329: A Study in What?

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  1. “If you think I did something wrong, you’re wrong because I’ve never done any wrong things, and I don’t specifically remember anything I’ve ever done.”

    Weasel Words, indeed.

    This particular statement sums up most of what we hear from the Professional Medical Establishment and Politicians currently claiming rights on our behalf

    The Troubles go deep..

    Hide and go seek is another riddle of the sands, cutting off their nose to spite their face, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a Pharmaceutical Sir against a Medical Sir – not in our lifetime..

    If we insist on physicians telling us the truth, treating us as equals, respectfully and intelligently, listening with interest instead of dogmatic dissonance, there might just be a little progress, but, as it stands, I think that fellah Keller sets the tone for things of all that is going wrong in our Soviet Style of State, and, but, how long can they keep it up – eyes to the right, and nose to the left …


    In this particular case, there are no facts in question. It was a negative trial, declared negative by the people who did it. The paper was ghost-written and reviewed by the sponsor before any of the twenty two authors ever saw a manuscript. The science was jury-rigged to imply a positive outcome where none was supported using well-documented sleight of hand. None of that is speculative. And the article has been a centerpiece for court settlements worth billions of dollars. Yet the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says “the Journal editors found no basis for retraction or other editorial action.”

    One can only conclude that they found this article to be an inconvenient truth,

    Sooner or later, this whole tawdy saga is going to find its way out of the blogs and courtrooms and into the full light of day. And the question that’s going to be asked is why didn’t Medicine itself deal with the problem? Why didn’t the Journal itself retract the misinformation once they knew about it? Why didn’t the industry sponsor itself call for the retraction as part of their settlement with the DOJ? What possible reasonable reason could there be for leaving a paper that is a lie in their journal without even an expression of concern, much less a retraction? And there aren’t going to be any believable answers.

  2. Wonder who coined the term ‘The Troubles’ in Ireland – it’s one of the grossest misnomers in history which sanitises what went/is going on in Ireland. I haven’t a clue what devious tricks are going on behind the scenes re ‘brexit and we ‘ordinary mortals’ are being treated like idiots while they try to force feed us crap to confuse us. Just like the crap ‘guidelines used to force feed ever more of their pills. Those who are not fit to impose laws on any of us . think their machinations will never be exposed – just as the medical establishment cronies rewarded with Lords and Ladies Haw Haw after (Lord Haw Haw propagandist in WW2) thought their links with pharma and politics would never be exposed – and even when they are they are so smug because they know they will be protected by the crony network .Medics are encouraged to think of themselves as a guild – speak out and you’re out and lose all the ‘priveledges’ of the girls and boys network. But Medics don’t need them – they are becoming rare enough to be able to speak out andc challenge their corrupt profession
    How ironic that we could now be using in a positive way the slogan coined by the idiotic but powerful president trump – ‘Build the Wall’
    There must be I imagine, students reading this blog – they could be part of a generation which could put some bricks in the wall. they could contribute to the blog anonymously so a gauge of what is being being taught about informed consent could be obtained .

    As well as saying ‘no’ to taking medicines without data we could be refusing to take part in research without a guarantee of being given all the information all the way along and of course the final data. I have already made a successful complaint when Royal Free-UCH/local GPs were using my medical information for use in research without my knowledge or consent some years ago. I also decided to make some useful money in another city by volunteering for a cold study. It relied on recruiting people by leafleting on bus stops etc – well off people tend not to use buses, those of us needing cash would apply and would be trusted to fill in a questionnaire to confirm we had taken a dose to bring on a cold. How naive. I have also contributed to studies for free as it fitted with my beliefs as a citizen – no more.

    We can probably predict what mealy mouthed weasel worded guideline on depression will be issued by nice and munched up by medics so what about sending their dangerous prescriptions back in black envelopes stating this prescription lacks data , it is not possible to give informed consent. They could be real ones. they could hundreds of copies of prescriptions or information leaflets th,e ones openly classed as creating harms, they could be put in red envelopes if the potential risk is suicide.

