AbbVie: Humira Timeline

July, 22, 2013 | 2 Comments


  1. Think about how many people between 2002 and 2008 went to a doctor and was prescribed Humira and are no longer with us. It took the FDA 6 years to figure out that this drug had serious problems. Makes me sick to think about how patients were treated like guinea pigs. Since 2013 4200 people have died from Humira according to the FDA’s own data base. That is almost 4 people a day. Remember that the next time you see a Humira commercial.

  2. The week before Thanksgiving 2015 I was given Humira for my ankylosis wife went to California leaving me and my dog alone for the week.within two days I had almost every bad reactions listed in the pamphlet.i called my Rhuematoligist and advised the nurse of this.she asked the dr who had told me not to worry about anything, and all he told her to tell me was to go back to only going to hospital or anything.i spent a week in agony until my wife came back to take care of late December I started getting chest pains and trouble breathing.finally on December 26 2015 we went to the hospital and I had around 20 Pulmonary embolisms and was about an hour from death.i have so many Autoimmune diseases it took me awhile to connect my new deadly blood disorder antiphospholipid antibody syndrome to my taking Humira.needless to say I did not go back to that doctor.after 3 years on coumadin and the constant bleeding and making sure I have bandages and gauze and tape I complained to Abbie vie who is part of the company who makes it.i want restitution for my former and future medical bills and for my funeral which is inevitable.i told them I did not want to sue but I would.just got ny records and must write another letter besides the one I sent along with some records and I gave them permission to contact that dr.humira only recently talks about blood disorder,problems.i have PTSD when I see the commercial.i freak out screaming at the TV.lets see what they was obvious they have a process for very wary of using this drug.i have lots of pictures of my bruises that come from nowhere and I just bleed out of nowhere and it’s hard to stop.God forbid I actually get cut.DO NOT USE THIS DRUG.

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