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September, 3, 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. We have already had the trial by media here as Glaxo thinks it’s all gone away…and the media mostly perpetuate ‘benefits/myths’ much to our chagrin.

    IBOM or as I call him, OneBrilloleMickey, has mentioned these conflicts and ghosted ‘originals’ many times, over the years, so much so, that they feel like ‘old friends’.

    Perhaps we now ought to extend our thinking to what lines will be written in response in the BMJ and elsewhere and how it will be confronted.

    The momentum is increasing
    Thank you

  2. Nice as nice can be. Upstanding citizens. Accomplished. Praiseworthy. Cream of the crop. The kind society needs more of. Award-winning superstars. You just don’t get any better than this. If you can’t trust these people with your health and your life who can you trust?

    Here are the perfect followers to follow. Expert followers to follow. Well-meaning leader/followers who participate recklessly in this reckless system because this is what everybody does–this is how business is done.

    Every single healthcare institution has a line-up of followers just like this.

    • Probably too busy counting their pennies to see if they can book a special trip to Space, courtesy of Special Arrangements Holidays, to hide until all this is over!!! Only trouble is, we’ll have a welcoming party awaiting their return however long it takes!

  3. This is the line up of the real marketing strategists for Paxil– GSK did not prescribe these drugs to kids based on rating scales. and vague symptoms of adolescent adjustment crisis. GSK did not claim that adverse effects, like manic episodes- was the unmasking of latent bipolar disorder.

    I think it is important to focus on this line up. GSK certainly did. And remember, all of these prestigious academics willfully sold their names and sold out their professions —AND stuck by the story GSK wrote for them to tell.

  4. I really think, Lisa, that we have lost much moral fibre in the world today.

    Senior people, very senior people are caught out lying every day, in politics, in business, in most aspects of life today.

    So, it has to trickle down to some leading lights who have made their careers in the Mental Health Conspiracy to Care.

    These affluent people, I think, get carried away with a superior sense of self and the higher up they get and the more well known they become, I think, they have persuaded themselves that their niche is bombproof because they are not unintelligent and their colleagues, on this level, have equally chosen to do the same.

    Strength in numbers of miscreants such as this can take over the world, if we are not careful.

    If we can pull them up now, with these revelations, it will be a unique stand not only with honesty put back under the spotlight and regaining the moral high ground, but, that the systematic pull of pharma pay offs and ghosting is a criminal enterprise.

    They will become angry to be so accused, I am sure, but, who cares as long as we are completely aware of what they are up to.

    If I have seen this way down the line with my own doctors behaviour, it is hardly surprising that the whole system is permeated with one upmanship and incredible arrogance, and, in health, this is particularly disturbing as young and older lives are at stake.

    So, do they regret?

    I doubt that concept even exists in the minds of people like this.

    They have a film over their eyes and it is not the one that we are watching……

    Watching the MHRA performances, on film, is particularly cringe worthy.

    Who are these people, what are these people, why do they do it?

    Why did they choose Healthcare over a different profession?

  5. The one time Keller regretted anything was during the FBI interview. he might be a Bright man, but he wasn’t comfortable being pinned down by people with experience with hardened crooks.

    On the whole, I Think they don’t get the implications of their actions. They posess some kind of inability to grasp what a suicide really means.

    As I said Before: these advert events aren’t skin-rashes, these are Death and tragic to people.

    This past week has been filled with so much good Reading, the ‘Timeline’ is awesome, the famous grouse lecture the same. I get filled with the sense of hope.

  6. http://www.alltrials.net/news/who-calls-for-data-sharing-by-default-in-public-health-emergencies/


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