  3. David, having had more than a bellyful of Brexit and politicians’ antics over the past months ( which feel like ages!), I didn’t think it was possible to coax even a smile out of me on the subject – this post certainly has managed an ‘out loud’ laugh never mind a chuckle. I had been wondering how long it would be before you managed to make comparisons between our drastic situation and the goings on in the world of pharma! The issue regarding googling “cutting off eyelids” was particularly chuckle-inducing – especially on reading the Google offers when searching without the DUP.
    ‘Searching without the DUP’ is exactly where we’re at, come to think of it. If a plan has ever backfired then this is it. DUP, given a hefty handout to vote with the Tories only to find that the Tories’ leader ( as she then was!) totally ignored Irish matters once the handout was completed. What was the thinking behind the acceptance of an Irish Backstop? Was the ‘handout’ really meant to ensure closed eyes and mouths of the DUP for ever more? I would imagine that all Irish people are extremely proud of the way that Arlene Foster and the others have stuck to their guns and refused to have any thing to do with the offered Brexit Deal.
    I am immensely impressed by their stand; I am immensely impressed by the way their stand is causing such consternation here. However, I am NOT impressed by the way that we, the Welsh, are ignored in all of it. The Scottish voice, in its own way, has been heard almost as loud as the Irish – but where are we? Treated as a ‘minor part of England’ once more I guess. So much so that the voice of ‘an Independent Wales’ is becoming ever louder with meetings planned in mid and south Wales in the coming weeks.
    The comparisons with our struggles regarding ‘the medical question’ are obvious – a ‘minority’ disregarded, ignored and disrespected; the ‘mighty’ believing that a token gesture (eg PIL inclusion of certain side effects etc.) will suffice to shut us up for good; the ‘majority’ seen as the only ones whose lives matter – the ‘rest’ to be downtrodden and kept out of sight and out of mind whilst the ‘mighty’ form their own rules of superiority…….EXCEPT that, THIS TIME, it has backfired – the ‘mighty’ squabble with the ‘mightier’ to see which group is the ‘mightiest’ ; the ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’ blame each other for the mess created; ‘democracy’ is questioned if anyone dares to suggest returning to the people for their opinion which, surely, is the democratic step to take since we’re in deadlock?
    IF the DUP had gone quietly along with the wishes of the Tory party we would now be non-European ( whether we wished it or not). By standing ground firmly for their own patch, their own beliefs and their own story, the DUP have managed to ROCK THE SYSTEM. They are merely 10 in number in parliament here – 10 which have made as much of a difference to current affairs as a whole army could have done.
    Let’s put our heads together – for we are more than 10 in number – and become watchful of our chance to stick to our guns over matters which affect the health and wellbeing of so many in our midst. Let’s see if we, too, can “cut off our eyelids” to ensure that we are not the first to blink!

    • Oh dear me, now I’m really confused (g). I thought the DUP were the most hell-for-leather Brexiteers of all, and the “Union” they were dead set on preserving was the union with England — not any union with the Irish Republic! Haven’t they always considered that a fate worse than death?

      I thought they were opposed to any type of flexible border between the “European” Republic of Ireland and the “non-European” UK including Northern Ireland. And that they were sort of the Devil that May had had to make a deal with, to have a majority behind her Brexit plan.

      But who knows? Most Irish-Americans, even the most arch-conservative, have long tended to regard the DUP as a problem, and I’ll admit I was raised to see them as such. One of the few topics in all creation where I could agree with my father’s folks. But maybe I’ve got it all wrong — are Irish people in general proud of them these days? And is there something we should learn from them for our own struggle? If so, I’m all ears … we’re living in strange days, I know that much.

      • Well, Johanna, I think your thoughts regarding the DUP are, generally, spot on. The main reason that the Conservatives decided to lure the DUP was, I guess, because of their ‘closeness’ in thoughts and ideals. The irony here is that the ties, which were thought to be so strong, were so easily broken once ideas began to hit home. “If no hard border within the island of Ireland then it would be a hard border in the Irish sea”, they said, leaving the DUP between the devil and the deep blue sea! They couldn’t win, couldn’t see that there was a way out – so they stuck their feet firmly and refused to move. For THAT reason, if I were Irish, I would thank them continually however much our political ideas differed!
        Where it all ends? – we’ve yet to find out. One thing seems certain – the Conservative party will never again be quite what it previously was! It has been split in such a way that the rift will be very hard to heal. A split, that had previously threatened to appear causing the Referendum to be called in the first place, became absolutely obvious when talks were arranged to ‘talk with the enemy’ in the hope of breaking the deadlock. And that’s where we’re at today. The European Union see us as bonkers I’m pretty sure – probably settling themselves down for the ‘grand finale’ however that turns out to be!
        IF we could become the DUP equivalent ( I refer to the ten DUP MPs here) in our struggle, where could it lead? Could we – by following Susanne’s suggestion for example – cause a glimmer of a rift to show somewhere in parliament? Could we start an online petition, hoping for many signatures which would ensure that our cause was discussed by parliament? Could we, maybe, for a start, GET ALL WHO HAVE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO ESCAPE THE RAVAGES OF THESE DRUGS, DESPITE THEIR USE OF THEM, PLUS THOSE WHO SUFFERED BUT HEALED,TO SUPPORT US IN OUR AIM – that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will do in order for us to have the opportunity to make our own choices as regards our health matters. Maybe then we would cease to be seen as ‘obsessed’, ‘fanatics’ or any other descriptions that are at present applied. Breaking down barriers is hard work I guess but one thing is for sure – if we want them broken then we need to persevere. The EXPECTATION is for us to give up, to comply with the majority view – to keep calm and carry on for, after all, we’re only a few in number aren’t we? Few we may be but shirkers we are not – and giving up, I think, is not in our nature!

