AbbVie: Sharing The Yellow Stuff

September, 30, 2013 | 5 Comments


  1. I would love to know more about the cases of Histoplasmosis and Humira. Is there a reference to Flaminia’s comments?

    And wouldn’t it be great if physicians took into account the culpability of the drug manufacturers when writing prescriptions?

  2. Body image from Neil Parker – grubby with pencil = our company is successful as long as we tell people our company is successful, that is all that matters.
    Pendantico Plc

    Love the dress, Flaminia, and your face, has the same expression as my face. I can see right through you Meesta Parkaaaa…….

    Yellow peril meets grubby grey, pencils at the ready…………………….

  3. GSK Website
    Sharing our Research:

    We are committed to reporting the results of clinical research that evaluates our medicines and vaccines, irrespective of whether the outcomes are perceived to be positive or negative. In addition, we are being more open with our expertise, know-how and intellectual property around research into neglected tropical diseases.

    Let’s look at this statement from the UK’s flagship pharmaceutical company.

    Positive words: committed, reporting, results, evaluation, positive, open, expertise, know-how, intellectual.

    How would you have phrased this statement?

    irrespective that the outcomes…..are perceived to be positive or negative
    we are being…..more open with our expertise, know how and intellectual property

    Intellectual is not a word I would use about dodgy clinical trials.
    Intellectual is usually reserved for intellectuals.
    For GSK to be intellectual is somewhat divorced from reality…do they write for the intelligentsia or do they write on little white folded up bits of paper, tucked inside a box.

    If you worked for GSK, could you have written a better statement of transparency and if, so, what would you have said?

    The competition winner will receive a conversation with Sir Andrew Witty.

  4. Now the cops are shooting anyone stoned, dead, on an anti-depressant, in front of The White House, in front of the President of the USA.
    Did you see it Obama? Did you see ‘cops meet anti-depressant and go in for the kill’.
    Only in America……………………..?
    Will doctors wear hi-viz jackets for their safety when the day of judgement comes….will GSK turn up at appgita to listen to politics of health or are his politics of health, mere politics, not health………perhaps, his friend, at the MHRA, will accompany him……are we now talking about the White Stuff, the right stuff.

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