The Data Access Wars

December, 10, 2012 | 1 Comment


  1. Pharmaceutical companies are a lifeline.
    How long will that sentence ring in my particular ears…
    I didn’t want a lifeline, I wanted a chatline…………..
    Harrison Ford, the dishy crusador, at my age, he is my age (!), where is Dr Who, whisking me off to another planet, in a telephone box, not an oblong shaped wooden box…..manufactured in the UK, by GSK, who make tons of money out of wooden boxes………………..

    In Merlin, Arthur’s wife was under the spell of Morgana, who, through sorcery, turned her against everything that was once normal in her life. He brought her back to him, by confronting her demonic state of mind, by the most pure course of action. Caring and loving and insistence that he could push through the sorcery.

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