  4. A story I had to share …

    Outgoing FDA head Scott Gottlieb got a fitting goodbye on his last day in office: 100 protesters staged a die-in at Health & Human Services HQ, and presented him with an 800-pound heroin spoon stamped with the FDA logo.


    They included grieving relatives of opioid overdose victims and survivors struggling to recover from addiction. The FDA, they said, had pushed for approval of one high-dose opioid drug after another, while dawdling on medications to help treat addiction …

  5. Reference:
    The Lancet. Editorial. Volume 363. Issue 9418, P1335. April 24th, 2004.


    “It is hard to imagine the anguish experienced by the parents, relatives and friends of a child who has taken his or her own life”.

    “That such an event could be precipitated by a supposedly beneficial drug is a catastrophe”.

    “The idea of that drug’s use being based on the selective reporting of favourable research should be unimaginable”. —-

    “The story of research into selective serotonin reuptake (SSRI) use in childhood depression is one of confusion, manipulation and institutional failure”. ——-

    “In a global medical culture where evidence-based practice is seen as the gold standard for care, these failings are a disaster”.

    “Meta-analysis of published data supports an increasing number of clinical decisions and guidelines, which in turn dictate the use of vast levels of health care resources.
    This process is made entirely redundant if its results are so easily manipulated by those with potentially massive financial gains”.

    (Please read the entire Editorial – (available on-line) – in order to ensure that the above extracts have not been taken out of context).

    • Also waiting for the pre-ordered book to come out and hoping to God the minors cases make it to the High Court with rising prescription rates and misinformation to parents on the rise.

      Might get a copy for the doctors who disbelieved me regarding all the adverse effects and protracted Seroxat withdrawal and who I discovered instead later had written ‘depression’ instead in my GP notes.

      Instead, a doctor prescribed the next worst drug to me, Effexor, for relief from the ‘depression’ (not an SSRI he said; ‘safe’ he said….worst 2 years of prolonged Seroxat withdrawal akathisia and then Effexor aggravated akathisia on top for months: all culminating in an unplanned suicide attempt.

      Too much of a mess myself, though they weren’t, to figure it was the drugs and to wean me carefully off them.

      Maybe hard copy will be easier for them to read than all the information by then available to them on their screens.

      Better still, a few copies left near parents in the waiting room.

  6. “The 100,000 people who work for GSK are just like you, right? I’m sure everybody who reads the BMJ has friends who work for drug companies. They’re normal people… Many of them are doctors”. Sir Andrew Witty

    The Agenda talks to David Healy about ‘root level data’, followed by a discussion between eminent authorities on antidepressants, with one lady on TRD

    I can guarantee, you will get a lot out of this –



    “you don’t need a clinical trial for parachutes”

    Nice title for a book – reminds me of a Short History of Tractors in UKrainian – mad and hilarious, says review …

  7. Is there anything published on the Meet Me In Copenhagen march? held 9th March 2019 with Peter Gotzche and others. Aon google can only find that he pulled out of an event in USA in March because he disagreed with the anti vaccine focus

    • Found a write up on ‘Alliance for Natural Health International’ News
      ‘The Danish Rebirth of Scientific Freedom and Integrity’ 13 March 2019
      ‘March 9th saw the inauguration of a new institute – The Institute of Scientific Freedom’

  8. So many catastrophic fault lines – the failed, corporately bought, institutions of Europe which nevertheless ensure peace in Ireland: everything headed towards fracture and chaos. Everyone poisoned. I think I will take up religion.

