiative to promote the transparency of clinical trials of medicinal products.

    Since in many cases each clinical trial has results that consist of 800 and more pages, it is key that transparency is not to give access in PDF, which is like in cuneiform tablets, but in an easy-to-use form (“user-friendly”); These have often complained about this, such as Tom Jefferson and Peter Doshi, for example when they faced tens of thousands of PDF pages with raw data from clinical trials on Tamiflu (oseltamivir) Since NoGracias has been strongly insisted to demand the “user-friendly”.

    On the occasion of the ongoing trilogues on the extended mandate of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), members of the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines have addressed a letter to the Council of Europe urging them to ensure that the new Regulation improves the transparency of clinical trials and upholds good governance. The letter, signed by the 28 organizations that make up the Alliance, including spain’s NoGracias, states that it is essential that information about clinical trials be available in a timely, easy-to-use and complete manner.

    This is key to avoiding unnecessary duplication and accelerating the development of new therapies and vaccines, especially during a public health emergency. An amendment proposed by the European Parliament (Amendment 107; EP text) referred to the transparency of clinical trials. It is now essential that the Council’s position includes this amendment. Alliance members also support the amendments proposed by the EP regarding the adoption of an inclusive definition of medicine shortages (i.e. one that includes shortages caused by the withdrawal of products from the market for commercial reasons), the participation of patients and consumers in the governance and related activities of the Steering Groups involved, and the inclusion of transparency and conflict of interest requirements. Finally, the letter also highlights the need to ensure that the control panel of the new Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) is accessible to the public in its entirety.

    You can consult the letter here.

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