AbbVie & GSK Can Buy Your Data for Almost Nothing

March, 10, 2014 | 6 Comments


  1. It looks like a new business model for pharmaceuticals is being developed. No longer are RCTs going to be sufficient. And how can the pharmaceutical industry know which “personalised” treatments will yield the greatest returns?

    “The need for an alternative approach in medicine is increasingly manifest as personalized medications based upon genetic testing are in development [29, 30].”

    From p12 [conclusions] of a 2013 paper by Bar Yam “The Limits of Phenomenology: From Behaviorism to Drug Testing and Engineering Design”

  2. Maybe I don’t mind my medical records being in a data bank with no privacy settings and access allowed to pharmaceutical companies for purposes.

    As no one attempted to read my medical records as a drug abuse scandal unfurled before their very eyes and they did not keep up with the epic story of how they all put me in this position, it does not worry me, daunt me or scare me that my data might become available for public scrutiny.

    I may be alone, in the way, I think, but the complete debunked ass over tit way I was treated may make me glad that it is all out in the open in an Open Bank who anyone can dip into and try and make sense of……….

    Want to take a dip into Data No. 3207502043^&&(((())%$, Andrew?

    My prescription history is open to all……..?

    It is Check Mate, mate…….

  3. Well . . . we are so far down the track of disappeared privacy, what with our medical records being sold without our consent to commercial enterprise, that we cannot trust accurate information about ourselves with anybody. Is the solution to lie and distort as much as possible about oneself and one’s relationships to all and sundry who may inquire? Unfortunately, this takes effort and old standards of acceptable behavior still hold sway over most of us. The old standard would require a truthful answer to the medical history update question, “Have you been exposed in your travels to TB recently?” Or, “Did your recent travels bring you in possible contact with mad-cow infected live stock?” The new standard of dissimulation would deny it even if true.
    It may take a generation to produce a perfectly sociopathic society but we seem well along in the process. The spying of NASA has tipped the balance in favor of government doing whatever it wishes without the consent of the people. It should come as no surprise that government has now unilaterally decided to sell our medical information to commercial enterprise. Haggling over a “fair” price for access to our medical information seems to be all that remains. Let’s hope the price is set high enough to reduce the taxes we pay for increasingly compromised and poor health care.

    • Btw, I wonder if that means I can buy Mr Cameron’s medical history. I’m officially a researcher in molecular biology so…something tells me that only if his personal info would get posted all over the internet would he think again about this whole idea.

  4. Well today everything must be for sale. If you can’t privatase the NHS then at least you make a buck out of it. Patients and their rights be damned. This story really left me speechless since there are not enough curse words in my swear word dictionary. When are the people going to go on the streets and refuse to go back until this bloody criminal government resigns?

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