  9. ‘…it is truly exciting…’

    Carmine M. Pariante Retweeted

    SPI Lab‏ @SPILabKCL Apr 12

    NHS funded randomized clinical trial to help those not responding to antidepressant medication. MINDEP Study investigates whether a normal prescription medication will help reduce the symptoms of depression. Click on the link for more information: https://www.callforparticipants.com/study/A7SV0/minocycline-and-depression-mindep-study?fbclid=IwAR3n0s6uSqacNzvb1s6k87GB0UudAYs69Oc8kqXOpI4aZ8M05LdJAqrCJYE …

    By Roger Dobson for the Daily Mail

    Published: 00:29, 16 April 2019 | Updated: 07:27, 16 April 2019


    Carmine Pariante, a professor of biological psychiatry at King’s College London, said: ‘It is important to stress that only selected patients will use this drug — those with severe depression and who do not respond to currently available antidepressants.

    ‘Longer studies are needed to fully understand the risks of using this medication. Nevertheless, it is truly exciting that, after many years, we finally have an antidepressant that acts on a completely novel mechanism in the brain.’

    • Apparently C.P. has a dream – ;my dream is that new treatments will soon be available to alleviate suffering…’if only he would keep his dreams out of the media.
      I had a dream that the institute of psychiatry and the whole psychiatric establishment was burned down – not even the dreaming spire was saved to ‘Inspire’ us all. (Inspyre is the Inst’s newsletter – get it.) Echoes of Notre Dame probably .
      He is a canny man alright – at the same time as he has grabbed a spot in the Mail C.P. has tweeted ‘most of us will not doubt what we read in the headlines so it becomes a danger ………he can say that again – although doubt whether he really has no doubts about headlines)am not sure whether the report will be swallowed without doubts by ‘most readers’ either – they could be fixed more on the references to massive doses of the drug given to horses – hopefully he has slipped up there

  10. There are myriad ways to target the enteric signaling system, from aiming at immune cells in the gut to trigger an anti-inflammatory effect elsewhere in the body to interfering with gut neurons to prompt an effect in the brain without needing a drug to cross the blood-brain barrier, Tak told FierceBiotech.


    The Enteric Nervous System: The Brain in the Gut


    The question has been raised: Why does the human gut contain receptors for benzodiazepine, a drug that relieves anxiety?

    Juan says:

    August 18, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Why is it that (most) psychopharmacologists are the ones most critical with SSRIs and (big pharma sponsored) clinical trials?


    Probably because, unlike psychiatrists, they know better the drugs they use.

    Thanks Dr. Healy.

    So Long and Thanks for all the Serotonin

  11. ‘It is refreshing to see the BMJ publish an article highlighting the corruption, collusion and dangerously unethical behaviors among the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries, university medical departments and government “regulators.” ‘


    No correction, no retraction, no apology, no comment: paroxetine trial reanalysis raises questions about institutional responsibility


    Peter Doshi, associate editor, The BMJ

    As a new data analysis adds weight to calls for retraction of a paper on paroxetine in adolescents, Peter Doshi examines the resistance to action of a professional society, its journal, and an Ivy League university

    ‘None of us – journals, regulators, academics, or doctors – come out of this with much credit.’ …

  12. ‘We need to find some balance between raising alarms about a drug and ensuring we do not compromise an innocent person’s right to a fair trial.’


    Antidepressants increase the risk of suicide, violence and homicide at all ages


    Antidepressants and murder: case not closed

    SCOTUS weighs competing briefs in widow’s appeal in case vs GSK over suicide of lawyer taking generic Paxil

    GSK asked the Supreme Court to reject the appeal, and not hear arguments in the case, allowing the Seventh Circuit decision to stand.

    Supreme Court justices are scheduled to consider whether to hear arguments in the Dolin case at a conference April 26, according to the court’s docket.


    Simon Wessely Retweeted

    Jacqui Phillips Owen‏ @JPhillipsOwen 23h
    @WesselyS Getting better and better -upcoming RSM conference on May 14th: Transforming Mental Health in Schools – targeted interventions, Please spread the word and RT

    ‘Targeted’ Interventions…

    • Thank you Annie.

      Your links are a valuable opportunity for us to maintain awareness, and gain further knowledge of the global psychotropic drug deception.

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